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Kůstková, Veronika
Platónova koncepce duše

The main topic of this work is Plato's conception of the soul, specifically its conception in his dialogues, especially in Faidón, Faidra and the Constitution. It contains a comparison of these three works and secondary sources. It further describes the significance of the...

Melzerová, Monika
Otázka viny a (ne)banalita zla - mezi Karlem Jaspersem a Hannah Arendt

The subject of the classification work is an analysis of the concept of guilt in the context of World War II from the perspectives of German thinkers Karel Jaspers and Hannah Arendt. First, Jaspers' stance is presented, which is abstracted from The Question of German ...

Poláčková, Pavla
Kulturní život v Klatovech v letech 1918 - 1938

The topic of my bachelor thesis is Cultural life in Klatovy in the years 1918-1938. I chose this focus because I am interested in life during the First Republic and the development of culture in Klatovy during this period. The work will be divided into four chapters:...

Žitná, Barbora
Koncepce humanistické etiky v díle E. Fromma

The bachelor thesis presents the humanistic ethics of Erich Fromm. Attention is also paid to Fromm's characterology, human nature, the process of individualization and the escape mechanisms that result from this process. The next part is devoted to the conscience and comparison of&#...

Valmová, Lenka
Kulturní život v regionu - Svatý Jan Nepomucký a reflexe jeho osobnosti a kultu v Nepomuku

The topic of my bachelor thesis is related to important personality of the Czech history, St. John of Nepomuk. It marginally describes his childhood, studies and working life, wich lead him up to his martyrdom. It also describes the origin of legends associated with the d...

Vilingrová kalná, Monika
Architekt Josef Škorpil a budova Západočeského muzea v Plzni

The topic of my bachelor's thesis tells about the life and lifelong work of Josef Škorpil and also about the West Bohemian Museum in Pilsen, which he founded and where he was director for many years. Josef Škorpil was born in Vysoké Mýto, but lived most of h...

Špačková, Laura
Piagetova psychologie morálního vývoje

This bachelor thesis deals with the theory of moral development presented by the Swiss researcher Jean Piaget. Firstly, the work focuses on his theory of cognitive development, which was criticized, for example, by psychologist L. S. Vygotskij. Subsequently, the work deals in more ...

Folejtarová, Emílie
Rituální čistota v islámu a judaismu (srovnávací studie).

This thesis deals with ritual purity focused on eating habits in Islam and Judaism. Firstly it clarifies basic Jewish and Islamic terms related to the issue. Then it deals with specific restrictions and orders established by Sharia and Kashrut such as forbidden foods according ...

Korbelík, Vojtěch
Osobnosti kulturního života Plzně - Adolf Loos a jeho vliv na plzeňskou kulturu

The bachelor thesis focuses on the important architect Adolf Loos with his influence on the Pilsen culture. The thesis summarizes the life of the architect together with a closer description of the realizations he created in Pilsen and their restoration. It further explains the...

Ebermannová, Vanessa - Diana
Pojetí posmrtného života v polyteistických náboženstvích.

The bachelor thesis will deal with the concept of the afterlife in the polytheistic religions of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. Their basic features and main deities will be introduced in separate chapters, but emphasis will be placed on the concept of the afterlife in these&#...

Pitlíková, Jana
Rodová identita, její utváření a význam v pojetí Sigmunda Freuda a Nancy Chodorowové

The bachelor thesis deals with the basic features of Nancy Chodorow's psychoanalytic conception and her view on the development of moral psychology, especially in equal parenting and the role of motherhood. Attention is also paid to the critique of Sigmund Fred's views concernin...

Rýdlová, Tereza
Dr. Bohuslav Horák a jeho přínos ke vzniku muzea v Rokycanech

The aim of this bachelor thesis is to introduce a person significant for Rokycany, Dr. Bohuslav Horak, his life, contribution to the establishment of the museum in Rokycany and also his work until his death.

Borčová, Renáta
Operace "Kovboj" a operace americké armády na Domažlicku na jaře 1945

The bachelor thesis deals with the description of Operation Cowboy, which was carried out by the US Army in the spring of 1945 in order to save the stud farm in Hostoun. The thesis is divided into three chapters in addition to the introduction and conclusion. The...

Sadílek, Pavel
Dějiny a současnost Relikviáře sv. Maura

The thesis presents the reliquary of St. Maurus in the context of medieval goldsmithing objects with a religious theme. It describes the individual parts of the reliquary, goldsmith technique and a rich iconographic program on enamel plates and reliefs, which presents stories of th...

Šoul, Vladimír
Jean-Jacques Rousseau: etický rozměr v jeho dílech v kontextu dobového myšlení.

This paper focuses on chosen central concepts of author´s philosophy in context of ethics & the goal is to confirm or deny the proposition, that author redefines traditional philosophical concepts, mainly in comparison to contemporary thinking and discourse.

Hubálková, Tereza
Pojetí duše a posmrtného života ve starověkém Řecku a Římě

The theme of the Bachelor thesis is The Concept of the Soul and the Afterlife in Ancient Greece and Rome. The main objective will be to create a comprehensive picture of the two countries on selected topics so as to provide an all-embracing view of the religious ...

Kodýtková, Markéta
Osobnosti kulturního života v Plzni - Vybraní architekti, kteří ovlivnili podobu města v první třetině 20. století

The topic of the bachelor's thesis are personalities of Pilsen culture, more precisely personalities of architecture, who influenced the appearance of the city in the first third of the 20th century. The aim of the work is to capture the transformation and form of Pilsen&#...

Hessová, Adéla
Vodní hrad Švihov

The topic of the bachelor's thesis is the Švihov water castle with a focus on history, a description of the monument and a description of the restoration work that took place in the place from the period after the Second World War and continues today. The first&#...

Bejvlová, Anna
Pojetí estetiky u Jana Mukařovského

The topic of this bachelor's thesis is the concept of aesthetics of Jan Mukařovský, a famous Czech theoretician who, in addition to aesthetics, also worked in the field of literary theory. The aim of this work is to present his basic aesthetic conception conceived through&...

Izakovič, Jan
Tragický konflikt. Interpretace Iásona a Médeie v Eurípidově dramatu.

Bachelor thesis "Tragic conflict. The interpretation of Jason and Media in Euripides' drama "deals with the analysis of one of the classical figures of ancient theater. It analyzes Medea's relationship from a mythological basis to a dramatic elaboration from Euripido. It ex...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 745