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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Corrosion behavior of titanium silicide surface with hydrogen peroxide: Formation of sub-μm TiOx- based spheres, nanocomposite TiOx/SiOx phases, and mesoporous TiOx/SiOx networkJandová, Věra; Fajgar, Radek; Kupčík, Jaroslav; Pola, Josef; Soukup, Karel; Mikysek, Petr; Křenek, Tomáš; Kovářík, Tomáš; Stich, Theresia; Docheva, Denitsa
2021Functionalization of porous surfaces: New potential of laser ablation in liquids used for bio/photo catalytic nanomaterialsKřenek, Tomáš; Vála, Lukáš; Kovářík, Tomáš; Forejtová, Jana; Somr, Josef; Stich, Theresia; Docheva, Denitsa; Pola, Michal; Pola, Josef; Jandová, Věra
2022Implant-bone-interface: Reviewing the impact of titanium surface modifications on osteogenic processes in vitro and in vivoStich, Theresia; Alagboso, Francisca; Křenek, Tomáš; Kovářík, Tomáš; Alt, Volker; Docheva, Denitsa
2020Recent advances and future perspectives of sol–gel derived porous bioactive glasses: a reviewDeshmukh, Kalim Abdul Rashid; Kovářík, Tomáš; Křenek, Tomáš; Docheva, Denitsa; Stich, Theresia; Pola, Josef
2022Revisiting bioactivity of calcium titanate and titanium dioxide: Hydrolysis and complexation effects in osteogenic mediumKřenek, Tomáš; Stich, Theresia; Docheva, Denitsa; Mikysek, Petr; Koštejn, Martin; Jandová, Věra; Fajgar, Radek; Pola, Michal; Kovářík, Tomáš; Moskal, Denys; Forejtová, Jana; Pola, Josef
2019Titanium-based porous materials with nanostructured bioactive surface for enhanced osseointegrationKřenek, Tomáš; Kovařík, Tomáš; Docheva, Denitsa; Stich, Theresia; Kadlec, Jaroslav