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Suchá, Kristýna
Současné velikonoční tradice na Plzeňsku

In my bachelor thesis I dealt with the current Easter traditions in Pilsen region, which were mapped. First, the concept of tradition and the Pilsen region itself and the most famous Easter customs and traditions were introduced. Subsequently, I dealt with the tradition of cru...

Goubej, Lukáš

The aim of this bachelor thesis is to approach the activities and functioning of Europol. The author deals with basic concepts related to Europol. He also tried us show the whole path that preceded the creation of this agency. He also introduced us to the auth...

Gondeková, Kristýna
Chytrá města 21. století

The bachelor thesis "Smart Cities of the 21st Century" focuses on the Smart City concept. The aim of the thesis is to show what possibilities cities and citizens have nowadays thanks to modern technologies. The first part describes the rate of urbanization in recent ...

Novotný, Dominik
Příspěvková organizace

This bachelor thesis focuses on contributory organizations in the Czech Republic and their functioning, their founders (organizational units of the state, municipalities and regions), the division of contributory organizations and their origin and legislation of contributory organizations. It also foc...

Bauer, Vilém
Pojem "zájem" ve správním právu. (Veřejný zájem a soukromý zájem, zájem obecný/universální, skupinový/partikulární, jednotlivý/individuální.) Zásada a její projevy ve správním procesu.

The work examines the concept of interest. This defines and describes the differences between the public and private interests. Furthermore, the author will also focus on the analysis of individual court decisions that deal with areas of conflict of public and private interest.

Máchová, Karolína
Genderové nerovnosti na trhu práce

The topic of my bachelor thesis is gender inequality in the labor market. This topic has a huge purport and it is a question of many centuries where we are trying to solve this problem but actually we never did. The beggining of my bachelor thesis is focus...

Platovská, Kristýna
Mystery Shopping jako metoda hodnocení kvality poskytovaných služeb

This thesis deals with Mystery Shopping as a method of marketing research to control the quality of services provided. In the theoretical part of the thesis the author focuses on the definition of the terms "marketing research" and "Mystery Shopping", their meaning, ...

Cila, Iva
Organizace a působnost Finanční správy České republiky

The aim of this bachelor thesis is an independent professional evaluation of the effectiveness of the organizational structure of the Financial Administration of the Czech Republic in relation to the defined scope of its competence and its reforms in the past years. The introductor...

Svobodová, Romana
Kooperace veřejné správy a neziskových organizací v oblasti sociálních služeb

The bachelor thesis "Cooperation of public administration and non-profit organizations in the field of social services" deals with the roles of individual actors in the life of the citizen with an emphasis on cooperation. The aim of the thesis is to identify the degree&#x...

Kokošková, Miroslava
Time management v manažerské praxi

The bachelor thesis is divided into a theoretical and practical part. In the theoretical part the basic concepts are explained: manager, time management, the methods and tools of time management and procrastinaton. The practical part is focused on the main purpose of said thesis,&#...

Schödlbauerová, Monika
Etický kodex zaměstnanců ve veřejné správě a jeho vliv na firemní kulturu

The topic of the bachelor thesis is the code of ethics of public administration employees and its influence on corporate culture. Having a code of ethics in an institution has a good effect on the appearance of public administration through the eyes of the public. By ...

Tabaková, Lucie
Výběrové řízení na obsazení volného služebního místa

This bachelor thesis is focused on the topic of Elective proceedings for the position of vacancy. The thesis consists of four parts and further there is an introduction and a conclusion. The first part of this thesis is focused on the basic principles and information abou...

Šifra, Jakub
Smart Cities and Communities

The bachelor´s thesis "Smart Cities and Communities" deals with the concept of Smart City. The theoretical part explains the concept of Smart City and what is an essential part of it. The work includes a comparison of Czech cities with foreign ones. The practical par...

Silovská, Klára
Smart Cities and Communities

This Bachelor's thesis "Smart Cities and Communities" deals with the concept of Smart City. The theoretical part of the thesis clarifies the concept of Smart City and what is an essential part of it. The practical part of the thesis is focused on the Smart C...

Matěchová, Leontýna
Time management v manažerské praxi (Koncept řízení času. Efektivní plánování. Rozhodování a určování priority. Zlaté pravidlo delegování. Účinný boj s prokrastinací)

Bachelor thesis "Time management in management practice (The concept of time management. Effective planning. Decision making and prioritization. The golden rule of delegation. Effective fight with procrastination)". The aim is to highlight techniques for improving personal time management and...

Futera, Ondřej
Mobbing, Bossing, šikana na pracovišti

The bachelor's thesis deals with the issue of bullying in the workplace and inappropriate behavior in the relationship of colleagues, superiors or subordinates. In the given issue, I explained how mobbing, bossing and bullying in the workplace manifest and how to ...

Glazerová, Pavlína
Matriční úřady a matriční knihy

The topic of this bachelor thesis is Registry offices and registry books. The bachelor thesis is divided into two parts. The first part is about basic information and services offered by registry offices. This section also includes information about registry books and documents. Th...

Lukešová, Lucie
Zaměstnání v době pandemie COVID-19

This Bachelor thesis is focusing on the unemployment during COVID-19 pandemic. There are several terms used to explain this problem such as homeoffice, kurzarbeit, or the "Antivirus" program. Additionally, there are options of support and bonuses that one can acquire from the ...

Pech, Leoš

The bachelor thesis deals with outplacement, its definition, history and progression of the term, its processes, forms, actors and tools. The thesis also defines and clarifies outplacement terms related to job, termination of employment or stress and life situations. The practical part ...

Kroková, Natálie
Šikana na pracovišti- mobbing, bossing

The subject of this bachelor thesis is the problematical effects of mobbing and bossing with the theoretical part focused on the characteristics of this subject, further is explain here concept of staffing and chairing. In addition, the practical part is focused on a working s...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 418