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Fictum, Josef
Porovnání exekuce správní a soudní

The subject of this bachelor thesis is the Comparison of administrative and judicial execution. The thesis deals with the issue of administrative and judicial execution and main goal of this thesis is resolving these two types of execution with its subsequent comparison.

Kováčová, Zuzana
Financování politických stran a jejich volebních kampaní

This bachelor thesis deals with financing of political parties and movements in the Czech Republic and their political campaigns. It focuses on the rules brought by the new amendments and it describes the impulses that led to the necessary changes. It characterizes such terms ...

Rataj, Martin

The bachelor thesis deals with the valid legal regulation of expropriation in the Czech Republic, both in terms of general substantive conditions of expropriation including compensation for the revocation or limitation of rights, as well as in terms of special laws containing the p...

Škoda, Bronislav
Občanská participace na správě a rozvoji obce

Citizen participation in municipal administration and development is a very important topic, especially in the context of the present day, when the general interest in events and political events is decreasing not only at the level of municipalities but also at higher levels. ...

Roubin, Dominik
Manažerské dovednosti - kompetence manažera (vedoucího pracovníka) ve veřejné správě

This work engages in special attributes of activities of management in public administration, particularly in economic process. The bigges tattention is given to managerial competencies, functions and skills, from them the work includes leading, planning, organize, choice of employees, delegation,...

Kotalová, Kristýna

This bachelor thesis deals with the concept of fines. In the first chapter we analyze the concept of administrative offence. Then the concept of an offence. The third chapter contains basic information about fines, under what circumstances they can be imposing, under what pri...

Benadová, Eliška
Daň z nemovitosti jako výlučný daňový příjem obce

This bachelor's thesis is concerned with the land tax value. Cirst, it offers an overview of historical an current legislation about the land value tax, position in tax system of Czech republic

Vonešová, Tereza
Místní poplatky

The subject of the bachelor's work is the system of local fees and more detailed characterization of local fees in the selected municipalities. The first part of this bachelor's work deals with the municipality as the basic territorial unit and the municipal budget, whose&#...

Bělin, Stanislav
Odvolací řízení a rozhodnutí

The thesis tries to categorize clearly the remedies, briefly describe them and in a simple way determine which remedy to choose correctly, the time limit and the authority to claim its rights, if it is wronged or will be truncated to our rights. Unless the law provid...

Vlčková, Eva
Místní poplatky

This bachelor thesis deals with local fees. At first, the work is generally focused on local fees. There is a legal concept of local fees and the basic concepts related to them. Then, there is listed the system of valid local fees their subject, entity, basis,...

Holubová, Barbora
Obec s pověřeným obecním úřadem

The topic of my bachelor thesis is municipality with authorized municipal office. The main object of this thesis is to analyse of the development and status of this category of the municipality and the development of the municipality system after 2000 and its assessment.

Kutěj, Roman
Orgány obcí a krajů

In my bachelor work, I will try my best, to firstly describe, and secondly explain some concrete issues and problems, which are related to public administration and its authoriíties of municipalities and regions . I will try to be focused more on municipalities authoritues,&#...

Urbanová, Eliška
Domov pro seniory, adaptační proces a finanční dostupnost pobytu z pohledu klientů

This bachelor's thesis is aimed at the issue regarding the lives of seniors. It explains terms related to old-age, adaptation process, funding, defining social services with the description of a particular facility in Domažlice. This work includes a theoretical and practical part, i...

Šimková, Matylda
Poslání neziskového sektoru v současné společnosti

The bachelor thesis deals with the non-profit sector in the Czech Republic and its mission from the point of view of legal field as well as practical operation. Attention is paid to legal entities of the association, foundation and foundation fund, institute and public benefit...

Šosvaldová, Stephanie
Vznik a zánik obce

A municipality is a public-law entity and it is a fundamental element of a local goverment. There are some specifics of the municipality, such as a municipality's own territory, population, estates and a legal subjectivity. Of some fundamental amendments, we can talk about...

Vašáková, Aneta
Pracovní podmínky a jejich vliv na výkon zaměstnance

This bachelor's thesis is focused on working conditions and their influence on employee's performance. The theoretical part of this thesis deals with chosen historical aspects which influenced development of working conditions, as well as it mentions the contemporary legislation that pays...

Šlajs, Daniel
Občanská participace na správě a rozvoji obce

The thesis deals with the issue of civic participation in municipal administration and development. The aim of the thesis is to bring closer the possibilities of civic participation at the municipal level. In particular, they are instruments of direct participation, ie elections to ...

Šajánek, Michal
Odvolací řízení a rozhodnutí

My bachelor thesis is aimed at desciribing administration appeal procedure and appeal in the administration procedure according to valid law, based on act no. 500/2004 coll., administrative order as amended. In the first chapter I defined the basic procedural rights according...

Sobotková, Kateřina
Obec s rozšířenou působností

This work remains the issue of the exercise of delegated powers within a municipality with extended competence. The basis for assessing this topic is the definition of related concepts, the outline of historical development and the analysis of the municipality with extended competence&#...

Strejc, Milan
Proces výběrového řízení ve veřejné správě dle zákona č. 312/2002 Sb.

The main goal of the bachelor's thesis is to explain the process of selection procedure of officials of territorial self-governing units according to law No. 312/2002 Coll. This procedure is important to ensure objective and impartial assessment of job seekers. The theoretical ...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 258