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Recent Submissions

Míchalová, Eva
Technologie výroby neolitické a eneolitické keramiky v západních Čechách

The topic of this thesis is the technology of Neolithic and Eneolithic pottery production with a focus on ceramic findings in the West Bohemia. This is the period when we first encounter ceramic artefacts as everyday objects in our territory. The production of ceramic vessels&...

Dosnazarov, Akzhol
Zemědělské kultury ve Ferganské doliny doby bronzové a železné

The work provides an overview of agricultural crops that used the Fergana Valley in the Bronze Age and Iron Age. Numerous archaeological finds demonstrate the wide links between the cultures of the Fergana Valley and other parts of Asia. In younger periods, the territory maint...

Větrovec, Michal
Hrad Vitějovice (Osule)

The aim of the work is to create planning documentation of Vitějovice castle, reconstruction of its building form and the role of this castle in the region. Part of the work will also be the reconstruction of the relationship between the castle, especially the older resid...

Heppnerová, Eliška
Krajina Kosího potoka a blízkého okolí

The work will deal with the analysis and documentation of known and newly discovered archaeological sites in the area of Kosí (Kosový) potok. The scope of the planned research area is defined by the lower course of the stream with a length of about 25 km (Dolní ...

Kouba, Šimon
Po stopách hornictví na Tří Sekersku

The former Tříseker's mining area is located in Western Bohemia near Marianské Lázně. The mining of copper ore took place from the 15th to the 19th century. Afterwards copper mining in this area ceased to exist. Today we can only find remains of surface mining i...