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Talianová, Adéla
Jak měřit úspěšnost sportovní diplomacie?

The title of this thesis is "How to measure the success of sports diplomacy?" Sports diplomacy is closely related to other theoretical concepts, i.e. soft power and public diplomacy, which will also be briefly introduced in the first part of this thesis. This will be...

Jedličková, Kristýna
Role médií v regionální politice Blízkého východu

This thesis is trying to summarize the role of social media during the Arab Spring. It is mainly focusing on Egypt and Bahrain. The chosen social media platform for this work are Facebook and Twitter, as those were primarily used during that time period.

Nimchenko, Milana
"Dobro" pro mezinárodní vztahy: rétorická válka prezidentů USA a Ruska (V. Putina)

This master's thesis focuses on the differences in the perception of the concept of "good" between the presidents of the United States and Russia in international relations after 2000 and their impact on foreign policy towards Europe. The thesis analyzes the significance o...

Polák, Martin
Zahraničněpolitická doktrína Donalda Trumpa

This thesis deals with the foreign policy doctrine of Donald Trump. In this work, I describe the basic features of his doctrine, and I also examine the relationship of this American president to various world regions - for example, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, South A...

Buchtelová, Kateřina
Green 10 a environmentální politika Evropské unie po roce 2019

This master thesis is a single case study focusing on the Green 10, a group of the ten influential environmental NGOs operating in the EU, whose aim is to influence EU environmental policy and to push for more ambitious goals. The aim of this thesis is to examin...

Šochová, Anna
"Politika morálky" jako předmět kulturních válek v zemích V4

This thesis focuses on the culture wars in the V4 countries, with a particular emphasis on issues related to legal abortion. It encompasses not only the position of the European Union on the subject but also legislative developments in individual countries and the activities o...

Rázková, Nell
Využití umělé inteligence v mezinárodní politice, diplomacii a bezpečnostních politikách

This thesis deals with artificial intelligence and examples of its use in the public sector. During the Covid-19 pandemic, human contact was kept to a minimum leading to a stronger involvement of technology. Until this time, the public sector has lagged behind the private sect...

Šlesinger, Matěj
Vize vysokorychlostních tratí v ČR (analýza politické proveditelnosti a analýza aktérů)

The thesis focuses on the concept of high-speed railways in the Czech Republic. This concept has been transformed in the last decade not only by the conceptual approach to high-speed rail as a source of transport services for regions and their connection to the capital ci...

Zaňáková, Tereza
Komunikace členů hnutí ANO na sociálních sítích před volbami do PSP ČR v roce 2021 a po nich

The presented diploma thesis deals with the communication of members of the ANO movement on the social network Twitter before and after the elections to the Chamber of Deputies in 2021. The first part of the work is devoted to the description of political communication an...

Schaffer, David
Formy spolupráce Ruské federace se zeměmi Afrického rohu

This master's thesis describes the forms of cooperation between the Russian Federation and the countries of the Horn of Africa. In the theoretical part, basic terms are described, which the work uses further. The practical part of the work is focused on individual countries...

Rusinova, Elizaveta
Diplomacie jako instituce mezinárodní společnosti

The concept of international society is associated with the five institutions of international society: balance of power, international law, war, great power and diplomacy. This thesis is aimed at studying the institution of diplomacy from the point of view of the authors of the&#x...

Pospíšilová, Barbora
Role OSN v řešení občanských válek na Blízkém východě

The United Nations (UN) has been involved in many armed and military conflicts during its history and has been primarily committed to their prevention and resolution. Some of its most frequently used tools to achieve its objectives include conflict management, sanctions, peacekeeping mi...

Nováková, Barbora
Panamský průplav jako významný škrtící bod

Despite the fact that more than a century has passed since the opening of the Panama Canal, to this day the canal still represents a significant maritime chokepoint. i.e., a place that is geostrategically significant to its owner. Marine choke points are naturally narrow shipp...

Mochernak, Nataliya-Mariya
Banální nacionalismus a ruská anexe Krymu

This thesis will aim to apply the concept of banal nationalism to examples related to the annexation of Crimea. Therefore, it will first be necessary to introduce the concept of banal nationalism and its main ideas. Subsequently, I will focus on the situation related to t...

Mihlová, Kateřina
Analýza dohody o obchodu a spolupráci mezi EU a Velkou Británií

This thesis analyses the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement from the perspective of differentiated integration. The UK's withdrawal from the EU represents a unique case of disintegration and the new agreement had to reflect this. A new model of externally differentiated integration&#x...

Menšík, Matouš
EU a její role v boji proti pandemii covid-19

This thesis focuses on the role of the European Union during the covid-19 pandemic crisis, and also seeks to present possible programmes or initiatives that may have emerged in response to the crisis. The main research idea of this thesis is based on the idea of neof...

Dvořák, Jakub
Covid-19 jako příležitost? Nové formy diplomacie související s pandemickou situací

The Covid-19 disease pandemic, which broke out globally in March 2020, has changed not only the normal course of life for the entire population, but also the operation of international organisations, institutions and platforms. In addition, it has also provided a new perspective on...

Konopásek, Tomáš
Kandidáti na prezidenta v kyberprostoru - komparace politické komunikace před českými prezidentskými volbami v roce 2023

The main focus of this thesis is on the phenomenon of political marketing in the age of the internet and social media. The thesis is divided into three main parts. The first part serves as a theoretical basis and introduces more precisely the concept of political mar...

Linhart, Jan
Tomáš G. Masaryk z pohledu teorie mezinárodních vztahů

This thesis focuses on Tomáš G. Masaryk and his ideas, which together form his own paradigm of international relations. The central aim of this work is to determine how we could classify Tomáš G. Masaryk within the framework of the theory of international relations. In th...

Flimelová, Natálie
Komparace německé a francouzské pozice k reformě eurozóny

This thesis concerns the approach of Germany and France to eurozone reform proposals. This research uses the scientific method of comparison. Both approaches are compared due to this method. This research also uses the theory of liberal intergovernmentalism, which concerns the role...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 398