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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016CCII+ based novel waveform generator with grounded resistor/capacitor for tuningSrinivasulu, Avireni; Dipankar, Pal
2016Investigation of influence of season alternance and terrain undulation on scene matching guidanceLin, Chenglong; Li, Gaosheng; Zhao, Ning; Wei, Xianju; Lu, Zhonghao
2016A phase shifted full bridge converter design for electrical vehicle battery charge applications based on wide output voltage rangeCetin, Sevilay; Astepe, Alparslan
2016Performance of digital adder architectures in 180nm CMOS standard-cell technologyPilato, Luca; Saponara, Sergio; Fanucci, Luca
2016Readout interface for strip detectors with spectrometry applicationsMora Sierra, Yesid; Georgiev, Vjačeslav; Mora Sierra, Yesid
2016Performance analysis of wireless systems in the presence of k-µ short term fading, Gamma long term fading and k-µ cochannel interferenceKrstić, Dragana; Stefanović, Mihajlo; Doljak, Vesad; Aleksić, Danijela; Yassein, Muneer Masadeh Bani; Gligorijević, Milan
2016The flow graph usage for the attenuation correction of the low-pass Sallen-Key biquad in the current modeBrtník, Bohumil; Matoušek, David
2016Industrial robotic automation with Raspberry PI using image processingSzabó, Roland; Gontean, Aurel
2016A programmable voltage source with high speed current feedback protectionBroulím, Jan; Moldaschl, Jan; Georgiev, Vjačeslav
2016Movement EEG classification using parallel Hidden Markov ModelsDobiáš, Martin; Šťastný, Jakub