Katedra politologie a mezinárodních vztahů / Department of Politics and International Relations


Recent Submissions

Diviš, Pavel
Tchaj-wan v mezinárodní politice: diplomatické nástroje, z ahraniční politika a mezinárodní potvrzení suverenity.


Zimakova, Karina
Od multi-kulturalismu k post-multikulturalismu

The diploma thesis focuses on the analysis of the concepts of multiculturalism and post-multiculturalism in Great Britain. The thesis deals especially with the content analysis of these concepts in the program of United Kingdom Independence Party and British National Party in the ...

Svobodová, Jiřina
Komparace introvertních nálad v americké zahraniční politice

This work deals with introverted moods as described by Frank Klingberg in his mood theory in 1952. It seeks to analyze whether the current US foreign policy can confirm the transition to introversion, and whether the US will continue this introversion in the next 10 years.

Šmídová, Marie Sophie
Libye jako geopolitické ohnisko

The present multipolar world contains regions and countries, which can be called geopolitical pivots. Although these regions and countries are fragile and ridden with conflict, their strategic importance gathers the interest of international powers. This thesis aims to apply the concept...

Jenková, Pavlína
Výstavba židovských osad na Palestinském území - srovnání postojů Izraele, Spojených států amerických, Organizace spojených národů a Evropské unie

The construction of Jewish settlements in the Palestinian territories is a problem that prevents the Israeli-Palestinian conflict from being resolved. Israel began building Jewish settlements in 1967, and construction continues to this day. This diploma thesis deals with the comparison of th...