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Recent Submissions

Šonda, František
Scottovo zapojení transformátorů

This master thesis is focused on Scott's transformer connection and its properties. In the first part of this thesis describes the ways of connecting the Scott transformer and its properties. Next, we deal with a mathematical description for calculating voltages, currents and power&...

Voříšek, Jiří
Návrh speciálního autotransformátoru

The presented diploma thesis deals with the design of a special autotransformer for the protection of light bulbs in the lighting circuit of the Jawa 555 motorcycle. Its design consists in explaining the principle of operation of the autotransformer, the generation of magnetic flux...

Sedláček, Jan
Měření účinnosti stínění

The diploma thesis focuses on the measurement of shielding effectiveness and its goal is to propose a suitable measurement method based on research. The research contains a comprehensive overview of currently used methods for determining the shielding effectiveness, both standardized and non...

Světlík, Petr
Možnosti využití Dynamické mechanické analýzy pro testování materiálů

This thesis deals with theory of structural analysis and it is deeply focused on dynamic mechanical analysis. Theoretical part describes theory of important thermal analysis. Theory of dynamical mechanical analysis is described more in detail. In practical part is this analysis used to&...

Škrlant, Miroslav
Přesnost řízení asynchronního pohonu

This thesis is divided to a two parts. At the first part are results of variably additions of asynchronous drives. For every types of addition parts are specific condition for use of it. Specific parts of additions are sensors of rotate, and specific fuction of it du...