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Kouba, Šimon
Po stopách hornictví na Tří Sekersku

The former Tříseker's mining area is located in Western Bohemia near Marianské Lázně. The mining of copper ore took place from the 15th to the 19th century. Afterwards copper mining in this area ceased to exist. Today we can only find remains of surface mining i...

Chimalová, Eliška
Eneolitické dlouhé mohyly v Čechách

Eneolithic long barrows represent a monumental change in the prehistorical concept of death and burial rite. This shift in some burial practices happened mainly in the region of the Funnelbeaker Culture. The bachelor thesis revises older archaeological research, summarizes its current state&...

Pellerová, Aneta
Numismatické nálezy 10. - 13. století v západních Čechách

The bachelor thesis focuses on the evaluation of numismatic findings (denar, bracteate and pfennig coin minting) in western Bohemia. An updated inventory was compiled as a means of addressing issues related to the role of coin expansion in exchange and market relations, contact stu...

Kroupa, Tomáš
Historické cesty v oblasti severozápadních Brd

This thesis focuses on the indication and documentation of historical roads in the northwestern area of the Brdy Mountains using non-desctructive archaeological methods, especially LIDAR prospection, and historical maps. It describes the process of verification of the indicated objects in two...

Švehla, Jiří
Možnosti interpretace movitých a nemovitých artefaktů z pohledu archeoastronomie

The main aim of the thesis is to present archaeoastronomy to potencional reader. Every chapter discusses some basic aspect, with whom archaeoastronomy works. These aspects are result of historical development, which is presented in the text. Social role of celestial phenomena, beyond th...

Hanáková, Klára
Hrad a Krajina

The bachelor thesis deals with the creation of the documentation of the castle in Kraslice, its probable form in the last construction phase and its role in the region. Within the thesis are solved the issues of colonization wave in the 12th, rather 13th century, probable...

Prokopec, Tomáš
Středověké tvrze na Klatovsku

The aim of this bachelor's thesis named "Medieval fortresses in the Klatovy region" is to provide a comprehensive view of the issues associated with small fortresses owned by nobles, especially in the period from the 13th to the 15th century, when we register their&#x...

Hlavenková, Anežka
Symbolika a význam mečů a kopí v raném středověku

This thesis studies published finds of lances and swords in Bohemia and in chosen Moravian burial grounds, for the purpose of cognition of their deeper meaning and symbolism for the early medieval society. The attention was paid primarily to their context and decorative and qu...

Dolinová, Jana
Symbolika pohřbívání v mladém paleolitu

Bachelor thesis focuses on prominently complex or special funeral in the Upper Palaeolithic. The aim of the work is to assess the interpretative value of these documents of advanced funeral behaviour in the context of the Upper Palaeolitic funeral rite, taking into account the ...

Drášilová, Luisa
Úloha hradů ve středověkých konfliktech

The goal of my bachelor is documentation of terrain remains, which are possible to connect with siege works in the area of choosen castles in central Posázaví, especially around castles Stará Dubá, Zbořený Kostelec, Zlenice and Hrad u Čtyřkol. In each site is documented ...

Blažková, Johana
Výšinná sídliště a hradiště starší doby bronzové a počátku střední doby bronzové v jižních Čechách

Tesařík, Tomáš
Mladopaleolitické skalní umění

The aim of the work is a systematic treatise on the study of parietal art in the Upper Palaeolithic, especially focusing on the origin of art and the questions of its creators with regard to current and past hypotheses of fundamental researchers from available literature. ...

Šulista, Vojtěch
Nože doby bronzové

The thesis will deal with bronze knives in the Czech Republic and their purpose in the Bronze Age society. The student will focus both on the practical function of the artifact and on its possible social meaning or symbolic meaning. The content of the work will inclu...

Rakava, Volha
Vztah moderního využití krajiny a nálezů z povrchových sběrů

The subject of study in this bachelor thesis was the past land use in a small region, which consisted of fields belonging to several cadasters in the vicinity of Vladař hill near Žlutice (Karlovy Vary district). The study was primarily based on the assemblage of artifacts...

Ottenschlägerová, Anita
Lidské ostatky z archeologických výzkumů v muzeích

The aim of my bachelor thesis is to explore the issue of legal and ethical status of human remains from archaeological fieldworks and how they are stored and exhibited in museums. The work follows particular phases of archaeological research, curatorial activity, museum care and&#x...

Říha, Karel
Zbraně a válečnictví doby halštatské

The thesis deals with the reflection of the social group of fighters in archaeological sources of the Hallstatt period. Particular attention is paid to grave contexts. Part of the thesis is a description of the weapons of the examined period and possible techniques and organiz...

Vítek, Zdeněk
Tetování v pravěku

This thesis is aimed at the issue of ancient tattooing. On the basis of literature, the significance of tattoos in traditional cultures, and in the present, is presented here. Its purpose in ancient cultures is also outlined. Examples of preserved ancient tattoos are discussed ...

Grygarová, Eliška
Násilí v neolitických komunitách

This thesis is focused on evidence of violence in the communities of first farmers in Europe. Based on published research, student is going to collect direct evidence of violence on osteological material. Also, there is mentioned indirect evidence of violent acts, but only marginal...

Fišer, Jan
Exploatace surovin v neolitu a eneolitu

The bachelor thesis focuses on archaeological evidence of mining, especially stone raw material in Neolithic and Eneolithic period. The area of interest is the Central Europe region, but also is notified to selected locations out of this area. Discussed is the form and organization...

Tomášek, Martin
Nedestruktivní výzkum vesnice Záhoří (Sahorsch) zaniklé po roce 1945

This thesis aims on research of historical resources and executing of a non invasive archaeological research of the village Záhoří, abandoned after 1945. It's author sums up all available literary and geographic data and creates plans of the site based on data from the sit...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 158