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Recent Submissions

Siřínek, Ondřej
Využití solidárních mechanismů při přestupech sportovců

The thesis deals with the use of solidarity mechanisms in athletes transfers, in particular the conditions under which they occur and the method of their calculation. The theoretical part focuses on the basic concepts of sport and sports law from which solidarity mechanisms arise.&...

Havlíková, Petra
Právní postavení spolků v ČR

This thesis describes the legal regulation of associations in the Czech legal system. Its aim is to summarize the current federal legislation after the recodification of private law, its analysis and evaluation. The first part outlines the historical development and defines the legal&#x...

Zelenka, Zdeněk
Rozvoj sportu a spolupráce oddílů s vedením měst v okolí krajského města Plzně

Bachelor´s thesis is about development of sport around regional town Pilsen. Specifically it is about sports clubs in Třemošná and Dobřany. Sports clubs from smaller towns around Pilsen are rivals with sports clubs from Pilsen. Most it can be see in youth teams. Differences mu...

Bulantová, Tereza
Vývoj katalogů práv v Anglii 17. století

This thesis is focused on the development of human rights catalogs in England, of the 17th century. In the following chapters of the thesis I deal with the historical context of this period, I mainly focus on the individual historical legal documents. This is a purely...

Šedivá, Bohdana
Historický vývoj právní etiky a její místo v životě právníka

The thesis deals with legal ethics and its importance in today's society. It examines its position within the framework of general ethics and searches for its relationship to each other. Furthermore, there are defined basic types of ethics and its general characteristics, then ...