Katedra elektroenergetiky a ekologie / Department of Electric Power Engineering and Ecology


Recent Submissions

Klose, Adam
Rozvoj obnovitelných zdrojů energie v Evropě

This bachelor thesis focuses on the development of renewable energy sources in Europe. The thesis is dividend into free main themis according to the nature of the renewable source. Each topic includes principles of functions, technical and natural conditions, including legislative elements&#...

Lihunová, Natálie
Malá zařízení na energetické využití směsného komunálního odpadu

Submitted bachelor work is focused on the energy using of municipal waste in Czech republic and European Union. In this bachelor work is mentioned hierarchy of loading with waste, technologic proces of municipal waste incineration plants. Differences between municipal waste incineration plan...

Randa, Stanislav
Životní cyklus (LCA) pevných biopaliv

This bachelor thesis deals with solid biofuels, their production and utilization in the Czech republic and the EU. Specifically, focusing on their resources, environmetnal and economic requirements for production and distribution, including a proposal for an optimal way of using life c...

Kalina, Nikolas
Měření teplotních charakteristik fotovoltaických panelů

The presented final thesis is focusing on measuring and research of photovoltaic panel reactions during various working conditions. The thesis is divided into four main points. The first is focused on theory, where the basic principles and functions of photovoltaic panel are featured.&#...

Máša, Martin
Analýza snímačů využitelných při projektování v energetice

The present diploma thesis deals with the analysis of sensors usable for energy engineering. The benefits of this work is to understand the function of sensors, principles of measurement of individual quantities and to introduce designed sensors for the unnamed company. In the...