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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Analysis of technical conditions influencing the operation of PV power stations cooperating with controlled power gridsLezhniuk, P.; Komar, V.; Rubanenko, Olena; Bělík, Milan; Rubanenko, O.; Smaglo, I.
2018Automated data acquisition for electrical power engineeringBělík, Milan
2019Calculation of solid particle trajectory inside electrical separator based on measured valuesBělík, Milan
2022Degradation of Monocrystalline PV Panels Differences between Ukrainian and Czech ConditionsBělík, Milan; Rubanenko, Olena
2018Detection and prediction of photovoltaic panels malfunctionsBělík, Milan
2021Determination PV Module Technical ConditionBělík, Milan; Rubanenko, Olena
2019Emergency island grids with small hydro power stationsBělík, Milan
2012Fire risks of photovoltaic systemsBělík, Milan
2023Implementation of Digital Twin for Increasing Efficiency of Renewable Energy SourcesBělík, Milan; Rubanenko, Olena
2022Improving the Performance of Distance Relay-Based Artificial Neural NetworkDashtdar, Masoud; Bělík, Milan; Yadav, Arvind; Hosseinimoghadam, Seyed Mohammad Sadegh; Bajaj, Mohit; Rubanenko, Olena
2018Influence of auxiliary mounted passive solar systems on thermal comfort in office buildingBělík, Milan
2019The influence of load on the transformers on the size of their own lossesNoháčová, Lucie; Žák, František; Hulec, Martin; Bělík, Milan; Olkhovskiy, Mikhail
2014Modelování vlivu spolupracujících obnovitelných zdrojů na síťBělík, Milan; Jindra, Petr
2005Monitoring of 20 kWp photovoltaic systemBělík, Milan
2022Optimal Value Determining Method of Parameters Compensating Devices of Bulk Electric NetworksBělík, Milan; Kuchanskyy, Vladislav; Yuri, Lykhovyd; Rubanenko, Olena
2021Optimisation of energy accumulation for renewable energy sourcesBělík, Milan
2022Optimisation of passive solar systems seasonal operation in conditions of central EuropeBělík, Milan; Rubanenko, Olena
2020Particular silicon type photovoltaic cells prolonged degradationBělík, Milan; Noháčová, Lucie
2019Passive solar systems enhanced efficiencyBělík, Milan
2022Phase Design and Wires Cross Section Justification of Extra High Voltage LineBělík, Milan; Yuri, Lykhovyd; Kuchanskyy, Vladislav; Rubanenko, Olena