Katedra záchranářství, diagnostických oborů a veřejného zdravotnictví / Department of Rescue Services, Diagnostic Fields and Public Health


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Nedbal, Pavel
Speciální RTG vyšetření u pacienta se zácpou

Fišer, Zdeněk , Honzíková, Kamila
Radiační zátěž ortodontických pacientů

This bachelor's thesis named „Radiation dose on orthodontic patients" is focused on diagnostic examination methods using X-rays. The thesis is divided into theorethical par, Where is described the origin of X-rays, their influence on human organism, methods of radiation protection, basic...

Lorentzon, Mattias , Branco, Jaime , Brandi, Maria Luisa , Bruyère, Olivier , Chapurlat, Roland , Cooper, Cyrus , Cortet, Bernard , Diez-Perez, Adolfo , Ferrari, Serge , Gasparik, Andrea , Herrmann, Markus , Jorgensen, Niklas Rye , Kanis, John , Kaufman, Jean-Marc , Laslop, Andrea , Locquet, Médéa , Matijevic, Radmila , McCloskey, Eugene , Minisola, Salvatore , Pikner, Richard , Reginster, Jean-Yves , Rizzoli, René , Szulc, Pawel , Vlaskovska, Mila , Cavalier, Etienne
Algorithm for the Use of Biochemical Markers of Bone Turnover in the Diagnosis, Assessment and Follow-Up of Treatment for Osteoporosis

INTRODUCTION: Increased biochemical bone turnover markers (BTMs) measured in serum are associated with bone loss, increased fracture risk and poor treatment adherence, but their role in clinical practice is presently unclear. The aim of this consensus group report is to provide guidance ...

Martinek, Lukáš
Monitoring fyzické zátěže u zdravotnických záchranářů v rámci projektu Koncept koordinace a realizace přeshraniční spolupráce zdravotnických záchranných služeb (číslo projektu. 30)

The authors deal with the monitoring of physical burdens for medical rescuer students of the FZS ZČU using sporttesters in model situations under the project "Concept of coordination and implementation of cross-border cooperation of medical emergency services (Project number. (30)', call...

Skálová, Jana , Vlas, Tomáš , Mašata, David
Effect of the Ionizing Radiation Dose on Histone H2AX

In case the radiation dosimeters are not available, biological dosimetry represents an important method to estimate the absorbed dose of the exposed individuals during nuclear events. Nevertheless, the eukaryotic DNA is constantly exposed to exogenous and endogenous factors. Apart from the i...