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Veselý, Sebastian
Referenční návrh řízení 3-fázového BLDC motoru

This master thesis deals with a design of an electrical device for 3-phase BLDC motor control. The primary focus of the master thesis is to create two circuit boards that provides all the essential signals for the motor control and communication using several interfaces. Once&...

Juřík, Martin
3D scanner založený na multikamerovém systému

This master thesis is focused on reconstruction of 3D model from several photos. First part describes theory which was used in building final device. This work connects the worlds of hardware and software. Both parts were covered in creating this thesis.

Vocelka, Jakub
Digitální přístrojový panel pro motocykl s funkcí palubního počítače

This master thesis focuses on designing and realizing a digital instrument panel for a motorcycle. It describes the ways used to measure, evaluate and display the information about selected parameters of the motorcycle on the dashboard. It also discusses the competitiveness of the ...

Hás, Martin
Návrh a aplikace "systému pro měření protokolem CCP/XCP" pro mikroprocesory

This diploma thesis deals with the design and realization of the microprocessor system, which would communicate with a system level above it via the measurement and calibration protocol XCP, which would be realized using a CAN bus. The first part of the work deals with th...

Pauli, Dominik
Řídicí systém pro autonomní dron

This thesis deals with proposal of navigation system for an autonomous drone. The proposal is described and implementation is made using Raspberry Pi and AR drone 2.0 using JavaScript and TypeScript programming languages.