Katedra výkonové elektroniky a strojů / Department of Power Electronics and Machines


Recent Submissions

Drozný, Lukáš
Elektroizolační materiály pro točivé stroje a jejich budoucnost

This bachelor thesis deals with the topic of electrical insulating materials with a focus on rotating machines. There are rotating machines and their windings defined in the introductory chapters of the work. The following chapters describe the individual properties of insulators, which ...

Vurm, Vojtěch
Vliv polohy a druhu termočlánku na přesnost měření teplot v oblasti indukčních ohřevů

Presented bachelor thesis deals with temperature measurement using thermocouples in the field of induction heating, especially in surface hardening. It investigates the suitability of a specific type of thermocouple for this application and the influence of its presence on the measured value...

Chvála, Daniel
Návrh nové distribuční sítě

This bachelor work is focused on design of new low voltage line cable. The documentation describes new connecting of 35 objects and ČSN a PNE standards which we have to follow. New low voltage line is designed for the future connection of new energy infrastructure.

Vojta, Jan
Přehled technologií pro akumulaci energie

The bachelor thesis deals with the possibilities of electrical energy storage for large, grid scale storage systems. In the first part of the thesis, energy storage systems are described. In particular, attention is paid to systems used by large mass storage systems. The second...

Pixa, Lukáš
Formula Student - Koncept stínění z pohledu elektromagnetické kompatibility

This bachelor's thesis deals with possibilities of improving the electromagnetic compatibility of devices that use for their function electric motors powered by high power supply of PWM generated signals. Although the PWM modulation is very suitable for generating AC signals from D...