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Hráchová, Gabriela
Kosmologie Miléťanů

This work aims to explain cosmology of Miletian. In the work there is explained the question of primary substance, cosmology, cosmogony and meteorology. Primary doxography is interpreted by secondary literature.

Chroust, Jiří
Utopie komunikace. Hledání dokonalého/univerzálního jazyka v renesanci a novověku

The bachelor thesis titled Utopia of Communication is concerned with searching for the perfect language in European history in the Renaissance and modern times. The aim of this work is a presentation and analysis of specific efforts to find the perfect, or to create a uni...

Baranová, Miroslava
Bergsonova koncepce umění

In this thesis, we analyze aesthetic systém of 19th century French philosopher Henri Bergson. The study aims to present Henri Bergson´s opinions concerning art. We analyze Bergson´s philosophy in this works with emphasis on aesthetic problem, which is solved in this works. Main par...

Kopkášová, Aneta
Etiketa ve školním prostředí (interkulturní srovnání)

This Bachelor thesis describing basic definition of etiquette. Object of this thesis is description of school and university label. Another main effort my thesis is comparison labels in three Central European countries, which are Czech Republic, Germany and Austria. As well as the ...

Zábranská, Monika
Středověký sakrální prostor a jeho symbolika - Komparace katedrály v Salisbury a katedrály v Sedlci

This thesis is a comparison of Salisbury Cathedral and the Cistercian Cathedral in Sedlec. In the beginning of my work I introduce the English Gothic and Gothic of Cistercian. Then I will describe Salisbury Cathedral. After that there will be a chapter about the Cistercian...

Linc, Petr
Platónské výstupy za poznáním v dialozích Ústava a Symposion

The aim of this bachelor thesis is to interpret anabasis to knowledge in the dialogues Republic, Symposion and Phaedros. In these three dialogues is occuring different anabis, which I described in my thesis. In Republic I mention five levels, in which the last one is idea...

Fraňková, Kateřina
Herakleitos a jeho pojetí duše

The theme of this work is Heraclitus' conception of the soul and our aim was to analyze this concept. The doctrine of Heraclitus includes many images, on which we see concrete examples, which try to show us certain not manifested truths of this world. Soul surely ...

Kadlecová, Lucie
Problém poznání v pojetí D. Huma

The bachelor´s thesis is to analyze the epistemological reflections of modern philosopher David Hume in the context of the concept of John Locke and Immanuel Kant. The work is divided into three main sections, the most comprehensive is the middle chapter of David Hume, who...

Blažeková, Sandra
Estetické názory Friedricha Nietzscheho

This work is focusing on Friedrich Nietzsche´s conception of art in his early period, particularly on art as greek tragedy, music and poetry. The development of his ideas is taken into account and of course, who influenced him most.

Kynkalová, Martina
Problém poznání v pojetí R. Descarta

This bachelor thesis deals with a philosopher R. Descartes and his conception of knowledge. The objective of this piece was to reflect Descartes´ specific aproach to questions about epistemology. I accomplished this objective with a use of interpretation of his four fundamental publicat...

Kolářová, Andrea
Renesanční přírodní filosofie: Magia naturalis a philosophia naturalis v kontextu renesančního vědění

The theme of my bachelor's thesis is the "Renaissance Magic", primarily the concept of magic of Agrippa of Nettesheim and Giordano Bruno. The introductory chapter of my thesis deals with the Renaissance epoch and I focus on the characteristic of the renaissance magic ...

Böerová, Kristýna
Proměny koncepce ušlechtilého divocha v kontextu filosofického myšlení 16.-18. století

This bachelor thesis is concerned about concept of the Noble Savage, its changes and roots of this theory (Las Casas, Michel de Montaigne) in 16th - 18th century. Further I will be examine idea of the Golden Age and natural state. Aim of this bachelor thesis is ...

Koreisová, Eva
Odraz doby v hudbě Fryderyka Chopina a Bedřicha Smetany

The thesis brings a closer look at life and work of the two prominent composers, and a reflection of romantism in their work. The main focus is put on Fryderyk Chopin and Bedrich Smetana, composers of whose are used to demonstrate essential features of the artificial ...

Kovalová, Dominika
Role muže a ženy v Shakespearových komediích a poezii v kontextu alžbětinské literární kultury

The topic of this bachelor thesis is the Role of men and women in Shakespeare's comedies and poetry in the context of Elizabethan literary culture. The main purpose of this thesis is to analyse Shakespeare's works in which are topics like the superiority of men or...

Mertlová, Lenka
Ontogeneze a morální vývoj podle J. Piageta a jeho kritiků

This bachelor thesis is focused on Piaget's concept of moral development and its critics, especially Lawrence Kohlberg and Eleanor Maccoby. The thesis is divided into four parts. The first part contains of definition of morality and terms related to it. Next part is focused...

Hančarová, Tereza
Odezva Masarykovy filosofie v českém pozitivismu

Positivism undoubtedly was one of the most important philosophical theory of the 19. Century in Europe, and its form was given in the Czech lands too; except positivism there was still a idealism. And both these philosophical theories can be found in connection with Masaryk;&#...

Baloghová, Lucie
Edward T. Hall - chronemika

The aim of this bachelor thesis was to explain the communication, its use in specific nations and use in practice. Work shows many of the typical behavior of cultures, I explain mainly by their concept of time, but also gestures and other nonverbal expressions. I also...

Bandíková, Veronika
Lyotardova kritika velkých příběhů

Bachelor thesis focuses on concept of the term "postmodern" and Lyotard´s criticism of metanarratives and its hight importance to the concept of the postmodernism. Bachelor thesis interprets and compares with each other four concepts of the postmodern - J.-F. Lyotard´s, Z. Bauman´s...

Štědronská, Ivana
Přibližování a vzdalování v neverbální komunikaci

The aim of this thesis has been to assess which factors affect communication distance and its changes ("zooms") during interpersonal interaction, with particular interest in nonverbal communication. The method used was comparison of different information sources, both Czech and foreign. ...

Býna, Marcel
Františkáni v Chebu (1945 - 1950)

This work is dedicated to the history of Franciscan Order in Cheb with emphasis on the period from 1945 to 1950. I described the history and the structure of the Order. I was occupied with the advent of minorities in Cheb and their lives from the 13th century&#x...

Záznamy kolekce (řazeno podle Datum zaslání v sestupně pořadí): 1 až 20 z 634