Katedra elektroenergetiky a ekologie / Department of Electric Power Engineering and Ecology


Recent Submissions

Svěcená, Veronika
Produkce emisí velkých energetických zdrojů v městě Plzni

This bachelor's thesis deals with the evaluation of emissions of large energy sources in the city of Pilsen. In the first theoretical part, the work deals with the use of air pollutants and potential users of existing technologies to reduce or eliminate them. Furthermore, ...

Kojzar, Lukáš
Energetické využívání pevné biomasy ve vztahu ke zdrojům na spalování uhlí

The presented bachelor thesis deals with the possibilities of using solid biomass in relation to fossil energy. The first part describes the biomass as such, ie its definition, types, conditions of its origin and its possible adjustments. It also discusses what options ...

Šnejdar, Miloslav
Hybridní koncepce tepelných čerpadel pro rodinné domy

This master thesis deals the solution of the hybrid concept of heat pumps. First chapter of the thesis is made by a theoretical description of the heat pump operation, its physical principle, basic components and system solutions. Content of the second chapter of thesis is...

Přigrodský, Aleš
Optimalizace návrhu staršího asynchronního motoru

The first part of this master's thesis deals with measurement and calculation of results of older induction motor. This induction motor was subjected to electrical measurements in order to gain basic parameters, which are necessary for following calculations. Next part relates to th...

Novák, Václav
Zemní spojení v sítích vn - detekce a způsoby chránění těchto sítí

The master thesis is divided into six chapters. The first three are theoretical, where are described the distribution system of the Czech Republic, types of the earth faults, different neutralearthing arrangement and the Fortescue method. In the next chapter, the specified network isdef...