Termomechanika technologických procesů / Thermomechanics of Technological Processes (CT3)


Recent Submissions

Mertl, Jiří , Žáčková, Eva , Řepová, Barbora
Quality of life of patients after total laryngectomy: the struggle against stigmatization and social exclusion using speech synthesis

In this article, we deal with the problem of potential stigmatization and social exclusion of people that have voice/speech problems due to neck cancer, especially those who have lost their voice because of total laryngectomy, and we analyze how this potential stigmatization could&...

Vostřák, Marek , Houdková Šimůnková, Šárka , Bystrianský, Martin , Česánek, Zdeněk
Vliv procesních parametrů laserového povlakování na strukturu a odolnost proti abrazivnímu opotřebení povlaku WcNiCrBSi

In laser cladding, the final structure of coatings and thus their functional properties are dependent on process parameters used and the initial powder composition. This study focuses on laser cladding of WC-NiCrBSi coatings. As the powder used is a blend of 60% tungsten carbide...

Kučera, Martin , Martan, Jiří , Franc, Aleš
Časově rozlišené měření teploty při laserovém značení korozivzdorné oceli

A new measurement system was developed for time-resolved surface temperature measurement in nanosecond time scale. A study of surface temperatures reached by different parameters of laser marking and their correlation with resulting microstructure, phase composition and corrosion tests performed on...

Muzika, Lukáš , Švantner, Michal , Kučera, Martin
Lock-in and pulsed thermography for solar cells testing

Inspection of solar cells is an important part of their production process, because even their small defects can cause a significant drop of a whole photo-voltaic module performance. LED illuminated lock-in (LEDILIT) and flash-pulse (FPT) thermographic techniques were compared in this study....

Martan, Jiří , Tesař, Jiří , Kučera, Martin , Honnerová, Petra , Benešová, Martina , Honner, Milan
Analysis of short wavelength infrared radiation during laser welding of plastics

In this article, a new measurement system and a new approach in calculation for infrared (IR) radiation investigation in quasi-simultaneous transmission laser welding of plastics are presented. The measurement system is based on a MW/SWIR (medium-wave/short-wave infrared) camera and optical&...