Katedra archeologie / Department of Archeology


Recent Submissions

Větrovec, Michal
Hrad Vitějovice (Osule)

The aim of the work is to create planning documentation of Vitějovice castle, reconstruction of its building form and the role of this castle in the region. Part of the work will also be the reconstruction of the relationship between the castle, especially the older resid...

Heppnerová, Eliška
Krajina Kosího potoka a blízkého okolí

The work will deal with the analysis and documentation of known and newly discovered archaeological sites in the area of Kosí (Kosový) potok. The scope of the planned research area is defined by the lower course of the stream with a length of about 25 km (Dolní ...

Kouba, Šimon
Po stopách hornictví na Tří Sekersku

The former Tříseker's mining area is located in Western Bohemia near Marianské Lázně. The mining of copper ore took place from the 15th to the 19th century. Afterwards copper mining in this area ceased to exist. Today we can only find remains of surface mining i...

Chimalová, Eliška
Eneolitické dlouhé mohyly v Čechách

Eneolithic long barrows represent a monumental change in the prehistorical concept of death and burial rite. This shift in some burial practices happened mainly in the region of the Funnelbeaker Culture. The bachelor thesis revises older archaeological research, summarizes its current state&...

Pellerová, Aneta
Numismatické nálezy 10. - 13. století v západních Čechách

The bachelor thesis focuses on the evaluation of numismatic findings (denar, bracteate and pfennig coin minting) in western Bohemia. An updated inventory was compiled as a means of addressing issues related to the role of coin expansion in exchange and market relations, contact stu...