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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Analysis of the effect of the parameters of distribution transformers on economic electric energy transmission in low-voltage networksNawrowski, Ryszard; Stein, Zbigniew; Zielińska, Maria
2015Baseline equations for purposes of analysis of a three-phase three-winding transformer under asymmetric loadNawrowski, Ryszard; Stein, Zbigniew; Zielińska, Maria
2015Calculation of output voltage values of a transformer subjected to asymmetric loadNawrowski, Ryszard; Stein, Zbigniew; Zielińska, Maria
2007Problems of electromagnetic compatibility in the process of compensation of reactive power absorbed by three-phase induction motorsStein, Zbigniew; Zielińska, Maria
2007Selected problems of autonomic operation of three-phase synchronous generatorsStein, Zbigniew; Zielińska, Maria
2009Selected problems of cooperation between asymmetric receivers and synchronous machine in a low-voltage network of an industrial plantJajczyk, Jarosław; Stein, Zbigniew; Zielinska, Maria
2009Selected problems of the use of three-phase induction motors with one condenser in single-phase AC netsKasprzyk, Leszek; Stein, Zbigniew; Zielinska, Maria
2011Some problems of asymmetric load of a three-phase transformerKasprzyk, Leszek; Stein, Zbigniew; Zielińska, Mária
2013Study on the effect of asymmetric load of MV/LV transformers on the voltage unbalance factor in low voltage networkNawrowski, Ryszard; Stein, Zbigniew; Zielińska, Maria