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Baranec, Michal
Bulhaři v České Republice

My intention in the theoretical part is closer to the historical perspective of immigration policy Bulgarians and current immigration policy in the Czech Republic. Evaluation of semi-structured interviews to define the extent of integration in our society, based primarily on the level a...

Toman, Tadeáš
Role dobrovolných hasičů v obcích okrsku Dlažov.

The main aim of further bachelor thesis is to provide complex picture of the role of volunteer firemen in the Dlažov district and their identity. This work introduces a theoretical framework of community and identity.Further thesis includes an anthropological qualitative researc...

Tichá, Jana
Vliv epigenetické regulace aktivity genů rodičů na embryogenezi potomků

The aim of the thesis is to argue why and how through the epigenetic regulation of gene expression the parent can "program" his offspring and determine using the genes in his life. The work deals with specific situations in (human) ontogenesis, when during expression ...

Kordasová, Kateřina
Rozdíly mezi městským a venkovským hřbitovem: Případ Hořovic a Mrtníka

The aim of this study was to understand how contemporary Czech society affect cemeteries, their location, what is the relationship between public space and social practices and what are the important differences between urban and rural cemetery. The research was conducted on urban ...

Sanchezová, Katarina
Produkce a recepce uměleckých forem kulturní rezistence u marginalizovaných

In my work, I tried to clarify what means the public space to the population dealing with creation of DIY posters with activist overlaps and guerilla marketing. I also tried to articulate their postures. By means of places where stickers, posters, and templates are placed,...