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Beránek, Václav , Šťastný, Petr , Turquier, Frederic , Nováček, Vít , Votápek, Petr
Analysis of the Contact Area for Three Types of Upper Limb Strikes

Performance in strike combat sports is mostly evaluated through the values of the net force, acceleration, or speed to improve efficient training procedures and/or to assess the injury. There are limited data on the upper limb striking area, which can be a useful variable ...

Hess, Zdeněk , Kocián, Milan , Romanko, Igor
Diagnosticky užitečné artefakty v bedside sonografii

The sonographic image usually contains artefacts that often hinder its diagnostic yield. Whether it is a signal attenuation that makes it impossible to see part of the image and/or a formation mimicking a structure or pathology, artefacts are usually assessed as undesirable. Howeve...

Hereitová, Iva , Krobot, Alois
Detekce mírné kognitivní poruchy během lokomoce po cévní mozkové příhodě

Mild cognitive impairment entails a high risk of developing dementia. There is growing evidence that cognitive decline results in the deterioration of gait patterns. Though it is commonly associated with the later stages of dementia, a decline in gait performance may be detected mu...

Hereitová, Iva
Cévní mozková příhoda

The world is facing an epidemic of stroke. The number of incidences is increasing and people who survived the stroke predominate, see. DALYs = disability-adjusted life-years. This condition is probably influenced by population growth, increasing life expectancy and a change in population...

Hereitová, Iva
Lymfedém a lymfomasáže po léčbě karcinomu prsu

Lymphoedema in the upper limb area arising as a consequence of complex treatment of breast cancer is a serious complication because it very often affects women of working age. It significantly hinders the patient's future recovery, reduces her quality of life in the long t...