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Recent Submissions

Křivan, Václav
Využití statistických nástrojů při analýze degradačních mechanizmů elektroizolačních materiálů

This diploma thesis describes statistical tools that are used in the analysis of degradation mechanisms of electrical insulating materials. It focuses mainly on the Weibull distribution, normal distribution, lognormal distribution and exponential distribution, which are used to evalulate breakthrough ...

Pelc, Petr
Tvorba PLC programů pro měření a vyhodnocování dat

This thesis deals with the creation of programs for measuring and evaluating measured data. The work was processed in the context of real-time diagnostics for electrical machines, while its main goal is the acquisition of key operating variables, their visualization and subsequent evalu...

Růžička, Václav
Textilní senzory pro ochranné oděvy a technické textilie

This bachelor thesis is focused on the implementation of a temperature embroidered sensor for e-textiles. The main purpose of this work is the design, manufacture and testing of a temperature sensor. The research section shows the division of e-textiles and materials of substrates ...

Kvasnička, Petr
Materiály izolačních systémů točivých strojů a diagnostika jejich vlastností

The work is focused on the introduction to the basic properties of insulation systems and subsequent diagnostic methods of these properties. Also described are the most commonly used insulating materials such as mica, ternary composites and an introduction to nanodielectrics. The second ...

Huček, Jan
Zhodnocení připravenosti podniku na Průmysl 4.0

This bachelor thesis deals with Industry 4.0 and assessing the readiness of companies for Industry 4.0 using maturity models. The thesis contains two parts, a theoretical part and a practical part. The theoretical part describes the concept of Industry 4.0 and its elements.&...