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Recent Submissions

Svobodová, Natalie
La position de la langue maternelle dans les classes du FLE dans les écoles tcheques

The thesis tried to summarize as much as possible the existing knowledge in the field of didactics of foreign languages, with a focus on the French language. The subject of the thesis is to find out in what proportion the mother tongue, i.e. Czech, is in the FLE...

Kollarčíková, Jana
Galicismy z oblasti gastronomie v současné češtině

The thesis focuses on French loanwords from the field of gastronomy in contemporary Czech lexis. The thesis first deals with the topic of foreign word adoption in general. It then characterizes more specifically the gallicisms that have been adopted into the Czech language througho...

Staníková, Jana
Le nouveau souffle en cuisine francaise

The aim of this bachelor thesis is to present new discoveries in French gastronomy by comparing the available sources on current trends in French cuisine and the knowledge gained from own research. In the theoretical part, this thesis also deals with the characteristics of Fre...

Slavíková, Monika
Tlumočení v komerční sféře (sestavení glosáře)

The aim of this bachelor thesis is to present the main topics in the field of interpret-ing domain and to create a glossary of terms from the field of business, which can be a use-ful tool for French students focusing on commercial practice but also for employees...

Zelinková, Zuzana
Vývoj francouzského jazyka (vybrané období)

This bachelor thesis entitled L´évolution de la langue française (Période Choisi)((The development of the French language (selected period)) consists of eight chapters. First part contains three theoretical chapters, the second part then five extracts of medieval French literature. In the&...