Katedra politologie a mezinárodních vztahů / Department of Politics and International Relations


Recent Submissions

Tušlová, Anna
Participace v misích na udržení míru OSN jako nástroj zahraniční politiky státu

This bachelor thesis is a comparative study which is engaged in participation in UN peacekeeping missions as a tool of state foreign policy. The aim of this study is to find out what importance the middle powers attach to participation in UN peacekeeping missions and how&...

Burešová, Saskie
Volební kampaň strany Směr-SD na sociálních sítích ve slovenských parlamentních volbách v roce 2020

Bachelor thesis "Election campaign Směr - SD party on the online social network Facebook before The General election in Slovakia 2020" deals with political communication on the social network Facebook according to Anderson Olof Larsson´s categories, which he made in his paper ...

Hájková, Leona
Ruské etnické menšiny v postsovětských státech

The main goal of this work was to evaluate the position of the Russian minority in the post-Soviet states of Central Asia. After a wave of anti-Russian sentiments at all possible levels in every state, it seems that better times are shining today. The Russians are no...

Schaffer, David
Rozvojové aktivity Japonska v Jihovýchodní Asii od roku 2000

This bachelor thesis focuses on Japan's development assistance in the region of Southeast Asia. Japan is one of the biggest ODA (Official Development Assistance) donors all around the world, but the region of Southeast Asia is especially important. The aim of this thesis ...

Dvořák, Ondřej
Politická propaganda v českém kontextu: Analýza Parlamentních listů, Sputnik News, Aeronet.

The aim of this bachelor's thesis is to examine whether propaganda content appears in selected media. For this purpose was used qualitative content analysis. This method can be considered the most appropriate, as it can best determine those parts of the content that are in...