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Beneš, Jan
Systém pro automatickou modifikaci videa v reálném čase s prvky AI (umělé inteligence)

The presented bachelor thesis deals with the detection of human faces in real time. It focuses on real-time use. The recognition software runs on a microcomputer Raspberry PI 3 Model B, to which a Raspberry V2.1 camera is connected. The work is divided into three parts.&#...

Kozojed, Josef
Návrh přístrojového transformátoru

The aim of this thesis is design of current instrument transformer for low voltage grid. Basic issues of instrument transformers and design types are discussed in the thesis.

Sadílek, Ivan
Přepínací regulátor

This work deals with the creation of hardware and especially software, microprocessor programming, of a product called Switching regulator. The regulator achieves its operation by switching a pair of relays, thus controlling its targeted appliance. This work describes solutions of its inputs...

Láznička, Filip
Náhradní schéma vícevinuťového transformátoru

The bachelor thesis is focused on the creation of a mathematical model of mutli-winding transformer, especially a three-winding transformer. The thesis describes in detail the process of creating a equivalent circuit using mathematical description and other theoretical assumptions, Firstly is der...

Klesa, Radek
Systém automatické závory s rozpoznáváním registračních značek vozidel

This bachelor thesis deals with the creation of a system of automatic license plate recognition. The work introduces artificial intelligence and convolutional neural networks used for image processing, specifically for reading registration marks. The work therefore deals with the detection of...

Kadlec, Martin
Modul pro modelování dynamických systémů

The bachelor thesis deals with the possibilities of modelling dynamic systems using the high-level programming language of Python. The aim of the thesis is to use this language in order to create a package that allows modelling linear time invariant systems (so-called LTI systems)....

Kovář, Jiří
Metody pouzdření elektronických součástek a modulů na textilních substrátech

The presented bachelor thesis is focused on the encapsulation of electronic components mainly on textile substrates. The aim of this work is to describe the types of methods for the use of conventional electronic components on textile substrates, to describe the problems of this&#x...

Nejedlo, Tomáš
Jednoduché paritní kódy pro korekci chyb

The bachelor thesis presents multidimensional cross parity check codes and demonstrates different coding methods which are used for securing code words. The goal of this bachelor thesis had been study of coding methods and realize channel encoder and decoder with at least 3 dimensi...

Müllerová, Linda
Sledovací zařízení pro balónové a pikobalónové sondy

The aim of this paper was to research the available options for creating a tracking device for balloon probes and to design such device, which will be small, light and lowpower. The paper contains a research for for both picoballoons and larger baloons, such as the p...

Světlík, Petr
Vliv vnějšího prostředí na parametry akumulátorů

This bachelor thesis is focused on primary and secondary cells used in present time. It is composed from two parts, in first part describes chemistry of cells and their assumed scope of use. The second part is practical and it is focused on analyse of measured values...

Šonda, František
Optimalizace výrobního procesu v elektrotechnickém podniku

The submitted bachelor's thesis is focused on the description of production processes and its optimization. In this bachelor's thesis we will deal with the description of modeling of individual production processes. Some materials that are commonly used in production will be explaine...

Rychta, Robert
Biologicky odbouratelné elektroizolační kapaliny

The subject of this bachelor thesis is a summary of theoretical knowledge about biodegradable electrical insulating liquids and the selection of suitable representatives for use in transformers, cables, capacitors and switches. The first part describes the dielectrics and insulators, as wel...

Voříšek, Jiří
Zajištění kvality při výrobě cívek

This bachelor thesis deals with serial production of coils and ensuring their quality. Above all, it deals with the causes of non-conforming parts, in other words parts in defective condition, and the prevention of their occurrence. The work includes examples of materials used, out...

Vlasák, David
Laserové technologie v elektronice

The presented bachelor thesis is focused on the usege of lasers in electrical engineering and the determination of their safety classes. The thesis presents biological effects of lasers on human sight or skin. It contains safety recommendations and procedures to be followed to...

Vorlíček, Jakub
Návrh systému řízení pro simulátor padákového kluzáku

This bachelor thesis deals with design and implementation of control system for paraglide properties simulator including drive topology. It also includes analysis of control and behaviour properties of actual paraglide. Simultaneously it focuses on communication problematics between individual elements...

Spurný, Radek
Metodika testování tištených 3D struktur

The bachelor theses presents options of printing materials for 3D printers. In givenproblematics, printing with FFF/FDM type of printers were analysed. As next are describedprimary materials for these types of printers and their recommended temperatures. This studyexamines the strength of AB...

Stašek, Petr
Návrh hlavních pohonů simulátoru padákového kluzáku

This bachelor's thesis deals with the design and implementation of the paraglider simulator actuators. Before designing a suitable actuator location topology, the analysis of the pilot's kinematics had to be performed. The thesis contains the necessary calculations, that are important for...

Knepr, Lukáš
Studie MVE na Úterském potoce v lokalitě Trpisty

The work deals with the basic issues of the design of a small hydroelectric power plant, mainly in the design of the electrical part, turbo set and connection of MVE to the network. The first theoretical part describes the division of power plants according to individual&...

Dědek, Miloš
Využití zařízení Teplátor pro výrobu chladu

The Bachelor thesis is about the possibilities of using TEPLATOR as a source of cold for district cooling. There are also presented principles of cooling and district cooling systems that are used in the world. Furthermore, the TEPLATOR technology is presented here. The main f...

Szmitek, Zdeněk
Modernizace průmyslového objektu kompletní rekonstrukcí elektroinstalace

This Bachelor thesis is focused on modernization of electrical installation in the agricultural complex using current trends in heating and lighting. The aim of the thesis is modernizing the building wiring, which will improve working conditions in the company and at the same time&...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 47