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Jestřábová, Lucie
Zavedení chovu Mérenských koní v Čechách a jejich dovoz z Francie

The thesis deals with the establishment of breeding of a foreign breed of horses in the Czech Republic. It summarizes the history of the breed and discusses the issues associated with the start of breeding and with the transport of horses from France to Bohemia. It p...

Havlíčková, Eliška
La terminologie médicale (Francouzská lékařská terminologie)

The bachelor thesis deals with the topic of enriching the French vocabulary by Latin in specialized medical terminology, whether by borrowing from foreign languages by deriving the existing words, or by combining the several words into the one lexical unit. This thesis deals...

Mamykina, Yulia
La "Révolution étudiante" de 1968 et son influence sur la vie socio-politique et culturelle de la France.

In my bachelor's thesis, I wanted to introduce the reader to the events taking place in France in 1968 and the impact of these events on French society. One of the main goals of my research is to describe the complete atmosphere in which France was until&#x...

Grégrová, Julie
Les liens historiques politiques entre la France et la République tcheque

My bachelor thesis covers the period from 1867 to the present. It describes the first journey of Czech politicians in France and the acquaintances they have encountered. It also deals with the First Republic and M.R. Stephanik, who earned the creation of Czechoslovakia. The wo...

Kotrčová, Veronika
L´histoire et l´actualité de la Picardie de son agriculture et son industrie

The main topic of this bachelor thesis is French historical region Picardy with an emphasis on its industry and agriculture. The thesis is introduced by theoretical chapter that is focused on historical development of the region and on its basic characteristics. After the introduct...

Kollarčíková, Jana
Les peintres tchéques en France (Čeští malíři ve Francii)

The aim of this bachelor thesis is to provide a brief, well structured documentation of prominent Czech artists who left for France and, for some period of time, were active there. The first section of this thesis is devoted to the various reasons and purposes of the...

Boszczykova, Iva
Les difficultés d'emploi des prépositions temporelles (Obtíže při používání časových předložek)

The topic of my bachelor thesis is The difficulties in placing the prepositions of time in the French language . The aim of this work is to describe the time prepositions in French in detail and in the practical part to find out what difficulties students of Fre...

Křapková, Markéta
Évolution de la langue française a partir du XVe siecle Vývoj francouzského jazyka od 15. století

The main topic of the bachelor thesis is the evolution of the French language from the 15th century to the present. The thesis is divided into the theoretical and practical part. Firstly, the French language is briefly introduced from its origin, however in the next chapt...

Svobodová, Natalie
Civilisation et francophonie : la présence des Français dans la région de Plzen

The bachelor thesis deals with the topic of migration of the human population in the European Union, focusing on the citizens of France living in the Czech Republic. The report presents the various facts that accompany migration, the European Union's migration policy, its compe...

Bednářová, Kateřina
Ĺétude comparative de la langue des jeunes Français dans la communication courante

The work focuses on the language of young French people in the 21st century. The theoretical part describes the basic linguistic definitions, the types of word formation in French and presents variations of standard and non-standard French. It also describes the characteristics of ...

Arnicanová, Kamila
Analyse d'un corpus de mots nouveaux en français

The title of this bachelor thesis is "analysis of the new words corpus in French" The main aim of this bachelor thesis was to find the processes of creating new words in the last two years in the dictionaries Le Petit Robert and Le Petit Larousse illu...

Opekarová, Natálie
Adaptace a ekvivalenty vybraných anglicismů ve francouzštině a češtině na příkladu sociálních médií

The bachelor thesis is called "Adaptation and equivalents of selected Anglicisms demonstrated in social media" and deals, as the title indicates, with Anglicisms and their implementation in Czech and French language. Apart from the implementation, the thesis also search for equivalents&...

Bydžovský, Petr
Vzestup nacionalismu ve frankofonních zemích

The aim of my bachelor thesis, entitled Nationalism in France, was to explain concepts such as nationalism, patriotism, chauvinism, nation, state, etc. At the beginning of my work, I dealt with the basic definitions of these concepts. It was important to use different definitions&#...

Kastnerová, Tereza
Analýza slovní zásoby v motivačních dopisech

The thesis analyzes vocabulary in cover letters. The theoretical part focuses on the correct formulation of a cover letter. The most frequent expressions of selected cover letters are analyzed in the practical part.

Štěpánková, Alena
Odvozování podstatných jmen vlastních ve francouzském tisku

The main theme of this bachelor thesis is the derivation of proper names in the French press. The theoretical part deals with the definition of nouns and proper nouns, including their categories, the description of the process called appellativisation (when a proper noun becomes&#x...

Polášková, Kateřina
Tradice a současnost vinařství ve Francii / Les traditions et l'actualité de la viticulture en France

The thesis is focused on viticulture in France. The individual chapters of the thesis describe the development of French viticulture from ancient history to the present, also detailed descriptions of the wine-growing regions in terms of geographic location, soil types, climate conditions...

Grundová, Tereza
Anglicismy v titulcích článků francouzských časopisů pro ženy

The thesis deals with Anglicisms in French women's magazines. The first part of the thesis describes definition of anglicisms, classification, women's magazines and a short historical context of the influence of English on French. In the second part we analyze selected anglicisms.&#x...

Doležalová, Šárka
Edith Piaf a její pokračovatelé

The thesis describes minutely the life of the famous French chanson singer Edith Piaf from birth to her death. In individual chapters, her artistic life as well as amorous are introduced. Furthermore, the thesis deals with the comparison of the French and Czech versions of...

Čapková, Markéta
Specializovaná slovní zásoba převzatá z běžného jazyka (studie v rámci obchodu)

The bachelor thesis entitled "Specialized vocabulary borrowed from the current language" deals with words and expressions that have their origin in current French and have become a special importance in business French. The main aim of this thesis is to make a glossary of...

Bohuslavická, Zuzana
Lexikální vztahy - analýza textů

The bachelor thesis deals with lexical relations and the analysis of selected texts. The theoretical part deals with particular lexical relations - synonymy, antonymy, hyperonymy, hyponymy, homonymy and polysemy. The reader learns about a short comparison of French lexical relations with the...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 99