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Bonniere, Quentin
La révolution industielle en Grande-Bretagne et son impact sur le territoire du nord de la France


Shoova, Arina
La condition de la femme dans les oeuvres d´ Annie Ernaux

This bachelor thesis examines the biography and bibliography of Annie Ernaux. This thesis provides an analysis of the book "The Happening". Based on an excerpt of this book and the trailer for the movie adaptation, the questionnaire was conducted.

Byshliaha, Anna
Les homonymes inter-linguistiques ou "les faux amis" - en traduction française et tcheque

The subject of this thesis is the phenomenon of cross-linguistic homonymy in French and Czech. This problem has been studied for a long time in the linguistic literature. Researchers discuss what homonymy is, how it occurs in languages, how it is used in discourse and how...

Bekmukhambetova, Dilyara
Les stratégies de marketing des marques de produits de beauté francophones

The bachelor's thesis entitled " Marketing strategies of French-speaking beauty brands " is devoted to the ways of promoting cosmetic products, which are preferred by French-speaking brands, in particular, companies in France and Switzerland. In addition to a review of various ...

Iakupov, Rail
La métaphore et la métonymie dans la presse écrite

The aim of this work was to define the uniqueness of the metaphor and the metonymy of the written press. The main theme of the research is in the first place the characteristics of the linguistic phenomena in the journalistic style. The study is mainly focused on...

Nováková, Anežka
Lingvistický znak

This bachelor thesis deals with the linguistic sign theory, mainly from the point of view of the Swiss linguist Ferdinand de Saussure, but also from the point of view of Charles Sanders Peirce and semiotics. The work is divided into four fundamental chapters, and a glossa...

Vancová, Alice
Costa - Gavras - le grand cinéaste français

This bachelor thesis discusses the French director Costa-Gavras' life's work. It seeks to uncover the motivations for making selected Costa-Gavras films with political themes. It explores the opinion of young film students on this work and we managed to arrange a short interview...

Kučerová, Lucie
Lexikální vztahy

This bachelor thesis deals with lexical relations in the French language. The aim is to introduce the reader to the different lexical relations and then to analyse chosen texts in order to find concrete examples of these lexical relations.

Levá, Barbora
Vývoj francouzského jazyka (vybrané období)

This bachelor's thesis deals with the development of the French language in the period of Latin influence. It summarizes the history of French and Latin from the very beginning to the Middle Ages. Then the mutual influence of these two languages is elaborated. The practica...

Pavlová, Hedvika
Le commerce équitable

The subject of this bachelor thesis is the concept of Fair trade in international trade. The purpose of this bachelor thesis is to introduce this idea of fair trade, to present its objectives and its basic principles and to analyze its current position and the degree ...

Krivoňáková, Ellen
La naissance et l'évolution de la haute couture

This thesis, entitled "The Birth and Development of High Fashion", was written to explain the fashion discoveries that have taken place over the last hundred years. It focuses mainly on the big names of haute couture such as Chanel, Dior, Laurent, Lagerfeld. The aim ...

Divišová, Dominika
Barvy v ustálených spojeních

This bachelor's thesis deals with the presentation of French expressions containing colors and the investigation of French speakers' knowledge of these expressions. Our aim is to enrich the reader's vocabulary, to present the differences between French word expressions and their Czech...

Staníková, Jana
Le nouveau souffle en cuisine francaise

The aim of this bachelor thesis is to present new discoveries in French gastronomy by comparing the available sources on current trends in French cuisine and the knowledge gained from own research. In the theoretical part, this thesis also deals with the characteristics of Fre...

Slavíková, Monika
Tlumočení v komerční sféře (sestavení glosáře)

The aim of this bachelor thesis is to present the main topics in the field of interpret-ing domain and to create a glossary of terms from the field of business, which can be a use-ful tool for French students focusing on commercial practice but also for employees...

Zelinková, Zuzana
Vývoj francouzského jazyka (vybrané období)

This bachelor thesis entitled L´évolution de la langue française (Période Choisi)((The development of the French language (selected period)) consists of eight chapters. First part contains three theoretical chapters, the second part then five extracts of medieval French literature. In the&...

Vojíková, Sofija
Un business plan d'une agence web

The bachelor's thesis entitled Business plan d'une agence web deals with the transformation of a web non-agency formed by independent entrepreneurs into a company with limited liability. The work was not created from an economic point of view, so it is understandable to the...

Žáková, Barbora
Le français dans les réseaux sociaux

In my bachelor's thesis, I decided to focus on everything related to social networks and describe them in detail. What social networks are for, their advantages and disadvantages, their dangers and their types. Since my work is specifically focused on the French language used&#...

Misař, Jan
Expressions et locutions françaises autour du mot "femme"

This bachelor thesis deals with phrases and other expressions containing the word "woman" (in French "femme"). It first looks at woman as a word. It examines the origins of the word, the development of its pronunciation and spelling, and then its meaning on the&...

Haladová, Alžběta
Tlumočení v cestovním ruchu (sestavení glosáře)

The aim of this bachelor's thesis is to introduce the theory of interpreting, including its two main forms, to characterize the professional French language and to create a suitable glossary that can be used by students dedicated to tourism. The theoretical part focuses o...

Končelová, Eliška
L'idylle de l'enfance vécue dans les romans de Marcel Pagnol

The bachelor's thesis entitled L'idylle de l'enfance vécue dans les romans de Marcel Pagnol deals with the idyll of childhood, which is based on the tetralogy Souvenirs d´enfance, inspired by the author's real experiences. The aim of this work is to show by the ...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 130