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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023Detailed pathway for a fast low-temperature synthesis of strongly thermochromic W-doped VO2 films with a low transition temperatureVlček, Jaroslav; Kaufman, Michal; Pajdarová, Andrea Dagmar; Haviar, Stanislav; Čerstvý, Radomír; Houška, Jiří; Farahani, Mina
2019Effects of power per pulse on reactive HiPIMS deposition of ZrO2 films: A time-resolved optical emission spectroscopy studyPajdarová, Andrea Dagmar; Vlček, Jaroslav
2019High-rate reactive high-power impulse magnetron sputtering of transparent conductive Al-doped ZnO thin films prepared at ambient temperatureRezek, Jiří; Novák, Petr; Houška, Jiří; Pajdarová, Andrea Dagmar; Kozák, Tomáš
2020Ion energy distributions at substrate in bipolar HiPIMS: effect of positive pulse delay, length and amplitudeKozák, Tomáš; Pajdarová, Andrea Dagmar; Čada, Martin; Hubička, Zdeněk; Mareš, Pavel; Čapek, Jiří
2022On density distribution of Ti atom and ion ground states near the target in HiPIMS discharge using cavity ring-down spectroscopy and laser induced fluorescencePajdarová, Andrea Dagmar; Kozák, Tomáš; Čapek, Jiří; Tölg, Tomáš
2020Plasma parameters in positive voltage pulses of bipolar HiPIMS discharge determined by Langmuir probe with a sub-microsecond time resolutionPajdarová, Andrea Dagmar; Kozák, Tomáš; Hubička, Zdeněk; Čada, Martin; Mareš, Pavel; Čapek, Jiří
2007Time-resolved Langmuir probe diagnostics of high-power pulsed dc magnetron discharges during deposition of copper filmsPajdarová, Andrea Dagmar; Vlček, Jaroslav; Musil, Jindřich; Kudláček, Pavel; Lukáš, Jan
2023Understanding ion and atom fluxes during HiPIMS deposition of NbCx films from a compound targetFarahani, Mina; Kozák, Tomáš; Pajdarová, Andrea Dagmar; Bahr, Ahmed; Riedl, Helmut; Zeman, Petr