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Bláhová, Kristýna
Vybrané aspekty a problémy alžbětinské poetiky v kontextu reflexe antického a kontinentálního vědění

The diploma thesis deals with Chosen Aspects and Problems of Elizabethan Poetics in the Context of Consideration of Classical and Continental Knowledge. Due to broad character of the theme, the topic it was narrowed and aimed at patronage and its aspects in early modern Englan...

Chlustinová, Lucie
Lyotardova interpretace Kantova pojetí vznešena

The diploma thesis shows Kants's point of view on the category of the sublime and continuously examines Lyotard's interpretation of Kant's sublime. In the Critique of Judgement Kant speaks about dynamical and mathematical sublime, on which the thesis is focused as well. Lyot...

Procházka, Miroslav
Křesťanská gnoze Klementa Alexandrijského a Valentína

The main theme of this Diploma thesis is christian gnosis by Clement of Alexandria and Valentinos. The goal of this work is attempt to find some particular and continual non-christian philosofical and religious influence, that affects christian gnosis of Clement Alexandria and Valentino...

Kršňáková, Dagmar
Antické motivy v umění české secese a symbolismu

The thesis Antique themes in the art of Czech symbolism and art nouveau reflects the using of antique themes in the period of the Czech symbolism and Art Nouveau at the turn of 19th and 20th century. The thesis outlines the whole of said period, that bears the&#...

Pokorná, Tereza
Plzeň - Evropské hlavní město kultury 2015: Propagace projektu Plzeň jako Evropské hlavní město kultury 2015

This thesis is concentrated on the promotion of the project Pilsen 2015 - The European Capital of Culture. The work is focused on the analysis of the promotion of two flag projects - Gottfried Lindauer and Return of Ladislav Sutnar. The first part of this work deals&...