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Pěkný, Petr
Jaderná energetika v kontextu bezpečnostní strategie USA

The aim of this thesis is to find out how the attitude of American presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama differed in the issue of nuclear energy. The thesis focuses on energy security, nuclear energy and its role in the energy concept of both administrations. Th...

Holubová, Andrea
Rozvojová politika Evropské unie vůči nejméně rozvinutým zemím světa

The main aim of this thesis is to present development policy of the European Union towards Least Developed Countries. I decided to analyze and compare two members of the EU, the United Kingdom and Germany. The thesis is divided into several chapters. The first chapter foc...

Rybár, Martin
Nové politické strany a hnutí z hlediska teorie populismu. Komparace České republiky, Slovenska a Polska

The main intention of the thesis is to analyze new political subjects of the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland - from the view of the theory of populism. In first chapter is introduced theoretical debate in academical space. In second chapter concrete political subjects are&...

Nováková, Ludmila
Velmocenský status Ruska jako zahraničně politický cíl

In 2014 protesters on Kiev's square Maidan caused Ukrainian crisis and in the March of the same year Russia had anexxed Crymea into its own federal structures on the basis of referendum. We assume in the thesis that the revival of Superpower status and defining Russia...

Kavec, Pavel
Postavení prezidenta v parlamentních režimech zemí střední Evropy

The President, as the head of a state, is one of the most important state authorities in the republic. Due to closer examination of the institution of the President, one can recognize not only the form of the constitutional division of power, but also its prac...