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Švec, Michal
Cesta ke spáse lidstva pohledem Petra Chelčického (v kontextu rozdílných pohledů na spásu v jeho době)

The aim of this thesis is to give a Petr Chelčický's comprehensive view on the salvation of mankind step by step in context of other views on the subject in his time. Chelčický's attitudes are compared with the opinions of Jan Hus and the Church of thei...

Laštovka, David
Regionální instituce a jejich činnost

This work is aimed to bring the explanation if the pharmacies were specialized during centuries it compares three regional pharmacies U Bílého jednorožce Klatovy, U Bílého jednorožce Plzeň, U Anděla Strážce Kralovice. It studies the plant treatmens at each of the pharmacy and looks...

Chrenová, Martina
Problém interpretace v koncepci Umberta Eca

In the introduction, I briefly describe Ecov's biography. In the next part, I focus directly on the problem of interpretation in the works of Umberto Eca. Based on these works, I mention and explain the terms and literary-term terms that are central to Ecov's interpret...

Černohorský, Jan
K otázkám Nietzscheho pojetí pravdy

This thesis deals with Nietzsche's conception of truth in his early philosophical period. For this purpose, in the thesis are first interpreted information from the work On Truth and Lies in a Nonmoral Sense, which are subsequently completed with selected information from the w...

Routová, Klára
Krásná duše a její opak v literatuře a estetickém cítění romantismu

The work firstly introduce the term of "beautiful soul" in German aesthetic thinking, especially in Friedrich Schiller, in connection with his concept of possible harmonious connection of sense and spirituality in man. Schiller, however, stands on the threshold of modernity, where ...

Nedvědová, Marie
Vývojové teorie náboženství: Émile Durkheim a James Goerge Frazer

Frazer and Durkheim are two important people that helped wiht the development of religion as a field of science. Durkheim has studied the origin and acts of behavior in totemism. His studies show religion as a given part of society where faith evolves and is strenghtened&...

Rambousková, Lucie
Cisterciácké poutní místo Velehrad

The aim of the work is to give a comprehensive view of the history of velehrad monastery. The work is focused on the origin of the cistercian order, through the action of the order in the Czech lands specifically in Moravia, the history of christianity and its&...

Suchanová, Kateřina
Sofoklova tragédie Antigoné v úvahách moderních myslitelů

The bachelor thesis deals with the question why Sofokles's tragedy of Antigone attracts modern thinkers why they are returning to artistic material and form that is far from today's people. At present, the philosophical texts of Jan Patočka and Martha Craven Nussbaum are pr...

Svobodová, Vendula
Etická teorie J. S. Milla

The subject of this bachelor thesis is the presentation of John Stuart Mill's ethics theory. The main point here is the presentation of utilitarianism, as a philosophical direction, for which the greatest possible happiness is the greatest achievement for as many people as poss...

Štěch, David
Otázka morálky u Friedricha Nietzscheho

The bachelor thesis deals with the question of morality in the works by Friedrich Nietzsche and briefly describes Nietzsche's concept of Christianity with regard to Nietzsche's interpretation of Jesus and St. Paul.

Machanderová, Petra
Objevení Nového světa a proměny renesanční filosofie a vědy

The main topic of this bachelor thesis is the discovery of the New World and the change of Renaissance philosophy and science. The main attention will be paid to the reflection on the New World´s discovery in works of Francis Bacon. (in his works New Organon, New...

Kovář, Václav
Heideggerovo putování za smyslem bytí

This bachelor thesis is named Heidegger's Question of the Sense of Being and it deals with the conception of being by Martin Heidegger. Primary literature used for this work is Heidegger's early piece Being and time. This work aims to interpret Heidegger's original appr...

Liptáková, Veronika
Otázky smyslu konceptu duše (duše, já a osoba)

The bachelor thesis deals with the concept of soul. Within the concept of the soul are presented individual approaches of philosophers. The second part of the thesis deals with concepts related to grasping and describing the inner mental world of man, it is the concept of...

Korbel, Štěpán
Pojetí vznešena v díle Arthura Schopenhauera

This bachelor's thesis deals with aesthetics and metaphysics of art. The first part introduces the key words of the will and representation related to knowledge. The second part is devoted to important themes, including the value of art and the importance of ideas in art.&...

Malá, Michaela
Mariánské poutní místo Skoky u Žlutic

The bachelor thesis deals with the phenomenon of Marian respect and the pilgrimage site Skoky u Zlutic. The aim of this work is to present a coherent and relevant view on the development and importance in the local dimension of the important pilgrimage site Skoky u Ž...

Čížková, Taťána
Osobnost v humanistické psychologii

The thesis is focused on the origin of humanistic psychology and the introduction of Carl R. Rogers and his "human centred approach." The philosophical principles of humanistic psychology, that were laid by the figures of phenomenology and existentialism, are revealed. In the...

Červená, Martina
Sigmund Freud a William James a jejich přínos psychologii náboženství

The Bachelor thesis deals with psychological perspectives on religion which are described by means of two different theories. The introductory part of the thesis defines extent of fields of psychology, religion and psychology of religion. Next two chapters introduce W. James and S. ...

Hájková, Dominika
Sociální epistemologie: ideje a diskuze

This work will focus on the study of the prerequisites for social epistemology and its place in contemporary philosophy. In the first part I will analyze the philosophical roots of the concept in the works of René Descart, Francis Bacon and David Hume. The second part...

Havránková, Eva
Estetické pozice v esejích Adolfa Loose

This bachelor thesis deals with the asthetic opinions of architect Adolf Loos in his essays. It focuses is on the relation of beauty and usefulness. An attention is focused as wel on it, in what context he express about aesthetic opinions and what importance he attributes...

Hromiaková, Hana
Zkoumání přírody mílétských myslitelů

The bachelor thesis deals with the philosophy of Milesian thinkers, whose main representatives are Thales, Anaximander and Anaximenes. The aim of the thesis is to introduce the basic ideas of these philosophers and at the end their comparison.

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 662