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Kirschová, Edita
Kulturní diplomacie mikrostátů

Bachelor thesis is focused on cultural diplomacy of microstates. Selected microstates in this thesis are Bahrain, Malta and Monaco. This thesis is divided into two main parts. First part is focused on defining microstates and tools of cultural diplomacy in a rather theoretical way....

Šaufl, Jakub
Česká ekonomická diplomacie: historie, institucionální zázemí, cíle a problémy

This thesis will introduce the reader to czech economic diplomacy, its historical development, institutions, goals and problems. I will talk about its development in czech foreign politics, I will analyze its institutions and the relationship between these institutions.

Kalina, Jan
Ruská federace a Sputnik V: Veřejná diplomacie anebo nástroj hybridní války?

The thesis deals with the Russian vaccine against covid-19 and its use by Russia. The aim of the thesis is to decide whether the vaccine is being used as a tool of public diplomacy or as an instrument of hybrid warfare.

Jamrišková, Johana
Evropská unie a španělské členství v ní pohledem tamních politických stran

The research questions that this work will address are a comparison of whether the general assumption that the PSOE and PP are Euro-optimistic, while the two newer parties, VOX and Podemos, are European-pessimistic. In the first part I will focus on the party system and&...

Hůrková, Štěpánka
Analýza dezinformačních mediálních platforem ke konkrétnímu tématu - covid 19.

This bachelor thesis is dedicated to the phenomenon of disinformation platforms. The aim of the thesis is to determine whether there are parallels between the narrative about the covid-19 vaccine published on disinformation platforms with pro-Kremlin affiliations and the political speeches o...

Volka, Jakub
Koncepce role a hodnoty zahraniční politiky České republiky v evropském kontextu

This bachelor thesis is focused on the role theory in international relations. The first part of the theoretical part of the thesis is a description of concepts that relate to the theory of roles, these concepts include the concept of national role, the identity of the&#x...

Štěpánková, Iva
Institut veřejného ochránce práv v českém politickém systému

The bachelor thesis focuses on the characteristics of the role of the institution of the Public Defender of Rights in the Czech political system. The institution of the Public Defender of Rights was enacted on the basis of Act No. 349/1999 Coll. on the Ombudsman. The...

Spěváčková, Lucie
Environmentální zájmové skupiny v České republice a jejich vliv na tvorbu veřejných politik

This bachelor thesis focuses on environmental interest groups in the Czech Republic and their impact on public policy making in the years 1993-2021. It focuses on the strategies and tools used by interest groups to defend their interests. In the first part of my work I&#x...

Raková, Anna
Analýza šíření fakenews a desinformací ve vztahu k pandemii Covid v českém kontextu optikou teorií propagandy

The work is focused on the issue of propaganda and disinformation, which are spread by the Internet media. This work is divided into two parts, theoretical and analytical part. The theoretical part introduces the concept of propaganda, including its typology, as well as the co...

Kepka, Vojtěch
Twitter jako nástroj politické kampaně před volbami do PSP v roce 2021.

This paper aims to analyze the populist communication of Andrej Babiš and Tomio Okamura on Twitter. Based on the critical frame for analyzing populism I compare the actors in three categories: identity, rhetorical style, and media use. This paper further uses Critical discourse ana...

Kocourek, Lukáš
Rozdělení kompetencí mezi tvůrci české zahraniční politiky

The bachelor thesis describes the powers of the president given by the constitution and the debate about them. The constitution defines the powers of the president and cabinet briefly, and therefore they can be explained in different ways. This is the reason for competence dis...

Pilař, Tomáš
Institut impeachmentu prezidenta v politickém systému Spojených států amerických

The bachelor thesis focuses on the description of the Institute of Impeachment of the President of the United States of America with regard to its original role and significance. The theoretical part outlines the historical roots of American impeachment and the way in which it...

Michalec, Martin
Aktivita lídrů politických stran v kyberprostoru během českých parlamentních voleb v roce 2021

This bachelor thesis is focused on the activity of Czech political party leaders before their election to the chamber of deputies in 2021. This took place on social media platform, Facebook. This thesis will focus on the theoretical and practical elements. The theoretical aspect&#x...

Krátká, Karolína
Koněv, Vlasov a "pražský spor o sochy"

The bachelor thesis is about the removal of the statue of I. S. Konev and the subsequent erection of a monument to the Russian Liberation Army (ROA). The thesis deals with how political parties, the President of the Republic and the Russian Federation approach these dispu...

Boška, Martin
Evropská unie v kampani před volbami do Poslanecké sněmovny v roce 2021

The topic of the European Union resounds within the Czech political scene and has its place also in the election programmes of the respective parties, it is often discussed during TV debates and influences the course and the contents of the election campaigns. The standpoints&...

Tomanová, Zuzana
Winston Churchill, BLM a obvinění z rasismu

Winston Churchill is an important personality of British history, but not even his merits in the World War II could prevent people from questioning his real political intentions and ideologies. Even during his life, his racist remarks and decisions where not accepted among his ...

Tlustá, Sára
Příčiny, aktéři, průběh a dopady vnitrostátního konfliktu v etiopské Tigraji

This bachelor thesis analyses the national conflict in the Tigray region in Ethiopia. Armed conflict has plagued the region since 2020. However, the conflict environment has plagued Ethiopia for many decades. Violence has persisted since November 2020 with no end in sight. The conf...

Horák, Oldřich
Reakce Evropské unie na pandemii koronaviru

This bachelor thesis deals with the European Union and its response to the Covid-19 pandemic. The thesis monitors the development of the role of individual institutions in 4 predetermined phases - initial measures, subsequent synchronization, economic recovery and vaccination policy. In each...

Straka, Jan
Postmateriální dimenze v programatice irských politických stran

The main target of this bachelor thesis is to clarify the concept of postmaterialism by Ronald F. Inghlehart and to find out which postmaterial issues are contained in the political manifestos of Irish political parties such as Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael, Sinn Féin and Labour ...

Špičková, Adéla
Malajsijský federalismus

This bachelor thesis focuses on the Malaysian federation structure and its political system. The thesis describes the main theories associated with the definition of federalism and the history of the formation of federation. The concepts of federalism are applied directly to Malaysia. I...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 855