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Recent Submissions

Hereitová, Iva , Votík, Tomáš , Dorňák, Tomáš
Efekt dvojího úkolu na rychlost chůze u starších jedinců s kognitivním poklesem

Aim: The aim of the study was to analyze the eff ect of diff erent dual task conditions on walking speed in older adults with cognitive decline and to compare this with a control group of cognitively intact subjects. Patients and methods: A total of 50 participants&#...

Lapides, Lenka , Varga, Ivan , Csöbönyeiová, Mária , Klein, Martin , Pavlíková, Lada , Visnyaiová, Kristína , Babál, Pavel , Mikušová, Renáta
The Neglected Uterine NK Cells/Hamperl Cells/Endometrial Stromal Granular Cell, or K Cells: A Narrative Review from History through Histology and to Medical Education

Reproductive immunology is at the forefront of research interests, aiming to better understand the mechanisms of immune regulation during gestation. The relationship between the immune system and the implanting embryo is profound because the embryo is semi-allogenic but not targeted by the&#...

Romanko, Igor , Hess, Zdeněk
Ultrazvuk plic při akutních stavech – kazuistiky

Ultrasound examination of the lungs is a non-invasive examination that can facilitate the diagnosis and treatment of acute as well as chronic shortness of breath. When the machine is available, it can be used for bedside examination of circulatory and ventilatory unstable patients. ...

Sivčo, Patric , Plančiková, Dominika , Melichová, Juliana , Rusnak, Martin , Hereitová, Iva , Beránek, Václav , Cibulka, Roman , Majdan, Marek
Traumatic brain injury related deaths in residents and non-residents of 30 European countries: a cross-sectional study

The incidence and mortality of traumatic brain injuries (TBI) among non-residents to countries where they occur remains unknown, warranting epidemiological research. Epidemiological data are key to inform prevention and public health policies related to TBI, as well as to help promote safe&#...

Hess, Zdeněk , Mainz, Denis
Současná úroveň implementace prvků umělé inteligence do medicíny

A key principle of artificial intelligence is machine learning, or the ability of a machine to improve its capabilities by repeatedly analysing data. Artificial intelligence further refers to situations where computers can simulate the human mind in learning and analysis, and uses this&...