Katedra elektroenergetiky / Department of Electrical Power Engineering


Recent Submissions

Strnad, Martin
Využití fotovoltaických systémů pro energetické zásobení čerpacích stanic

The submitted diploma thesis should serve the company operating the network of filling stations as a basis that will facilitate orientation in the issue of photovoltaics and help in deciding whether it is currently advantageous to invest in the construction of a photovoltaic power&...

Koutenský, David
Analýza působení přepěťových ochran a odrušovacích prvků

The diploma thesis focuses on the analysis of the effect of surge protectors and interference suppression elements. The theoretical part of the work is a description of the origin and propagation of interfering signals, their possible consequences on the device and prevention and r...

Naxer, Ondřej
Adaptivní model chování bateriového systému pro elektromobilitu

The aim of this diploma thesis is to set up the mathematical model for a typical battery system used in electromobility, in accordance with the real operating values, actual battery state, driver's profile, and ambient conditions. The output of this mathematical model is the&#x...

Zmeko, Filip
Návrh a realizace laboratorního demonstrátoru supravodivého jevu

This work provides a comprehensive overview of superconductivity in the first part, whereas the second part describes the key steps during the realization of a laboratory demonstrator of a superconducting phenomenon in the form of levitating train. The main goal of the first part&#...

Cihla, Tomáš
Možnosti kontaktního měření teplot otáčející se vsázky při jejím indukčním kalení

The focus of my diploma thesis is in the field of electrothermal processes, namely in the field of contact temperature measurement during induction hardening of a rotating charge. The work is divided into theoretical and practical part. In the theoretical part I discuss the po...