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Recent Submissions

Žižková, Andrea
Postmortalní mikrostrukturální změny na kosti: nástroj pro rekonstrukci pohřebního ritu v době bronzové

The phenomenon of burials in settlement pits has not yet been satisfactorily explained. However, it is interesting that the remains burried in this way show a higher degree of surface preservation and overall completness. In the thesis, I ananlyze the histological preservation of r...

Sanchezová, Katarina
Fenomén bezdomovectví z perspektivy žen

The diploma thesis deals with the factors leading to the loss of home of women and with which phenomena accompnany women's lives on the streets and what experiences are associated with their exclusion. Narrative and semi-structured interviews are used in the research, also phot...

Caisová, Jana
Diachronní trendy násilí v historické Praze z bioarcheologické perspektivy

This diploma thesis deals with the occurrence of violence in the general population of Prague in the context of war events from the 9th to the 18th century. On the basis of direct evidence from human skeletal remains, it is possible to analyze diachronic trends in th...

Hošková, Jolana Anna
Sociální konstrukce a sexualizace těla náctiletých dívek ve veřejném prostoru

This Master thesis is focused on the way teenage girls interpret sexual violence in public space, while it uses the concepts and theories of sexual objectification, self-objectification, symbolic violence and rape culture. It discusses the factors that affects their fear of sexual viole...

Příhoda, David
Perspektivy vývoje života v obcích Tachovska

The bachelor's thesis aims to reflect the issue of amenity migration from an ethnographic point of view on the example of several municipalities in the Czech-German border area in the Tachov region. As part of the empirical investigation, special attention was paid to the ...