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Recent Submissions

Petr, Jan
Případová studie neziskové organizace: dopad rizik v pozdně moderní společnosti

This work is a case study of risks in one Christian non-profit organization providing professional social services. The risk concept is based on the Theory of Ulrich Beck's Risk Society and on the Governmentality Approach based on the concept of Michel Foucault. The Theory ...

Tichá, Karolina
Sexualita seniorů v totální instituci z perspektivy poskytovatelů sociálních služeb

This diploma thesis deals with senior sexuality in a total institution from a social service provider's perspective. Particular topic is the focus on LGBT seniors and their sexuality, because the heteronormativity phenomenon is very distinctive in a total institution. The aim of the...

Švihlíková, Kristýna
Utváření rodinných a příbuzenských rámců v kontextu homosexuálních rodin

Homoparentality is a significant social phenomenon in the area of family and kinship. Parenting is not simply defined on the basis of procreation (the fact that children are born to someone), but on the basis of an agreement, a convention between the parents concerned and ...

Vinická, Karolína
Veřejné dobro: Experiment

The topic of the Bachelor Dissertation is "Public-Good Game Experiment".Firstly, I focus on the definition of the term "Game Theory". Then I describe itsbest-known examples, as Prisoner's dilemma or Nash equilibrium. Following chapters describe the term"Public Good (Veřejný sta...

Lackovičová, Simona
Determinanty zdraví uprchlických žen v uprchlických táborech optikou dobrovolníků a působících organizací

The topic of the bachelor thesis is: The Health Determinants of Refugee Women in Refugee Camps according to Volunteers and Humanitarian Organizations. The research objective is to compare volunteer testimonies on determinants of women's health in refugee camps with the content of th...