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Recent Submissions

Janouš, Martin
Vliv materiálu magnetického obvodu na výkonovou hustotu a účinnost asynchronního stroje

This thesis is deling with the impact of the magnetic circuit material on the properties of squirell cage induction motors. The thesis is mainly focused on comparing the efficiency and power density of the designed machines, where in the first part the machines are designed&#x...

Krych, Jiří
Regulace pohonů s PMSM motory elektrické motokáry

This diploma thesis focuses on a design of vector control and electronic differential for electric go-kart drive. Vector control is one of the most suitable controls for PMSM motors. The drive provides very high dynamics. Incorporating an electronic differential will increase the...

Soukup, Dominik
Rezonanční izolující měnič s GaN tranzistory

The proposed diploma thesis is dedicated to the design and realization of a resonant insulating converter with GaN transistors. The thesis provides a brief comparison of semiconductor materials and resonant converters. Further the work deals with the design of the converter, which inclu...

Plzák, Michal
Návrh silového obvodu třífázového střídače pro studentský projekt elektrické čtyřkolky

The presented diploma thesis deals with the design of a power circuit of a three-phase inverter for a student project of an electric ATV. The work presents the selection of individual components of the inverter, the design of power connections, including numerical calculations and&...

Záruba, Vít
Návrh 3f tlumivky

The master's thesis is focused on the design of two prototypes of three phase chokes according to the requirements of customer, where each has different parameters. The first part is an introduction to the theory of coils and chokes, its types and use in practice, fin...