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Recent Submissions

Šonda, František
Scottovo zapojení transformátorů

This master thesis is focused on Scott's transformer connection and its properties. In the first part of this thesis describes the ways of connecting the Scott transformer and its properties. Next, we deal with a mathematical description for calculating voltages, currents and power&...

Švagr, Kryštof
Testování spolehlivosti vodivých spojů na textiliích

The first part of the thesis focuses on electrically conductive textiles. The thesis also deals with fixed and removable methods of contacting electrical components on textile substrates. The second part describes the experiment carried out. The aim of the experiment was to determine&#x...

Kanta, Jiří
Přípravek pro měření průtoku kapalin

The goal of this bachelor's thesis is to get acquainted with the proven methods of measuring liquid flow, to get closer to the issue of water flow measurement and, based on the acquired knowledge, to design an optimal measuring device that will be used for teaching&#x...

Mareš, Tomáš
Chytrá aplikace pro zrakově a sluchově postižené jedince

The aim of this bachelor thesis is to create a mobile application for a tablet that deafblind people are able to use and read from, and to create another application to which this reading will be sent. This thesis will consist of two parts, one will be theoretic...

Kněžourek, Martin
Inteligentní metronom

A metronome is a device that helps musicians, especially drummers, keep a steady tempo throughout the duration of a song. A variety of metronomes are available on the market in different designs, from mechanical to electronic. However, their function is usually simple - just t...