Katedra záchranářství, diagnostických oborů a veřejného zdravotnictví / Department of Rescue Services, Diagnostic Fields and Public Health


Recent Submissions

Puteková, Silvia , Martinková, Jana , Uríčková, Alena , Kober, Lukáš , Reichertová, Stanislava , Plančíková, Dominika , Majdan, Marek
The impact of the COVID‑19 pandemic on the health and working conditions of nurses and its implications for policies: a cross‑sectional study in Slovakia

Background Increased workload and of the health workforce (HW) strained the capacity to maintain essential health services (EHS) during the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, while putting them at increased risk of COVID-19 and other consequences to their health. The aim of t...

Sivčo, Patric , Plančiková, Dominika , Melichová, Juliana , Rusnak, Martin , Hereitová, Iva , Beránek, Václav , Cibulka, Roman , Majdan, Marek
Traumatic brain injury related deaths in residents and non-residents of 30 European countries: a cross-sectional study

The incidence and mortality of traumatic brain injuries (TBI) among non-residents to countries where they occur remains unknown, warranting epidemiological research. Epidemiological data are key to inform prevention and public health policies related to TBI, as well as to help promote safe&#...

Lochmannová, Alena , Šafr, Miroslav
Napsáno před smrtí: analýza vzorku dopisů na rozloučenou v období let 2014-2020

Suicide notes are an important suicide clue with the potential to help answer several questions related to suicidal behaviour. The collection of suicide notes is not a primary concern of the forensic medicine department. The approach to the study of this material, whether in w...

Lochmannová, Alena
Using Virtual Reality to Prepare Paramedics for Emergencies

The education of paramedics is aimed at being prepared for normal, but also emergency situations, which will be a great challenge for them in practice in the first years of their career. Authors will present a selected module used for training and subsequent testing of pa...

Simbartl, Petr , Winnová, Aneta
Kamerové systémy pro inscenační metodu výuky

The article deals with the use camera systems for role plays and simulations in the teaching. It presents the basic essence and advantages of this teaching method from a didactic point of view. It focuses on the preparation and creation of a custom solution of a came...