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Trojan, Adam
Formula Student - jednotka snímání pozice pedálů

This diploma thesis focuses on the development of an electronic accelerator pedal position sensor of the future student electric formula with emphasis on the rules of the FSAE and FSG. The sensor is solved using a magnet and a pair of Hall probes. The bipolar excitation&#...

Hronek, Jakub
Přístupový systém s využitím RFID technologie

This master thesis deals with the design, development and realization of a system designed for the access, fuel dispensing and authorization of persons to business premises using the RFID technology. The first part of the thesis outlines the topology and provides a theory related&#...

Albrecht, Patrik
Inovace elektroniky modelového kolejiště

The main content of this diploma thesis is the innovation of the controlling electronics of the model railway track. The current state of the controlling electronics on the model track and the newly designed control units are analyzed. The track section control unit, which act...

Bartůněk, David
Měření analogových veličin v trakčních zařízeních

The diploma thesis first describes the principles of digital signal transmission in a electromagnetic noise environment, their types and security. Next, attention is paid to the development of a central unit on the FPGA platform, where up to 16 remote analogue transducers can be&#x...

Holát, Josef
Fotovoltaické panely pro satelit PilsenCUBE

This thesis focuses on the design, construction and subsequent evaluation of the solar wall properties for the PilsenCUBE picosatellite. The satellite surface contains a series of sensors that prevent the simple layout of solar cells on all walls. The aim was to design a uniqu...

Berezka, Alexey
Vývoj elektronických systémů gondoly pro lety na stratosférickém balónu.

The aim of the work is to continue the development of the existing PilsenCUBE-Strato nacelle for stratospheric balloon flights. It is necessary to design and complete a device that can detect position and transmit data over long distances with a certain period of time, with&#x...

Fencl, David
Univerzální osvětlovací stanoviště

This master thesis is focused on creating functional construction, which will provide a computer controlled movement of camera simultaneously with changing the geometry of lighting and its regulation. The thesis contains a description of various geometries of lighting and basic survey of...

Morávka, Jan
Inteligentní podprsenka

Submitted thesis focuses on study in the field of smart textile, wearable electronics and affiliated technologies. It also introduces the Internet of Things briefly. At first, the thesis contains literature search of nowadays used technologies, wireless communication standards and protocols, and&...

Kotrch, Miroslav
Změna akustických parametrů reproduktoru v závislosti na zástavbě

The thesis is focused on examining the impact of development on high frequency drivers of acoustic parameters. First part of deals with the theory of the speakers, their distribution, principle of function and description of the individual parts. In the following part describes the...

Zeman, Matyáš
Měření konduktivity kapalin

This master thesis presents the methods of measuring water parameters required to reproduce highly demanding cichlid fish.

Vaněk, Kryštof
Měření vlhkosti a teploty půdy

This thesis focuses on the design of autonomous electronic measurement system for use in precision agriculture. This system measures soil moisture, employing capacitive sensing elements and soil temperature. Soil moisture measurement is conducted by direct sampling of voltage and current of ...

Malena, Ondřej
Inteligentní nabíječka Li-Ion akumulátoru s CAN rozhraním

In this diploma thesis, the details of charging, balancing and protection of Li-Ion batteries are discussed. The project of a tracked robotic platform is also briefly described. In addition, attention is paid to the development of hardware for smart Li-Ion battery charger. It consi...

Hepenko, Alona
Simulace kanálů pro řízení ventilů automatické převodovky

The diploma thesis deals with the issue of software simulation of automatic transmission valve control. The first part is devoted to automotive electronics, the principle of control unit functionality and the division of electronics into functional domains. The second part is a descript...

Fenclová, Jessica
Odběrová analýza na platformě FPGA

Uncovering the vulnerabilities of secure systems that may be susceptible to side-channel attacks, has been of interest to many researchers. There is a growing concern for the vulnerability of devices processing confidential data to side-channel attacks, which steal data by measuring the ...

Mühlbacher, Pavel
Inteligentní závlahový systém

This work is focused on the design of an irrigation systém. The Principles of soil moisture measurement for selected sensors are described here. Futhermore, the possibilities of wireless data transfer between microcontrollers are described here. A possible solution of the irrigation systém&#...

Lapuník, Vojtěch
Elektronické digitální materiály a miniaturní roboty

Although at the beginning it was not entirely certain in which direction the project would develop, the goal was clear. The goal was to transfer all the advantages and benefits of the concept of digital materials to the production of electronics. The positive features of ...

Veselý, Filip
Inspekční robot pro HDPE trubky

The presented diploma thesis is focused on the creation of a small inspection robot that will be able to move autonomously in narrowpipes. His task will be to get to the place of the defect, take a photo and return. The work deals with the construction of the&#x...

Král, Lukáš
Asistenční systémy pro stárnoucí osoby a osoby se zdravotním postižením

This diploma thesis aims is to acquaint readers with the technologies of assisted living in the home (AAL - Ambient assisted living) and their use for the supervision of single elderly people. The main reason to deal with Ambient Assisted Living technology is the aging of...

Kulhánek, Tomáš
DAQ systémy pro experimenty v částicové fyzice

This diploma thesis deals with architecture and practical design of DAQ systems in particle physics experiments. These experiments focus on nature of particles that constitute matter and radiation. This thesis summarizes the basic topologies of DAQ and trigger systems for experiments in ...

Farkaš, Martin
Využití rozhraní na bázi PCI-Express pro akviziční systémy s velkou datovou propustností

This thesis deals with data transfer between PC and FPGA device using PCI Express (PCIe) interface. The theoretical part of the thesis describes an overview of commonly available PC interfaces for data transfers. The next chapter describes the PCIe interface in more detail. The...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 21