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Tláskalová, Pavlína
Co znamená uprchlík.

The aim of my work is to shoq the meaning of the term refugee. The research question is: What does it contain and how does form the refugee concept in the case of the Czech Republic? The concept of refugee is examined through several levels: 1) analysis of ...

Staňková, Nicol
Agent-based modeling: Modelování spirály mlčení

The aim of this thesis is to examine selected relations based on the social science theory of spiral of silence by the German researcher Elisabeth Noelle-Neumann via a quantitative analysis in two given contexts. The focus is in particular on the influence of three predictors&...

Frank, Tomáš
Průmysl 4.0 v kontextu big data

The Fourth Industrial Revolution represents another key milestone for our current society, just as it has been in the past with the development of steam engine that has had a major impact on the social, cultural and political levels. In my thesis, I devote myself to ...

Klusáková, Markéta
Proměna rodinných hodnot po roce 1989 u českých žen a mužů v souvislosti se vzděláním

This diploma thesis dealt with the issue of the transformation of family values of Czech women and men after 1989. In particular, due to the little attention to the development of family values and the related gender differences so far, the work aimed to reveal whether&#x...

Kommová, Alice
Nemoc a aktérství

The diploma thesis focuses on Crohn's disease as an important actor, which determines the subjectivity of the patient and, in general, his / her nature and way of existence. The work discusses areas such as the manifestations of this disease, the diagnosis and the way...