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Kvíderová, Adéla
Elektronizace veřejné správy v České republice

This bachelor thesis focuses on the topic of e-Government electronic administration in the Czech Republic. In the first part, basic concepts and foundations are defined, such as legal dualism, its historical theories, the definition of public interest, and public administration, including th...

Pazderová, Kateřina
Pracovní podmínky a jejich vliv na výkon zaměstnance

This bachelor thesis focuses on working conditions and their impact on employee performance. It defines the basic concepts related to the legal regulation of working conditions in the context of employee care, discusses occupational health and safety, describes working hours and environment,...

Kupková, Kateřina
Ochrana informací v činnosti správních orgánů

This bachelor´s thesis deals with the protection of information within the activities of administrative authorities. It defines the legal obligation of administrative authorities to provide information. At the same time, it deals with the protection of data from misuse.

Šizlingová, Petra
Bezdomovectví a squatting

This bachelor's thesis focuses on the issue of homelessness and squatting and its solution in the form of regulation and solutions of state and non-state non-profit organizations. The practical part is carried out at the low-threshold facility Domov sv. Františka belonging to the&#x...

Sikyta, Michal
Zachování venkova a možnosti jejich vývoje

The author of the bachelor thesis focused on a specific rural unit, the village of Chlumčany. The thesis maps the gradual retreat from the countryside as such through the development of services, development areas or, for example, better road access to the village. From the&#x...

Svobodová, Alena
Veřejný sektor, veřejné služby

The bachelor thesis deals with public sector and public services. The thesis is divided into two main chapters, which are then divided into subchapters. The firts chapter deals with the concept of the public sector. The chapter analyzes the definition of the public sector, its...

Stupková, Veronika
Etika úředního jednání

This bachelor thesis is focused on the ethics of public administration and especially on the ethics of the Police of the Czech Republic. The theoretical part of the thesis deals with ethics, morality, professional ethics and police ethics, the Code of Ethics of the Police ...

Sloupová, Marie
Komunikační strategie územních samospráv

The bachelor's thesis deals with the communication of the territorial self-government with citizens. For high-quality and effective communication, they have a communication strategy developed by an independent agency that analyzes internal and external communication and communication tools of local...

Samohejlová, Barbora
Generace X, Y, Z - mezigenerační porozumění, komunikace, interakce

This bachelore´s thesis deals with topics such as generations and communication. The thesis is divided into two parts, theoretical and practical. In the theoretical part, concrete generations are discusse, namely generations X, Y and Z. The thesis also discusses the topic of communicati...

Potopalský, Evžen
Krajské volby 2000-2020

The topic of the bachelor thesis is regional elections in the Czech Republic in the period of 2000-2020. In the bachelor's thesis, you can find an explanation of terms closely related directly to regions, as well as elections to them. The main part of the thesis ...

Navrátilová, Mirka
Šikana na pracovišti - mobbing, bossing

The bachelor thesis deals with bullying in the workplace, and later with specific forms of mobbing and bossing. The theoretical part focuses on workplace bullying, its definition in the Legal Code of the Czech Republic, mobbing, bossing and employees in leading positions. The pract...

Sikorová, Kateřina
Veřejný prostor

The bachelor thesis deals with public space, specifically public space in the context of the village. The theoretical part is focused on public space in a general sense, followed by the terms countryside, village and population. The last chapter of the theoretical part is devo...

Myšák, Daniel
Time management v manažerské praxi

Bachelor thesis "Time management in managerial practice". The aim of the thesis is to highlight the concept of time management, its importance not only for managers but also for everyone else. Another goal is to depict the competencies of managers, how to develop them...

Mirošovská, Barbora
Outplacement a jeho význam pro zaměstnance i zaměstnavatele

The text of the thesis focuses on the employment relationship, methods of termination of employment and related outplacement. Outplacement acts as a programme to help the employee in case of termination of employment. It is primarily a targeted, systematic and professional service that&...

Mašková, Lucie
Manažerské kompetence vedoucího pracovníka v podmínkách obecního úřadu

Bachelor thesis discusses managerial competencies, as an integral part of the work of chief officers working in a public administration. It emphasizes only some competencies, which are key and should not to be neglected in the field of a management. After initial definition of ...

Machová, Jana
Občanská participace na správě a rozvoji obce

The issue of citizen participation is a very broad topic. Many municipal politicians are convinced that it is sufficient for citizens to exercise their civic participation through their right to vote only. But that's a mistake. Civic participation in the administration and dev...

Krejzová, Eliška
Participace a její odraz ve veřejném prostoru

The aim of the bachelor's thesis is to present the concept of participation, its possibilities, benefits, and pitfalls. It specifically addresses the definition and meaning of this term, as well as its development. Furthermore, the thesis explains the principle of participation with ...

Kučabová, Vendula
Bezpečnost a ochrana zdraví při práci- výzva pro 21. století

The bachelor's thesis focuses on the development of OSH in the course of history up to present. It focuses on important historical moments and related legal ones adjustments. The introductory part of the bachelor's thesis contains an explanation of the concept of hea...

Kratochvílová, Eliška
Využití konceptu Smart city pro zefektivňování městské hromadné dopravy

The bachelor thesis "Use of the Smart City concept for streamlining urban public transport" deals with smart mobility within the Smart City concept. The aim of the thesis is to introduce the reader to this concept and assess new possibilities in the field of smart&#x...

Kudová, Marie
Ženy na trhu práce - problémy zaměstnávání, odměňování a profesního rozvoje žen

The subject of my bachelor's thesis was to characterize the position of women on the labor market.The work focuses mainly on issues related to gender equality and gender stereotypes. I also focused on discrimination and problems related to the employment and work of women, ...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 454