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Afickyj, Stanislav
Guzel Jachina: Děti Volhy, analýza díla

The aim of the thesis is to analyze the work Children of the Volga by contemporary Russian writer Guzel Yakhinova from several literary and philosophical perspectives. Specifically, these include phenomenologism, Russian formalism, semiotics, positivism, poststructuralism, Marxist aesthetics, reception the...

Zímová, Blanka
Kommentierte Übersetzung der publizistischen Texte zum Thema Olympische Spiele 2021

The thesis deals with the annotated translation of selected journalistic texts focusing on the Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2021. The thesis is divided into three main parts - the theory of journalistic style, the translation of selected texts and the theory of translation...

Lobach, Mariya
Barvy v ruských a českých pohádkách

The bachelor's thesis "Colors in Russian and Czech fairy tales" examines and compares the meaning of color in the fairy tales of two nations.

Sydoryk, Anastasiia
Frazeologismy charakterizující vzhled člověka v ruském a českém jazycích

The bachelor thesis on the topic "Phraseologisms characterizing the appearance of man in Russian and Czech languages" contains: 43 pages of text, 24 tables, 16 used sources and 1 appendix with 4 pictures. The work consists of content, introduction, three chapters, conclusion, ...

Williams, Maxmilián
Phraseologismen im Buch Das Tagebuch der Anne Frank

The subject of this thesis is the phraseologisms in the book "Das Tagebuch der Anne Frank". The theoretical part deals with defining the concept of phraseology, phraseologism and its basic features according to the views of four leading German linguists (Burger, 2015; Fleische...

Brychuk, Maryna
Česko-ukrajinská obchodní spolupráce

The bachelor's thesis is focused on the analysis of Ukrainian and Czech weddings from the point of view of legislation, observance of traditions and customs. The main part of the work is a description of the modern wedding course in both countries and was created base...

Batalov, Eduard
Překlad webových stránek Techmania Science Center o. p. s. z českého jazyka do ruského, vypracování překladatelského komentáře a česko-ruského slovníku.

The work itself begins with an introduction to the theoretical part. This chapter defines the requirements for the translator and his work, describes the main methods, strategies and procedures for translation. The next part of the work is the translation of the web pages of&#...

Mrázová, Michaela
Bedeutung der Firmenwebseiten, Online-Plattformen und digitalen Prospekte für die Wirtschaftskommunikation mit einem Deutsch sprechenden Klienten

This bachelor thesis examines the importance of corporate websites, online platforms and digital brochures for business communication with German-speaking client. In the introduction, the author mentions the main aim of the bachelor thesis, which is to introduce to the reader&#...

Mrosková, Daniela
Vladimir Sorokin na českých jevištích

As an author, Vladimir Sorokin has become in last three decades a well-known figure not only in Russia but also worldwide. His books are translated into many languages, including Czech, where Libor Dvořák is the primarily in charge of them. Czech translations of Sorokin's ...

Matějková, Kateřina
Stresové situace a zátěž u vysokoškolských studentů

These days, a person is more and more exposed to civilization influences. These influences are not always positive, but very often interfere with the psychic and physical balance of the organism. One of the negative effects is stress. Stress research has significantly developed ove...

Delič, Dominik
Kommentierte Übersetzung der ausgewählten publizistischen Texte

This bachelor thesis is called Annotated Translation of Selected Journalistic Texts. Its sources are German Internet portals available to the general public. The thesis is divided into a theoretical and a practical part. The theoretical part contains a description of the translation&#x...

Rubešová, Eliška
Verstehen im Missverständnis Porozumění v nedorozumění

This bachelor thesis deals with intercultural communication between Czechs and Germans. The aim is to find out whether, and to what extent, collective cultural features are present in Czech and German culture. The Czech-German cultural standards presented in previous scientific studies are&#...

Berestovskaia, Iuliia
Řečová agrese v online komunikaci ruskojazyčného obyvatelstva České republiky

This thesis deals with the analysis of the language of aggression in the online communication of the Russian-speaking population in the Czech Republic. The theoretical part presents the basic concepts, types and causes of verbal aggressiveness. The thesis analyses the researched area,&...

Zimmerová, Kristýna
Chodenland als deutsch-böhmisher Begegnungsraum: historischer Kontext und aktuelle Tendenzen

In my bachelor thesis I present the common history of the neighbouring regions Chodsko and Bavaria. The thesis is divided into two chapters. The first deals with events up to the 20th century and the second with the 20th century. The thesis focuses on the...

Danilenko, Elizaveta
Etymologie vybraných rusko-českých mezijazykových homonym

The aim of the work is to clarify the origin of the selected Russian-Czech interlanguage homonyms, which are often the cause of interference and may even have an antonymic meaning, as well as to clarify the historical reasons for the semantic discrepancy between the meanings&#...

Žirková, Adriana
Komentovaný překlad vybraných publicistických textů

This bachelor thesis deals with the translation of selected journalistic texts related to COVID-19 vaccination. The thesis is divided into two main parts - theoretical and practical. In the theoretical part is introduced theory of translation, types of translation, translation process, trans...

Ježková, Yveta
Die bayerischen Metropol-Regionen München und Nürnberg: Struktur, Ziele, Perspektiven

The aim of my thesis is a descriptive and comparative analysis of the Bavarian metropolitan areas of Munich and Nuremberg with regard to their organisational structures, marketing strategies, objectives and specific economic policy measures. On the one hand, common features and, on the&...

Salauyeva, Maryia
Srovnání frazeologismů s názvy zvířat v ruském, českém a běloruském jazyce

This bachelor thesis is devoted to the study and comparison of Russian, Belarusian and Czech phraseological units with animal names. The basis for comparison were Russian phraseological expressions. The aim of the work was to find out equivalences and analogies and sometimes their ...

Sochorová, Kristína
Alena Wagnerová - život a dílo

The topic of my bachelor thesis is the personality of Alena Wagnerová, her life and work. She is a Czech-German writer and publicist, born in 1936 in Brno, who has lived in Saarbrücken, Germany, since 1966. The work is divided into three parts. In the first par...

Krobová, Tereza
Výuka ruského jazyka na základních školách na Berounsku (1945 - 2020)

This bachelor's thesis deals with the development of Russian language teaching in primary schools in the Beroun district from 1945 to 2020. The aim was to assess how the language has evolved since WW2 and how many pupils are currently learning Russian. The evaluation is&#x...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 129