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Recent Submissions

Kirschová, Edita
Kulturní diplomacie mikrostátů

Bachelor thesis is focused on cultural diplomacy of microstates. Selected microstates in this thesis are Bahrain, Malta and Monaco. This thesis is divided into two main parts. First part is focused on defining microstates and tools of cultural diplomacy in a rather theoretical way....

Šaufl, Jakub
Česká ekonomická diplomacie: historie, institucionální zázemí, cíle a problémy

This thesis will introduce the reader to czech economic diplomacy, its historical development, institutions, goals and problems. I will talk about its development in czech foreign politics, I will analyze its institutions and the relationship between these institutions.

Kalina, Jan
Ruská federace a Sputnik V: Veřejná diplomacie anebo nástroj hybridní války?

The thesis deals with the Russian vaccine against covid-19 and its use by Russia. The aim of the thesis is to decide whether the vaccine is being used as a tool of public diplomacy or as an instrument of hybrid warfare.

Jamrišková, Johana
Evropská unie a španělské členství v ní pohledem tamních politických stran

The research questions that this work will address are a comparison of whether the general assumption that the PSOE and PP are Euro-optimistic, while the two newer parties, VOX and Podemos, are European-pessimistic. In the first part I will focus on the party system and&...

Růžičková, Lenka
Očkování jako předmět kulturních válek

The diploma thesis focuses on the culture wars about vaccination. The aim of the work is to show the inner multiplicity in the opinion: "Don't vaccinate" against covid-19 and the opinion that calls for the cancellation of epidemiological measures using the example of ...