Katedra elektroenergetiky a ekologie / Department of Electric Power Engineering and Ecology

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Holubová, Diana
Hodnocení účinnosti sběru využitelných složek domovního odpadu

In this bachelor thesis I deal with the topic of evaluation of the efficiency of collection of usable components of household waste.In the introduction, I focus on waste and the environment. The main aim of my work is to analyze the problems of use in the Czech ...

Čejka, Jindřich
Obnovitelné zdroje energie ve světě

This Bachelor thesis is about renewable sources (RES) in the world. It explanes their functions, principles, compositions, current trends and examples of the world's largest facilities. The object of this thesis is a comprehensive overview about this renewable sources, theire types, func...

Švehla, Petr
Využití solární energie pro energetické účely

The aim of the bachelor thesis is analysis of topic solar power utilization for power purposes. The first chapter deals with the Sun and solar energy. The second chapter is focused on photovoltaic. The third chapter is about photothermic. The fourth chapter compares photovoltaic&#x...

Folk, Václav
Využití potenciálu větrné energie

This bachelor thesis is focused on exploiting the potential of wind energy in the Czech Republic and other European countries. The effort is to create an overview that can serve as an introduction to this issue. The thesis is divided into three main parts in which th...

Klášterková, Jana
Zhodnocení provozu bioplynové stanice Předslav

The bachelor thesis is focused on the specific biogas station. The text of the thesis is divided into five chapters. Bachelor thesis discribes the biogas station in the first part. It deals with the explanation of anaerobic digestion, the products associated with anaerobic digestio...