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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Green growth and use of EU structural funds in Baltic states, Czech republic and SlovakiaŠtreimikienė, Dália; Mikalauskienė, Asta
2016Net promoter score integration into the enterprise performance measurement and management system: a way to performance methods developmentFaltejsková, Olga; Dvořáková, Lilia; Hotovcová, Barbora
2016Local economic impact of the white night festival in KošiceDžupka, Peter; Šebová, Miriam
2016Investment opportunities for family bussinesses in the field of use of biogas plantsMyšáková, Darina; Jáč, Ivan; Petrů, Michal
2016Value creation for stakeholders in higher education managementStankevičienė, Jelena; Vaiciukevičiūtė, Agné
2016Do the data on municipal expeditures in the Czech republic imply incorrectness in their management?Půček, Milan; Plaček, Michal; Ochrana, František
2016Pay and offer of benefits as significant determinants of job satisfaction: a case study in the Czech republicSokolová, Marcela; Mohelská, Hana; Zubr, Václav
2016Failure prediction from the investors´ view by using financial ratios: lesson from RomaniaAchim, Monica Violeta; Borlea, Sorin Nicolae; Găban, Lucian Vasile
2016System of day surgery in Slovakia: analysis of pediatric day surgery discrepancies in the regions and their importance in strategy of its developmentGavurová, Beáta; Soltes, Marek
2016Formalized qualitative modeling of online trust: introduction of the method and detailed exampleVeselý, Štěpán; Dohnal, Mirko