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Košařová, Ivana
Souvětí: juxtapozice, souřadnost, podřadnost

The thesis examines the grammar topic Sentences - juxtaposition, compound and complex sentences. Its main goal is to describe theoretically the problems of sentenses, namely juxtaposition, main and subordinate clause. The aim of the practical part is to verify how this prob...

Brožíková, Kristýna
La philosophie de Sartre et Camus dans l'enseignement du FLE

This diploma thesis is a tutorial for an optional course of existential philosophy in the field of Teaching French for Secondary Schools at the University of West Bohemia. This work is intended for students of this Masters program, future teachers of French, who already have&#...

Kreuzerová, Kateřina
Výzkum chyb českých studentů v užívání slovesných časů ve francouzštině

The dimploma thesis is focused on verbs, the systems of verbs in Czech and French, the analysis of errors and mistakes which are created while using the verbs tenses in French by Czech students. The thesis is divided into the theoretical and the practical part. The t...

Šlemrová, Ivana
Problémy ve francouzské výslovnosti českých žáků

Thesis topic is the difficulties in French pronunciation Czech learners face. The work is structured into two parts, theoretical and practical. The theoretical part is devoted to the themes of French didactic phonetics, phonological competencies, French analysis of selected methods for teach...

Krátká, Tereza
Moderní využití písně ve výuce francouzského jazyka

This diploma thesis deals with songs in the teaching of French language, describes language competences - Understanding of spoken and written language, speaking and writing. The author focuses on the beneficial effects of using a song such as memorizing new words, grammar structures,&#x...