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Míchalová, Eva
Technologie výroby neolitické a eneolitické keramiky v západních Čechách

The topic of this thesis is the technology of Neolithic and Eneolithic pottery production with a focus on ceramic findings in the West Bohemia. This is the period when we first encounter ceramic artefacts as everyday objects in our territory. The production of ceramic vessels&...

Dosnazarov, Akzhol
Zemědělské kultury ve Ferganské doliny doby bronzové a železné

The work provides an overview of agricultural crops that used the Fergana Valley in the Bronze Age and Iron Age. Numerous archaeological finds demonstrate the wide links between the cultures of the Fergana Valley and other parts of Asia. In younger periods, the territory maint...

Větrovec, Michal
Hrad Vitějovice (Osule)

The aim of the work is to create planning documentation of Vitějovice castle, reconstruction of its building form and the role of this castle in the region. Part of the work will also be the reconstruction of the relationship between the castle, especially the older resid...

Heppnerová, Eliška
Krajina Kosího potoka a blízkého okolí

The work will deal with the analysis and documentation of known and newly discovered archaeological sites in the area of Kosí (Kosový) potok. The scope of the planned research area is defined by the lower course of the stream with a length of about 25 km (Dolní ...

Lungová, Veronika
Sociální a prostorové aspekty novověkých pohřebišť

The subject of this thesis is the evaluation of the burial rite in the modern age (late 15th - 1st half of the 20th century), with emphasis on the burials of juveniles. Attention is focused mainly on the spatial location of graves in modern age churchyards with...

Tesařík, Tomáš
Skalní umění na Pyrenejském poloostrově

The aim of the work is a systematic approach to rock art in the Iberian Peninsula in the periods from the Upper Palaeolithic to the Neolithic. The main idea is a focus on the radical changes that art went through during and after the ice age, and how...

Šulista, Vojtěch
Vývoj a proměny sídelní sítě centrální části Čech v 1. polovině 17. století

This archaeological thesis aim to become familiar with the development and transformation of the central Czech settlement network as a result of the Thirty Years' War (1618-1648). Central Bohemia was the space surrounding the capital of the kingdom. It was a territory heavily&...

Grygarová, Eliška
Válečnictví v době kamenné

This thesis focuses on warfare in the european Stone Age. Attention is paid to the archaeological sources which provide an insight into war practises at that time. Finally, an evaluation of a group of individuals who suffered a trauma on skeletal remains due to violence i...

Fišer, Jan
Význam kamenných surovin ve společnostech mladší a pozdní doby kamenné: příklad severozápadočeských křemenců

The master thesis is focused on the importance of Northwest Bohemia quartzite in the Czech Neolithic and Eneolithic. There are two main goals. The first part focuses on the mining sites. The second part is focused on the Northwest Bohemian quartzites in geographical space. In&...

Man, Michal
Úloha západočeských a jihočeských hradů v období třicetileté války

This thesis deals with exploration of castles involved in the Thirty Years' War located in Western and Southern Bohemia. It introduces history of each object, focusing on their military utilization in the specified time era. It also tries to describe the look of these cast...

Straková, Kristýna
Svatyně a rituály neolitické Evropy

Be able to recognize a prehistoric religion, rituals and beliefs is mostly pretty complicated. My thesis focuses mainly for a neolithic shrines in the area of Europe and Near East. I tried to create a logical categorization of each types of shrines and than, in the D...

Vasylenko, Sergej
3D dokumentace nemovitých archeologických objektů českého pohraničí

Theoretical part of my thesis presents a general issue of techniques of spatial documentation used in the field of monument care. Archaeological research of the defunct village of Jedlina and architectural and historical survey of the Church Navštívení Panny Marie in Nové Domky is&...

Vatansever, Atilla
Pohřební praktiky prvních zemědělců v prostoru kultury s lineární keramikou

The work aims at a comprehensive view of the development of funeral traditions in the originally homogeneous culture with linear ceramics and their successors to the Eneolithic with a focus on divided burial grounds. Among the monitored aspects are the placement of the dead in...

Vladař, Dominik
Výzkum spálených archeologických situací laboratorními metodami

In my thesis, Im dealing with effects of higher temperature on a buildings material found during archaeological survey with a help of scientifics methods. In the theoretical part, I focus on the origin, development and issues of some geophysical methods. Furthermore I present some&...

Kursová, Lucie
Studium středověké sakrální architektury v sondě severních Čech, se zaměřením na jejich formu a uspořádání sídelní struktury.

The work summarizes the evaluation of the sacral structures on the defined Bohemian probe from three basic points of view. The first point focuses on the style of medieval churches and its changes in the time and space. The second question addresses the relation of church...

Brůžek, Pavel
Středověká keramika z počátků 13. století v jihozápadních Čechách (zpracování souboru středověké keramiky z archeologického výzkumu hradu ve Strakonicích)

The subject of this diploma work is to analyze ceramics of the 13th century from the 2nd courtyard of the Strakonice castle. For processing, stratigraphic units containing ceramics corresponding to this period were selected. Functional, technological and decorative elements were monitored.

Valešová, Jana
Archeologický experiment ve formě stavby a vytápění řivnáčské polozemnice

An experiment in the form of the reconstruction of a Řivnáč pit-house was carried out for the thesis. Attention was paid to the consumption of used After the reconstruction of the residential object, it was heat tested - the rating of which is closely related to...

Heřmanová, Lada
Městské vsi a dvory města Plzně ve středověku a novověku - vývoj jejich struktury a teritorializace v zázemí města

The topic of my thesis is aimed to a study of urban villages and courtyards of the City of Pilsen from the Middle Ages to the modern era. We observe the evolution of the rural environment from the foundation of city at the turn of the fourteenth century whe...

Černá, Lenka
Nestandardní deponace dětských ostatků v českém a moravském pravěku a jejich interpretace z hlediska etnohistorických paralel

This master thesis deals with childhood in prehistory, with emphasis on theoretical approaches and methodological study of children in Únětice culture in middle Europe. In the first theoretical part I deal with key concepts like burial practises, rituals, rite, sacrifice which are appli...

Třísková, Jana
Hrady v majetku církevních institucí

The work titled Castles in the possession of ecclesiastical institutions and their role in the Middle Ages and Modern Times focuses on the castle buildings held by various church institutions in Bohemia. Castle objects could have monasteries, Prague bishopric and archbishopric, knights'&...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 137