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Plánička, Václav
Práva cestujících v letecké dopravě

The aim of the work is a comprehensive elaboration of "transport law" focused on air transport and the inclusion of individual rights in context. The work will deal with the regulation of rights in air transport and practical possibilities when to exercise the rights....

Pitra, Jakub
Odvolací řízení a rozhodnutí

The goal of this thesis was to create a study of oprdinary and extraordinary remedies in administrative procedure and civil process. The main focus was the appeal procedure. The practical part is a detailed analysis of a appeal procedure of a selected administrative authority.

Appl, Zdeněk

This bachelor thesis should thoroughly analyze the issue of expropriation and with it joint ownership. It should give the reader some insight into the topic of expropriation and into essentials associated with it. Gradually, I will try to understand, of course, what the ...

Rudolf, Ivan

The theme of this Bachelor thesis is expropriation. Expropriation is one of the most serious interventions into the property rights. Property rights like ownership is part of Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms, which is part of the Czech constitutional order and their judic...

Majer, Jaroslav
Etika úředního jednání

This bachelor thesis describes and compares the principles of ethics in general and then in connection with public administration and the rule of law. It deals with an accurate and complete description of self-government as the basic structure of public administrativ, too. Functional&#x...

Dědičová, Simona
Využití finančních darů Nadace ČEZ obcemi na Vltavotýnsku

This bachelor thesis is dedicated to the utilization of financial contributions provided by Nadace ČEZ by the municipalities in the Tyn nad Vltavou region. The theoretical part includes the description of the two terms foundation and municipality. The practical part focuses on the ...

Dobrovolná, Simona
Mobbing, bossing a šikana na pracovišti

This thesis is divided into theoretical and empiric part. At the beginning the theoretical part defines bullying as well as bullying in the workplace. Next chapters are dedicated to individual kinds of bullying in the workplace which are mobbing, bossing, staffing and sexual harass...

Blatnický, Rudolf

This bachelor thesis deals with the concept of a fines. The first chapter deals with the term offense, where the work explains what the offense means and what features it contains. The next chapter presents misdemeanor proceedings and its individual procedural institutes. Furthermore,&#...

Hladíková, Anežka
Obec jako veřejný opatrovník

The topic of this bachelor thesis is Municipality as a public guardian. In the bachelor's thesis you can find terms related to the performance of this agenda, the procedures for appointing the municipality to the position of public guardian, restrictions on self-determination and&#x...

Ničmanová, Adriana
Občanská participace na správě a rozvoji obce

The theme of this bachelor thesis is civic participation in the administration and development of the community. Partici pace is an integral part of the daily life of each of us. Opportunity of a citizen to participate in The administration and development of the municip...

Černošek, Jan
Zapojování veřejnosti do rozhodování VS

This bachelor thesis talks about sharing the decisions about public administration with public. This work is split into six main chapters in which are described particular processes of deciding. In my work I deal with clarification of public administration, decision and public. Furtherm...

Vrzal, David
Tlumočení a překlad jako nástroj pro komunikaci společnosti a státu

In my bachelor's thesis I focus on interpreting and translation as two disciplines that affected society evolution to the current form we know nowadays. In this context the historical development of communication can not be omitted taking into account the linguistic and cultural...

Fric, Karolina
Městský obvod - postavení, působnost, orgány, s využitím statutů všech územně členěných statutárních měst

Statutory cities form a special category of cities in the Czech Republic. Their exact list is given in Act No. 128/2000 Coll., On Municipalities (Municipal Establishment), as amended, the provision of which gives statutory cities the right to divide their territories into urban...

Šídlo, Radek
Time management v manažerské praxi

Main goal of this work was to find out if managers knows methods of time management and whether they use them in praxis. Another goal was to find out how managers work with time at different levels of management. The bachelor thesis is divided into two basic par...

Rychtařík, Lukáš
Hospodaření územně samosprávných celků - porovnání rozpočtu malého a středně velkého města

The bachelor´s thesis is focused on the budget and comparing data of two cities. The thesis is divided into two main parts, the theoretical one and the practical one. At the end there is an interview with deputy mayor of Louny and mayor of Postoloprty. Theoretical pa...

Prajzlerová, Alexandra
Poslání neziskového sektoru v současné společnosti

The bachelor thesis is divided into two parts. The first theoretical part contains a comprehension of the concept of non-profit sector, its definition within the national economy, legal grounding and typology according to the legal form. The second more practical part is devoted to...

Kroc, Daniel
Generace X,Y,Z mezigenerační porozumění, komunikace, interakce

Internal communication and understanding of the entire functioning of communication is important for the effective functioning of the company. The goal of managers is to keep communication at such a level that there is no communication noise. They must also understand the needs of&...

Rokytenská, Patricie
Úloha veřejné správy při využití potenciálu tzv. brownfields

The topic of my bachelor thesis is focused on the role of public administration in relation to the issue of brownfields. The work is divided into two parts - the first, theoretical, which deals with brownfields, their regeneration and opportunities for public administration, and&#x...

Šesták, Tomáš
Krajské volby v Karlovarském kraji

The subject of this bachelor thesis is the analysis of election to the regional council in the Karlovy Vary region. The first part of this thesis is deals history of regional establishment and the current legal regulation of elections to the regional council. There is als...

Kašparová, Kristýna
Kompetence manažera

The bachelor thesis is focused on manager's competencies as a basic factor influencing the ability to perform management in the 21st century. The main objective is to describe the most important managerial competencies and to find out the differences between manager's work in&#x...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 392