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Vlasáková, Anna
Soužití ruských a českých obyvatel ve městě Karlovy Vary

The subject of this bachelor thesis is the interpretation of the presence of Russian community in Karlovy Vary from its inhabitants' point of view. In the form of a case study it illustrates the views and opinions on Russian citizens including historical awareness and focu...

Tengler, Marek
Mytická představa o ženském revenantovi na britských ostrovech a ve střední Evropě: Komparativní pohled

This thesis focuses on the description and comparison of two popular mythical creatures known as revenants, specifically the Irish banshee and the continental European White Lady.

Vinšová, Anna-Marie
Albinismus v Tanzanii

Socio-cultural, environmental and economic factors, together with biological conditions, limit the lives of people with albinism in Africa. In my work, I will focus specifically on the image of albinism in the context of cultural and social practices in two African countries, Tanzania&#...

Tyrychtrová, Alice
Etnografie klubové scény Karlovarského kraje

The bachelor thesis focuses on the Czech music club scene in the Karlovy Vary region and introduces the concepts of subculture and music club scene. It also presents the social field theory and subcultural capital in relation to the music club scene. The aim of the r...

Daberkowová, Natalie
Globalizace představ reinkarnace a karmy a jejich vliv na myšlení a jednání

The aim of the bachelor thesis is to describe and interpret the form of ideas about reincarnation and karma in Bohemia and the influence of these ideas on people's thinking and actions. In the theoretical part I discuss the concept of reincarnation and karma in Buddhi...

Bauer, Jan
Etnografie Vynucování Sociální Kontroly vůči Lidem bez Domova

The aim of this bachelor thesis is to find out how the application of social control by police officers of the Municipal Police in Pilsen is interpreted in relation to the homeless in public spaces, with the emphasis on measures in times of emergency. As part of ...

Buckulčíková, Mária
Pobytové sociálne zariadenie ako totálna inštitúcia

The aim of the thesis is the research of social control in a residential social facility using the concept of a total institution. This thesis describes the total institution and social control elements applied to individuals living in the researched residential social facility -&#...

Klemens, David
České poutnictví a turismus na příkladu Svaté Hory u Příbrami

The premise of this bachelor thesis is to provide a certain overview of tourism in the context of pilgrimage, culture of religion, historical church monuments and locations that are historically connected with pilgrimage in the Czech Republic. The work is divided into several parts...

Mikýsková, Stanislava
Antropologie odívání (na příkladu lidového kroje z Valašska a městského oděvu na přelomu 19. a 20. století)

Annotation In my work I deal with traditional dress and clothing as a medium of regional culture, shared traditions and values. On the example of traditional costume from Wallachia (Czech Lands) at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries and reflection of ur...

Horynová, Kateřina
Fake news, informace a média pohledem sympatizantů SPD

The aim of the work is to describe, on the basis of digital ethnography, the ways in which information is handled by the SPD political party sympathizers and Tomia Okamura, The sub-objective is to determine from what means they obtain information, how they trust resources,...

Cetl, Jan
Integrace českých emigrantů v kanadské společnosti v 60. letech 20 století.

In my work, I focus on the integration of Czech political emigrants in Canada in the 1960s, who settled in the province of Ontario around Toronto (from Lake Ontario to Lake Huron). I chose this location because of the contacts I have in this location. My focus i...

Haluza, Jan
Fandom a účastnická kultura na internetu na příkladu Critical Role

This thesis focuses on the concept of fandom in the era of the Internet. It is based on anthropological research of a specific group, the fandom of the show Critical Role (and the fans known as Critters). The thesis focuses mainly on topics that fans mention in ...

Tvrdá, Radka
Exkluze postižených dětí ve školách

The goal of my work is to understand the shared image about disabled children, which reflects in the behaviour of teachers and their classmates. Disabled children are socially excluded from groups and my intention is to interpret the reasons of such exclusion and as well ...

Leba, Ondřej
Etnologické aspekty skupiny drag queen performerů

This thesis deals with the description of the subculture of Czech drag queen performers. The conclusions are interpreted on the basis of long term empirical research consisting of participatory and non-participatory observation, semi-structured and informal interviews. The aim of the thesis ...

Hrubý, Adam
Sociální nerovnost v pořadu Výměna manželek

The goal of the bachelor thesis is to analyze the representation of social inequality in the context of Pierre Bourdieu's book 'Distinction: A Social Critique of the Judgement of Taste' in the television show Výměna manželek. This work will focus on the lifestyle of...

Marek, Lukáš
Volný čas v lovecko-sběračských společnostech

This bachelor thesis is focused on the leisure time of hunter-gatherer societies. The goal of this work is to analyse the scientific debate on this theme through the history of cultural anthropology from its beginning until present. The main theme is the theory of the eco...

Pištová, Alžběta
Koronavirová pandemie v imaginaci současné spirituality

The aim of this bachelor thesis is to describe and to interpret approach of people who are a part of current alternative spirituality environment to Covid- 19. Using qualitative methods of anthropological research, this thesis attempts to describe and understand how these people un...

Fialová, Jana
Stereotypizace "jiného" v dobrovolnickém turismu v indickém Ladaku

This bachelor thesis deals with stereotypes that can be encountered among Western volunteers in Ladakh, India. The aim of this work is to find out whether stereotypes appear in individual thematic categories and subsequently to verify whether the respondents confirm or deny these s...

Rybáková, Bohumíra
Proměna každodenního života v paměti obyvatel Sepekova

This bachelor thesis examines the transformation of everyday life in the South Bohemian village of Sepekov in the eighties and nineties of the twentieth century. The everyday life is changeable and flexible. It adapts to current events and it is influenced by great history as&...

Drapáková, Anna
Antonín Dvořák jako součást identity a kolektivní paměti obyvatel příbramského regionu

Individual memory is an element that shapes our identity. However, personal memories are not purely the result of our experience, but are a part of a larger complex. The so-called collective memory plays a role in the formation of social identity. Individual people's individual...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 392