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Zenkerová, Aneta
Otázka lidské "plasticity"

In this bachelor thesis, I focused on the topic of human plasticity from a biological, psychological and philosophical perspective. The work is divided into two parts. The first part delineates the theory and philosophy of upbringing and its possibilities in cultural and social con...

Baxová, Martina
Kostel Nanebevzetí Panny Marie v Mariánských Lázních

Around the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, the most important church building in Mariánské Lázně, a microworld has emerged which documents the religious, social and also historical development of the whole area and in which the Premonstratensian monastery of Teplá play...

Kulhánková, Karolína
Pohřební rituály v antice

Bachelor's thesis with his funeral rituals in ancient Greece and Rome. Working with mythological images of Greeks and Romans, viewing funeral practices, using burial. Another deals with selected archaeological finds and burials currently in Greece and Italy. At work is the best buri...

Böhmová, Martina
Otázky filozofické antropologie a psychologie: Rozhovor z hledisek filozofie a psychologie (spec. "nenásilná komunikace"). - Otázky nenásilné komunikace

The work deals with issues of communication, which are conversation, nonviolent communication, transformational communication, couple communication, advice for streamlining communication, shortcomings in communication.

Kubátová, Eliška
Pojetí podsvětí v polyteistických náboženstvích: Egypt a Řecko

This work deals with underworld in ancient Greek and middle empire of Egypt. Explains the basics of both religions and their gods, and short history of both religions. Further it deals with underworld itself, how both cultures described him in myths, creatures that lived there...

Šťastná, Kristýna
Estetická výchova v pojetí Otakara Hostinského

This thesis is focused on aesthetics and aesthetical education. I tried to describe opinions of Otakar Hostinský who was famous Czech professor and aesthetician. According to Otakar Hostinský, art is important for people, it can entertain them and it also helps them to relax. ...

Matějková, Tereza
Morálka, sociobiologie a teorie sobeckého genu

This bachelor thesis deals with the field of sociobiology and the selfish gene theory with regard to morality. It is based on the text On Human Nature by E. O. Wilson and on text The Selfish Gene by R. Dawkins. It presents the origin and development of the ...

Školová, Eva
Léta 1989 a 1990 v Blovicích. Od sametové revoluce k prvním demokratickým volbám

The bachelor´s thesis deals with the course and consequences of the Velvet Revolution in Blovice, a town on the south of Pilsen region. The thesis is devided into three parts. In the first part outlines the image of the city before the Velvet Revolution - poltical re...

Uhlík, Jiří
Maxmilián Kolbe a pojem křesťanské oběti resp. sebeobětování

This thesis is focused on the study of the term sacrifice in the specific life story of Maximilian Kolbe. The first part of this thesis interprets the life of Kolbe himself. The continuous service to the Virgin Mary and highlighting his brave act of sacrificing his l...

Sládková, Kristýna
Filosofické aspekty psychologie morálky podle Carol Gilliganové

The aim of this bachelor thesis is to introduce Carol Gilligan and her theory within moral psychology. The theory will be compared to historically prior theories in this realm. The final part of the thesis will evaluate Carol Gilligan's contribution to moral psychology.

Nocarová, Vendula
Lidové zvyky a tradice v cyklu liturgického roku na Klatovsku

The final thesis is focused on the research of folk traditions and customs in the Klatovy region in the cycle of the liturgical year in the context of their origin in Czech culture. The aim of the thesis is to describe and analyze these individual folk traditions...

Grebeníčková, Karina
Pražský klášter Na Slovanech v památkové péči

This thesis describes monastery Na Slovanech, especially collects information about object. Thesis summarizes history of the monastery, describes object including adjacent parts of abbey and focuses on artistic equipment of the object. Description includes Emauzy cycle and embellishment of Beuron ...

Tesařová, Barbora
Posvátná místa křesťanství: Křížové cesty

The aim of this bachelor's thesis is to present a set of fourteen stops of the Stations of the Cross. First, bachelor's thesis will focuse with the issue of the origin of the Stations of the Cross, their history and Calvary as a place of pilgrimage. The ...

Hirschlová, Adéla
Kulturní krajina a drobné památky regionu Líšťanska

This bachelor deals with the cultural landscape of the Líšťansko region. The work is divided into several chapters, in which I deal with the history of the village, small monuments with subchapters about specific monuments in the village. There are also chapters focused on the...

Ambrožová, Lenka
Lidský život a jeho hodnota v pojetí Petera Singera

The aim of this bachelor thesis is to introduce Peter Singer's thoughts on the value of human life and his attitude towards certain controversial bioethical issues - abortion, infanticide and euthanasia. The thesis covers Singer's critique of the "sanctity of life" pr...

Kodedová, Anna
Teorie emocí ve filosofii / psychologii

The aim of this Bachelor thesis is to provide a basic overview of the issue of emotions and to try to establish if at all, and in what measure do animals have basic emotions. At the beginning the thesis pays attention to the basic outline of emotions as a&#...

Marhanová, Zuzana
Úloha regionálních muzeí v péči o kulturní dědictví - Národopisné muzeum Plzeňska, pobočka Západočeského muzea v Plzni, příspěvková organizace.

Bachelor's thesis deals with the role of regional museums in the care of cultural heritage with a focus on the Ethnographic Museum of Pilsen. The aim is to provide summary information about activities and role of the Ethnographic Museum in Pilsen in the field of cultu...

Bendová, Petra
Alžbětinská literární kultura II. William Shakespeare: úvahy o smrti ( inspirace kontinentální filosofií - např. Philippe de Mornay, Michel de Montaigne)

This work briefly outlines the political system in Elizabethan times and the government of Henry VIII. and his children (Mary I., Edward VI., Elizabeth I.). The development of poetry, sonnets, or drama is pointed out, for their work the playwrights drew inspiration from French ...

Kemrová, Lucie
Úzkost v psychologii a filosofii

The bachelor thesis is focusing on anxiety topic. In the thesis is teoreticly summarized definition of anxiety, defined a concept of anxiety disorder, stated specific examples of anxiety disorders. There i salso presented a philosophical point of view on the topic. In the practical...

Matějka, Jiří
Tradice a zvyky v období adventu v západních Čechách

The bachelor thesis will focus on the description of traditions and customs associated with the Advent period. Based on the study of secondary literature, the author first briefly outlines the history and causes of the formation of the Advent period of the liturgical calendar...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 711