Katedra elektroniky a informačních technologií / Department of Electronics and Information Technology


Recent Submissions

Mareš, Tomáš
Chytrá aplikace pro zrakově a sluchově postižené jedince

The aim of this bachelor thesis is to create a mobile application for a tablet that deafblind people are able to use and read from, and to create another application to which this reading will be sent. This thesis will consist of two parts, one will be theoretic...

Kněžourek, Martin
Inteligentní metronom

A metronome is a device that helps musicians, especially drummers, keep a steady tempo throughout the duration of a song. A variety of metronomes are available on the market in different designs, from mechanical to electronic. However, their function is usually simple - just t...

Urban, Tomáš
Řadiče pro malé LCD zobrazovače

The bachelor work analyses controllers designed for LCD displays. Specifically, it focuses on controllers KS0108, ST7565, ST7066, HD44780, ST7735, IL9163, ST7789 and GC9A01. The focus is on the characteristics of each controller, which are then compared. For each controller, demonstration example...

Sládek, Lukáš
Monitoring polohy sedačky simulátoru padákového kluzáku

The bachelor thesis is focused on the presentation of a solution for sensing the position of a prototype paraglider simulator and controlling its movement based on real-time simulation data. The first part is devoted to the introduction of a real paraglider. The second part is...

Linhart, Martin
Měření vlastností BLDC pohonu

This bachelor thesis deals with the measurement of three-phase and multiphase BLDC motors. In the first part, the theoretical knowledge of BLDC motors is presented in comparison with other types of electric motors and the basics of energy balance of BLDC motors are mentioned. ...