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Landkamrová, Martina
Státní služba

This thesis analyzes legislation involving public service. It deals with the historical development of the position of civil servants in the Czech Republic and in the European context, and it explains the reasons for the need to adopt a new Civil Service Act. It describes ...

Šťovíková, Kristýna
Postavení a působnost obcí v České republice

This dissertation is about the status and jurisdiction of municipalities in the Czech republic. At the beginning is short chapter about historical excursion, then is chapter about public administration, its characters, classification and organizational principles. In the chapter about the municip...

Durasová, Veronika
Obec s rozšířenou působností

This thesis concerns itself with municipality with extended competence. The work describes in detail, the main concept of public administration, the historical development of autonomy, government administration and the establishment of the municipality with extended competence on the territory of ...

Beránková, Tereza
Dozor nad samostatnou působností obcí se zaměřením na vydávání obecně závazných vyhlášek obcí

In the thesis "Supervision of independent competence of municipalities, focusing on the issue generally binding municipal ordinances" approaches the problem of issuing generally binding municipal ordinances under independent comptetence and assesing the legality of these generally binding regulations&...

Chmelová, Jiřina
Podpora udržitelného rozvoje nositele integrovaného plánu rozvoje města prostřednictvím Regionálního operačního programu Severozápad

Regional policy is strategic investment policy aimed at all the EU regions and cities in order to promote their economic growth and improve the quality of life. In pursuing the objectives of cohesion policy are the EU Member States supported by funding from the EU structu...

Adltová, Zuzana Sophia
Právní úprava péče o kulturní památky se zaměřením na dílo Adolfa Loose v Plzni.

The thesis " Legal adjustment of cultural heritage care focused on the work of Adolf Loos in Pilsen" is focused on the legal adjustment of historical monuments care. The thesis is focused on the historical monuments, national historical monuments, conservation areas, their reg...

Topinka, Ilja
Zdravotnický systém v ČR jako problém veřejné politiky a správy.

My dissertation is about history and evolution of health system in our country. It is also about health policy, international law and how it influence residents of state. In my work I want to explain guarantee of right to health and protection, for whom it is and...

Halík, Jan
Spolkové právo v ČR

The aim of this diploma thesis is to describe the Association Law according to the Act no. 89/2012 Sb., The Civil law. The thesis deals with historical progress in the Czech Republic and with the process of association´s establishing. The other part of the thesis ana...

Mayerová, Eva
Veřejnoprávní smlouvy

The aim of this thesis is to provide a compact view on the issue of public law contracts in the currently applicable laws and regulations and insight into the issues of public contracts and present their legal status in the Czech Republic. Public contracts have a lot...

Vaňková, Jana
Statutární města ČR a jejich komparace se sousedními zeměmi

This thesis is about statutory cities in the Czech republic, their history and comparison with selected countries (Slovakia, Austria, Poland, Germany). The thesis is also about legislative framework of statutory cities, their parts, competences and presentation.

Reis, Jan

The work includes analysis of expropriation. It deals with the history, theoretical basis, legislation, substantive terms and expropriation proceedings. The work includes institute expropriation compared with the same institute in the Slovak Republic.

Severýnová, Romana
Výkon přenesené působnosti na úrovni základních územních samosprávných celků

The aim of this thesis is a systematic analysis of delegated powers involving theoretical and practical aspects to determine the position of delegated powers under a system of self-government, particularly in relation to the scope of the independent,to bring delegated comptences of basi...

Pěstová, Barbora
Asociace PPP

In my diploma work I will aim at enlightening of the term Public Private Partnership itself, at its basic characteristics and functions. I will mention strengths and weaknesses of PPP briefly and pro and cons of use of PPP. I will also show basic differences between ...

Vlček, Tomáš
Vývoj ODS v Plzni

This thesis examines the development of Civic Democratic Party in Plzeň. This political subject has been chosen as the main focus of this work, due to the absence of any complex materials dealing with the development of CDP on municipal level, especially in the district P...

Šmůla, David
Právní aspekty odstraňování staveb

This thesis describes the Institute removal of buildings within the private and public law. Attention is paid to work within the definition of basic terms, an organization building authorities and entities. In the next part of the thesis describes the process of removing structures...

Nezbedová, Petra
Dotace z fondů EU se zaměřením na oblast rozvoje obcí - obec Hory

The aim of this work is present a policy of grants of the European Union from many perspectives. Development of villages is focused, using the theory in practis, namely in a village Hory. In the first part of work there is defined the European Union region policy,&#x...

Březinová, Petra
Památková péče zaměřená na koncepci židovských památek v Plzeňském kraji (Veřejnoprávní aspekty)

My dissertation is focused on Jewish monuments in Pilsen region, especially in Pilsen city. It contains extensive part about history, which is very closely related to this topic. Component of my work is also a chapter about Federation of Jewish communities in our countr...

Kulich, Martin
Vietnamská a romská menšina jako multikultury v ČR

The first part will include an explanation of the key concepts and capturing the fundamental problems associated with multiculturalism. In the second part, directly focus on the above-mentioned minorities, their history in the Czech Republic, the characteristics and the legal changes that&#x...

Bednář, Petr
Veřejný zájem, lobbing, korupce a klientelismus

In this thesis deals with the issue of defining a four terms, which were often in society being discussed, but some people do not understand these terms or use them inappropriately. These terms are "public interest", "lobbying", "corruption" and "clientelism".&#...

Rybanský, Jan
Vadné a nicotné správní akty

The paper tries to explain the concept of bad and trivial administrative acts. In this work are listed as reasons defectiveness, and is void with concrete examples of decisions of administrative bodies and courts findings. And how in both cases proceed from the perspective of&...

Záznamy kolekce (řazeno podle Datum zaslání v sestupně pořadí): 1 až 20 z 54