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Recent Submissions

Třasák, Lukáš
Monitorování letu padákového kluzáku

This bachelor work solves a proposition and a realization of hardware for measuring real paragliding. There has been elaborated a recherche of Aerodynamic and kinematics paragliding. within the framework of this work. Then there is described a problematic of hardware and software for&#x...

Novotný, Pavel
Modulární proudový zdroj pro elektromagnetické aktuátory

This bachelor's thesis is about design of modular current source. The goal was to design a single channel current source module, which could work independently, or could be put together with other modules to make a multichannel current source. These modules are going...

Müller, Ondřej
Vyhodnocení přesnosti satelitního určování polohy z měření na pseudonáhodných posloupnostech

One of the basics of the worldwide system navigation in which belong civilians, traffic infrastructure and army sectors isthe accurate identification of position of determined object. As for today, the global navigation systems called GNSS are used for finding the location of the r...

Tomášek, Martin
Ukázka kooperativního příjmu rádiových signálů pomocí sítě softwarově definovaných přijímačů

This bachelor thesis aims to demonstrate spatially diverse receivement of radio signal via network of software defined radios. Introduction contains information concerning all available sources of broadcast stated in work tasks. After the radioamateur sattelites being chosen as usable source of&#...

Samuel, Adam
Přípravek pro výuku Automatizační a řídicí techniky

This bachelor thesis deals with brief introduction into problematics of programmable logic computers and into TIA Portal IDE. Simultaneously this thesis deals with design and practical implementation of the educational unit for teaching PLC programming, especially Siemens Simatic S7-1500. Another ...