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Recent Submissions

Váchalová, Kristýna
Dialect sells. Formy, funkce a strategie při užití dialektálních struktur na reklamních plakátech v Bavorsku

The diploma thesis deals with the topic of the use of dialect in advertising and examines the forms in which dialectal structures occur. At the same time, it analyzes what functions dialectal structures have and whether they can play a role in marketing strategy. The anal...

Slepičková, Kristýna
Analýza témat povídek současné bavorské spisovatelky Keto von Waberer na příkladu sbírek Der Mann aus dem See (1992), Fischwinter (1995) a Umarmungen (2007)

This Master's Thesis aims to analyse and subsequently interpret the literary output of the contemporary Bavarian author Keto von Waberer, based on the selection of three short stories collections, specifically Der Mann aus dem See (1983), Fischwinter (1991) and Umarmungen (2007). In ...

Mrázová, Ilona
Nachhaltigkeit und Umweltpolitik in Bayern als Inspirationsquelle für tschechische Entscheidungsträger

The author of this diploma thesis focuses on sustainability and environmental policy in Bavaria as a source of inspiration for Czech decision makers. The main aim of this thesis is to summarize important information related to sustainability and based on the knowledge presented in&...

Ryjáčková, Pavla
Komentovaný překlad vybraných publicistických textů regionálního autora z Bavorska

This master thesis deals with translation of shorter journalistic texts from Bernhard Setzwein, regional author from Bavaria. There are nine texts in total, 8 of them were published as a supplement in the Bavarian National Newspaper. Most of the texts deal with purely Bavarian ...

Kapitánová, Nikola
Regionalisierung als Strategie für eine nachhaltige Wirtschaftsweise am Beispiel von bayerischen Regionalprodukten

The diploma thesis deals with the regionalisation as a strategy for a sustainable economy using the example of Bavarian regional products. The thesis is divided into two parts, namely into theoretical and practical part. The theoretical part defines basic terms related to the issue...