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Recent Submissions

Tesařík, Tomáš
Mladopaleolitické skalní umění

The aim of the work is a systematic treatise on the study of parietal art in the Upper Palaeolithic, especially focusing on the origin of art and the questions of its creators with regard to current and past hypotheses of fundamental researchers from available literature. ...

Zinnerová, Kateřina
Vědomí a subjektivní zkušenost

This bachelor thesis attempts to provide a closer look at the meditation phenomenon and the changes of consciousness, which are consequent upon this issue. The historical development of mind and body in philosophy and psychology is described in the introduction of the thesis. After...

Veselá, Lucie
Komunikace a znakové systémy nevidomých

The object of the Bachelor thesis is the problem of communication of a specific group of people, the blind. The thesis is only theoretical and is divided into three main parts which are technological, psychological and philosophical aspects of communication of the blind. The i...

Tichý, Igor
Motivace a výkonnost pracovníků ve službách a obchodu.

The theme I have chosen for my bachelor thesis is Motivation of workers in service and trade. I have layed down four claims for my research, which will be verified by data collection from questionnaire. I want to express the stand of subjects towards their job and&#x...

Vávrová, Kristýna
Útrpné právo a hrdelní tresty v českém raném novověku.

This bachelor thesis deals with the issue of torture and capital judiciary of the Czech early modern period. The main focus is on how ugly the society at that time forced the confession of ordinary people and the list of capital punishments for certain offenses. Attention...