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Česalová, Markéta
Hřbitovy západočeského pohraničí - okres Tachov

Currently engaged in research cemeteries German population in the West Bohemian border after 1945 , specifically in the district Tachov . To work was selected fifteen locations at which they were carried out non-destructive archaeological research . The work is then evaluated typologica...

Moravcová, Lucie
Tvrze na Klatovsku

The aim of this diploma thesis is identification and interpretation of strongholds preserved in Klatovy district and part of Domažlice district. Not only the formal and spatial features of the fortresses but also the role in the Czech-Bavarian conflict in the 15th and the begi...

Ježek, Josef
Pseudoarcheologie a její přínos pro archeologii

The magister thesis deals with global phenomenon collectively referred as the "ancient astronaut theory" or "ancient aliens". The sources accumulated in this work are mainly available in pseudoarchaeological fiction. The aim of this thesis is to find out what contribution can&...

Krausová, Nikola
Archeologie železné opony (vybraný úsek na Chebsku)

Permanent evidence of the criminal nature of the Communist regimes has become the Iron Curtain, which was to seal the Soviet bloc's lands and prevent its citizens from "voting their feet" and escaping to the west. The Iron Curtain marked hundreds of kilometers of ...

Kohoutová, Andrea
Zaniklé kostely v okrese Domažlice za josefinských reforem

The work deals with localisation deserted churches from period of josefinien reforms in district Domažlice. This churches were described, and it was made basic field documentation. In this work was used iconographical and cartographical and archive information. In case of chosen object ...