Katedra výkonové elektroniky a strojů / Department of Power Electronics and Machines


Recent Submissions

Beneš, Jan
Systém pro automatickou modifikaci videa v reálném čase s prvky AI (umělé inteligence)

The presented bachelor thesis deals with the detection of human faces in real time. It focuses on real-time use. The recognition software runs on a microcomputer Raspberry PI 3 Model B, to which a Raspberry V2.1 camera is connected. The work is divided into three parts.&#...

Kozojed, Josef
Návrh přístrojového transformátoru

The aim of this thesis is design of current instrument transformer for low voltage grid. Basic issues of instrument transformers and design types are discussed in the thesis.

Sadílek, Ivan
Přepínací regulátor

This work deals with the creation of hardware and especially software, microprocessor programming, of a product called Switching regulator. The regulator achieves its operation by switching a pair of relays, thus controlling its targeted appliance. This work describes solutions of its inputs...

Láznička, Filip
Náhradní schéma vícevinuťového transformátoru

The bachelor thesis is focused on the creation of a mathematical model of mutli-winding transformer, especially a three-winding transformer. The thesis describes in detail the process of creating a equivalent circuit using mathematical description and other theoretical assumptions, Firstly is der...

Klesa, Radek
Systém automatické závory s rozpoznáváním registračních značek vozidel

This bachelor thesis deals with the creation of a system of automatic license plate recognition. The work introduces artificial intelligence and convolutional neural networks used for image processing, specifically for reading registration marks. The work therefore deals with the detection of...