Termomechanika technologických procesů / Thermomechanics of Technological Processes (CT3)


Recent Submissions

Moskovchenko, Alexey , Vavilov, V. P. , Bernegger, Raphael , Maierhofer, Christiane , Chulkov, Arsenii O.
Detecting Delaminations in Semitransparent Glass Fiber Composite by Using Pulsed Infrared Thermography

Thanks to its good strength/mass ratio, a glass fibre reinforced plastic (GFRP) composite is a common material widely used in aviation, power production, automotive and other industries. In its turn, active infrared (IR) nondestructive testing (NDT) is a common inspection technique for&...

Muzika, Lukáš , Švantner, Michal
Flash pulse phase thermography for a paint thickness determination

The contribution describes a fast contactless measurement of a paint thickness nonuniformity using flash pulse thermography. Specimens sprayed by a paint were thermally excited by a flash lamp and temperature responses were recorded by an infrared camera. The recorded sequences were post-pro...

Pérez, Rosalina , Querejeta, Amaia L. , Corres, María Ángeles , Muñoz, Josemari Maria , Grande, Hans Jürgen , Honnerová, Petra
Thermal behaviour of vitreous ceramic coatings obtained by electrophoretic deposition

In this study, three different vitreous ceramic coatings have been designed to improve radiation heat transfer and thereby increase the thermal efficiency of fired heaters or furnaces working at high temperatures. The vitreous ceramic coatings were produced through Electrophoretic Deposition tech...

Veselý, Zdeněk , Honner, Milan
Infrared camera comparative measurement methods for thermally optical properties of materials

Infrared camera comparative measurement methods of thermally optical properties of materials are based on the measurement of infrared radiation emitted from the surface of the material that is heated to a higher temperature. These methods compare the response of the analyzed material wi...

Schmailzl, Anton , Käsbauer, Johannes , Martan, Jiří , Honnerová, Petra , Schäfer, Felix , Fichtl, Maximilan , Lehrer, Tobias , Tesař, Jiří , Honner, Milan , Hierl, Stefan
Measurement of core temperature through semi-transparent polyamide 6 using scanner-integrated pyrometer in laser welding

Predicting the core temperature during welding is an ambitious aim in many research works. In this work, a 3D-scanner with integrated pyrometer is characterized and used to measure the temperature during quasi-simultaneous laser transmission welding of polyamide 6. However, due to welding&#x...