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Zídková, Liana
Zdanění nemovitých věcí - příklady z praxe vybraných zemí

The bachelor's thesis "Real Estate Taxation - Practical Applications in Selected Countries " aims to define the differences in real estate taxation in selected countries, specifically in the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic and the Republic of Poland. The comparison was made...

Šimková, Lucie
Využití Mystery Shoppingu u vybrané společnosti

This bachelor thesis is pursuing with the implementation of marketing research in the form of research using the method of Mystery Shopping. The survey is focused on quality control of services provided by employees to customers and on product quality control. The thesis contains&#...

Voves, Jan
Zpracování podnikatelského plánu nového produktu v oblasti cirkulární ekonomiky

The main goal of the bachelor thesis is to develop a business plan for a new company in the field of circular economy. The theoretical part describes the issues and defines the concepts associated with business and the environment. In the practical part, the author focuse...

Šelmátová, Marie
Chování spotřebitele při nakupování elektroniky na internetu

This bachelor thesis focuses on consumer behaviour in online shopping of electronics. The theoretical part focuses on the consumer and the factors that influence his decision-making. Furthermore, this part describes the shopping decision-making process, online consumer behaviour and recent changes...

Matějková, Denisa
Ekonomické dopady pandemie koronaviru na konkrétní podnik

This bachelor thesis deals with the issue of the coronavirus pandemic and its impact on a specific business. The aim of the bachelor thesis is to identify and describe the course and further indicate the consequences of the pandemic in the hospitality industry. The bachelor&#x...

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