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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Calibration of numerical model of magnetic induction brazingPánek, David; Karban, Pavel; Doležel, Ivo
2020Comparison of simplified techniques for solving selected coupled electroheat problemsPánek, David; Karban, Pavel; Orosz, Tamás; Doležel, Ivo
2007Experimental support of theoretical electrical engineering educationBenešová, Zdeňka; Karban, Pavel; Pánek, David
2020FEM based preliminary design optimization in case of large power transformersOrosz, Tamás; Pánek, David; Karban, Pavel
2021FEM based robust design optimization with Agros and ArtapKarban, Pavel; Pánek, David; Orosz, Tamás; Petrášová, Iveta; Doležel, Ivo
2017Model of depositing layer on cylindrical surface produced by induction-assisted laser cladding processKotlan, Václav; Hamar, Roman; Pánek, David; Doležel, Ivo
2018Model of induction brazing of nonmagnetic metals using model order reduction approachKarban, Pavel; Pánek, David; Doležel, Ivo
2013Modeling and Control of Laser HardeningDoležel, Ivo; Pánek, David; Kotlan, Václav; Hamar, Roman
2011A novel approach to magnetic fluids permeability measurementPolcar, Petr; Mayer, Daniel; Pánek, David
2018Numerical solution of electroheat problems with time-varying geometriesDoležel, Ivo; Kotlan, Václav; Hamar, Roman; Pánek, David
2013On strongly non-linear systems discretizationPánek, David
2019Optimization of reluctance motor with printed rotorKaska, Jan; Orosz, Tamás; Karban, Pavel; Doležel, Ivo; Pechánek, Roman; Pánek, David
2022Performance comparison of quantized control synthesis methods of antenna arraysPánek, David; Orosz, Tamás; Karban, Pavel; Gnawa, Deubauh Cedrick Dassran; Keshmiri Neghab, Hamid
2019Power transformer design optimization for carbon footprintOrosz, Tamás; Poór, Peter; Karban, Pavel; Pánek, David
2019Reduced-order model based temperature control of induction brazing processPánek, David; Orosz, Tamás; Kropík, Petr; Karban, Pavel; Doležel, Ivo
2020Robust design optimization and emerging technologies for electrical machines: challenges and open problemsOrosz, Tamás; Rassolkin, Anton; Kallaste, Ants; Arsenio, Pedro; Pánek, David; Kaska, Jan; Karban, Pavel
2022Robust Design Optimization of Electrical Machines and DevicesOrosz, Tamás; Pánek, David; Rassölkin, Anton; Kuczmann, Miklos
2018Shape and topology optimization of high power converter busbarPetrášová, Iveta; Karban, Pavel; Pánek, David; Šroubová, Lenka
2009Wavelet analysis of strongly nonlinear systemsPánek, David