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Recent Submissions

Nováková, Michaela
Vliv norského vězeňství na dílčí úrovně českého vězeňského systému

The topic of the thesis is the influence of the Norwegian prison system on partial levels of the Czech prison system. Since at least 1989, the Czech prison system has embarked on a path of gradual transformation. One of the important areas of transformation is internation...

Žůrková, Nikol
Náhradní rodinná péče a výkon trestu odnětí svobody

This Bachelor thesis' aim is to present a possible influence of institutional care on custodial sentence. This thesis describes residential child care centers and correctional facilities, which can be characterised as total institutions. These facilities have their formal and also informal&#x...

Thurnwaldová, Sabina
Dopad Covid-19 na vztahy v rodině

The purpose of my bachelor work was to answer my research question "How the covid-19 pandemic influenced family relationships?" So that I could answer this question, I firstly focused on whether the positive or negative changes (caused by covid-19 pandemic) depended on sex...

Sieber, Kilián
Život s kočkou

In this bachelor thesis I had a goal to explore a human-cat relationship. In this relationship there can be created very deep relational and psychological bonds from both sides. I was inspired by how Haraway (2003) and Candea (2010) conceptualize multispecies relationships. Their r...

Pazderník, Lukáš
Komunistický režim perspektivou pamětníka a historika aneb střet aktérů ve veřejné diskusi

The thesis deals with the media dispute between the witness and the chairman of the board of the Endowment Fund for Holocaust Victims Michal Klíma with the historian and dean of the Faculty of Arts, Charles University, associate professor Michal Pullmann, about the nature of&#...