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Lachoutová, Adéla
Sociální exkluze obyvatel obecních bytů a strategie vyrovnávání se s ohrožením ztrátou bydlení.

Initial premise of this work considers housing as a basic human need. When its stability is endangered, we experience insecurity, anxiety and powerlessness. We don´t feel at home anymore. Together with the risk of loosing home it threatens our ontological security and has negative&...

Mečl, Luboš
Nabývání sociálního statusu v totální instituci prostřednictvím fyzické kultivace těla

The aim of this master's thesis is to interpret the attitudes of a group of members of the Czech Prison Service that is influenced by the concept of hegemonic masculinity and describe their manifestations. The thesis is based on interpretations of the significance of body&...

Leba, Ondřej
Česká drag queen scéna v antropologické perspektivě

The thesis analyzes the collective memory and collective identity of Czech drag queens and travesties. The conclusions of the empirical research serve to present the internal logic of the current social field of "queer cross-gender show business". The empirical research is based&#x...

Pipotová, Libuše
Neo-šamanská a spirituální praxe na území České republiky

The diploma thesis focuses on the topic of neo-shamanic spiritual practice in the Czech Republic. The thesis aims to obtain not only a basic comprehensive overview of domestic neo-shamanism, but also to identify the characteristics of the spiritual services provided, motives, intentions,...

Jiskra, Petr
Revitalizace a purifikace veřejného prostoru z pohledu urbánní antropologie

This Master thesis is focused on the purification of public space, as an accompanying phenomenon of its revitalization. I assume that, as the result of purification, public space is sterilized and its quality and...

Fojtíková, Dominika
Láska očima seniorů

The final diploma thesis entitled Love through the eyes of the elderly: The phenomenon of love in the lives of seniors formulates the concept of the phenomenon of love in the perception of seniors living in the context of the Czech social and cultural environment. The...

Dundálková, Kamila
Včelaření na Plzeňsku

The diploma thesis presents the results of field research of beekeepers in the Pilsen region. The theoretical part describes the history of beekeeping, pollination activities and the importance of honey bee breeding. In the practical part of the thesis I focus on the importance...

Žižková, Andrea
Postmortalní mikrostrukturální změny na kosti: nástroj pro rekonstrukci pohřebního ritu v době bronzové

The phenomenon of burials in settlement pits has not yet been satisfactorily explained. However, it is interesting that the remains burried in this way show a higher degree of surface preservation and overall completness. In the thesis, I ananlyze the histological preservation of r...

Sanchezová, Katarina
Fenomén bezdomovectví z perspektivy žen

The diploma thesis deals with the factors leading to the loss of home of women and with which phenomena accompnany women's lives on the streets and what experiences are associated with their exclusion. Narrative and semi-structured interviews are used in the research, also phot...

Caisová, Jana
Diachronní trendy násilí v historické Praze z bioarcheologické perspektivy

This diploma thesis deals with the occurrence of violence in the general population of Prague in the context of war events from the 9th to the 18th century. On the basis of direct evidence from human skeletal remains, it is possible to analyze diachronic trends in th...

Hošková, Jolana Anna
Sociální konstrukce a sexualizace těla náctiletých dívek ve veřejném prostoru

This Master thesis is focused on the way teenage girls interpret sexual violence in public space, while it uses the concepts and theories of sexual objectification, self-objectification, symbolic violence and rape culture. It discusses the factors that affects their fear of sexual viole...

Perglová, Marina
Vnímání českého prostředí očima ruskojazyčných cizinců žijících v Plzni.

The diploma thesis is devoted to the study of the Russian-speaking community in Pilsen. The main goal of this work is to use biographical and semi-structured interviews with Russian-speaking foreigners who live in Pilsen for a long time to reveal and analyze how they construct...

Veli tahiri, Ardiana
Vliv nacionalismu na proměny názvů ulic v Kosovu (na příkladu měst Priština a Mitrovica)

This paper deals with the influence of nationalism on the change of street names in Kosovo, on the example of the capital Pristina and the city of Mitrovica. Field research was carried out in the capital and in the territory of today's South Mitrovica, which is a...

Irchová, Adriana
Moderní styl života bez cukru, který není jen o jídle.

The theme of this work is focused on reserach of Sugarfree Foodways. What is hidden behind food preference? What does this tell us about the given direction of life and its followers? The aim of the diploma thesis is to present Sugarfree lifestyle as the one of ...

Benešová, Kateřina
Homoparentalita v české společnosti

This thesis focuses mainly on the problematics of homoparentality in heteronormative society. It's purpose is to find out, how the habitus of lesbian couples with children is formed under the influence of heterosexual norms around them.

Šimicová, Lenka
Techniky balzamování a jejich využití v praxi

This thesis researches available possibilities in the field of fixation and preservation techniques of anatomical specimens. With regard to the known shortcomings of fixation in the presence of formaldehyde, the work focuses mainly on methods devoid of this chemical. The aim of th...

Vítková, Martina
Český turista na pozadí pandemie

This work is based on the assumption that the way of spending leisure reflects the values of society and that the holidays as a means of identification with a certain social class is also one of the factors shaping the social structure. With this in mind, the wo...

Svěcená, Karolína
Rekonstrukce míry zátěže ve vztahu k předpokládanému statusu bojovníků u souboru z Teplé a Budče degenerativní změny kloubních spojů

The skeletal ensemble of the Teplá monastery consists primarily of men and displays a relatively high incidence of traumatic injuries together with the seemingly high degree of robustness of the entire skeleton. The aim of this thesis will be to analyze the degenerative changes...

Rolencová, Alena
Pověsti Moravského Slovácka mezi autenticitou a degradací

This theses deals with classification and analysis of folk legends from the Slovácko region. Unpublished manuscript collections from the archives of the prominent folklorist prof. Bohuslav Beneš from the second half of the 20th century, which thus represent one of the last authentic...

Romanutti, Marcel
Analýza kulturních reprezentací seriálu Most! a jejich aktérská reflexe

This thesis deals with the analysis of cultural representations in the TV series Most! and their confrontation with the inhabitants of the city of Most. The thesis is focusing on the interpretations of these representations, their symbolic meanings, on how the inhabitants of ...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 206