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Recent Submissions

Pešková, Markéta
Vztah mezi vnitřní řečí a vnější komunikací

This thesis is focused on the phenomena of inner speech in relation to interpersonal communication, the cognitive development of a human being and the role which inner speech plays in everyday task execution. The first part describes the functions of inner speech and the ...

Trushina, Natalia
Vzpomínky na zanikla místa

This work is focused on transition of communicative and cultural memory. As an example it is using destroyed village Kolvín. People of Kolvín were displaced in 1952 by Czechoslovakian army, together with villages Padrť and Záběhlá, for sake of expanding military training grounds &q...

Vítková, Martina
Turismus a lokální kultura v interakci

This thesis aims to provide an analysis of the transformation of the traditional mountainous locality Pejo (Italy, Autonomous Province of Trento) into a busy touristic destination in the course of the second half of the 20th century. The main purpose of the work is to det...

Vopičková, Daniela
Jména a pojmenovávání u rumunských Čechů (reemigrantů z Rumunska)

This bachelor thesis is about names and nicknames of remigrants from Romanian Banat. Research was done on big part of remigrants from St. Helena, that came to Czechoslovakia in half of 20th century. They have settled in Cheb and surrounding villages. I am comparing transmissio...

Mrázek, Ondřej
Formování svébytné identity migrantů z Banátu pomocí tanečních večerů

In the bachelor thesis I will deal with migrants from Banat, who lives in the Czech Republic. I will focus on social events organized by them and the formation of their own identity through field research and semi-structured interviews. Thanks to the selected informants who&#x...