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Recent Submissions

Mátl, Daniel
Neolitické a eneolitické osídlení Podřipska

The work deals with the settlement of the surroundings of Říp hill in the period of the younger and late Stone Age. The work describes the individual periods and the area of interest itself. A geodatabase of localities is created with the help of a geographical infor...

Náhlík, Tomáš
Archeologie monumentálních artificiálních vodních kanálů z přelomu středověku a novověku v Čechách.

The topic of this work is monumental artificial canals from the translation Period between Middle Ages and Modern History in Bohemia. In the first part, the thesis will deal with the analysis and processing of available information on the topic of monumental artificial canals ...

Hanáková, Klára
Archeologie města Kraslice

In this master thesis I deal with the question of the remains of medieval and modern landscape in the mountain area of the Karlovy Vary region with the aim of detecting the degree of preservation of objects located on the surface of the terrain. The aim is to&#x...

Taichikov, Kanatbek
Osídlení v severovýchodní části Ferganské doliny

The work provides an overview of the settlement of the Fergana Basin with emphasis on surface research, documentation and interpretation of selected archaeological sites in the region.

Švehla, Jiří
Astronomická orientace eneolitických dlouhých mohyl

The main aim of the Thesis is to make a reader familiar with the phenomenon of astronomical orientation of immovable objects in the past. The author does so especially in the practical part of the thesis, the content of which is to carry out practical archaeoastronomical&...