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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Ensembles and Cascading of Embedded Prototype Subspace ClassifiersHast, Anders; Lind, Mats
2004Fast instensity functions for soft and hard edged spotlightsHast, Anders; Barrera, Tony; Bengtsson, Ewert
2006Fast Near Phong-Quality Software ShadingBarrera, Tony; Hast, Anders; Bengtsson, Ewert
2022A Handcrafted Feature Descriptor for Word Recognition using Embedded Prototype Subspace ClassifiersHast, Anders
2001Improved shading performance by avoiding vector normalizationHast, Anders; Barrera, Tony; Bengtsson, Ewert
2014Invariant interest point detection based on variations of the spinor tensorHast, Anders; Marchetti, Andrea
2010Multiscale Texture Synthesis and Colourization of Greyscale TexturesHast, Anders; Ericsson, Martin; Seipel, Stefan
2013Optimal RANSAC - Towards a Repeatable Algorithm for Finding the Optimal SetHast, Anders; Nysjö, Johan; Marchetti, Andrea
2018Radial line Fourier descriptor for historical handwritten text representationHast, Anders; Vats, Ekta
2002Reconstruction filters for bump mappingHast, Anders; Barrera, Tony; Bengtsson, Ewert
2005Shading by Quaternion InterpolationHast, Anders
2003Shading vy Spherical lienear interpolation using de moivre's formulaHast, Anders; Barrera, Tony; Bengtsson, Ewert
2015A simple and efficient feature descriptor for fast matchingHast, Anders; Sablina, Victoria A.; Kylberg, Gustaf; Sintorn, Ida-Maria
2007Topology maps for anisotropic shadingHast, Anders
2021Word Recognition using Embedded Prototype Subspace Classifiers on a New Imbalanced DatasetHast, Anders; Vats, Ekta