Modelování a měření interakcí v technických systémech / Modelling and measurement of interactions in technical systems (MIS)


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Hurda, Lukáš , Matas, Richard
Liquefied extinguishing agent discharge to an overpressure-sensitive enclosed volume

The throttling of liquefied substances from high pressure vessels to an enclosed volume starting at atmospheric pressure is described in order to determine thermodynamic state of the extinguished room gaseous contents. Time dependent, 0D mathematical model is implemented describing the state ...

Levý, Jaroslav , Matas, Richard , Hurda, Lukáš
Analysis of Phenomena Affecting Thermal Measurement on a Test Radial Compressor

The Darina IV test equipment is used to determine the characteristics of the radial compressor stages. The pressures and temperatures of the flowing air are measured in several measuring planes. While analyzing the measured results, there was a suspicion regarding of the thermal infl...

Novák, Martin , Matas, Richard , Sedláček, Jan
Numerické simulace průtoku spalin v prvním stupni filtru s horním přívodem - modifikace vstupních komorových vložek

The paper is focused on flue gas flow simulations in a first stage filter with top inlet that is used in a cogeneration power plant. CFD simulations were done with emphasize on the influence of inlet chamber on the flue gas distribution and filtering process. The flo...

Hurda, Lukáš , Matas, Richard
Analýza nejistot měření tepelných veličin v odstředivém kompresoru

Compressor performance characteristics evaluation process based on the measurement of pressure, temperature and other quantities is examined to find uncertainties for directly measured and derived quantities. CFD is used as a tool to quantify the influences of different sources of uncertainty...

Tomášek, Michal , Matas, Richard , Syka, Tomáš
Analýza dvoufázového proudění v průtočné části radiálního kompresoru

The article deals with the principle of direct cooling of the pressure gas in a centrifugal compressor based on evaporation of the additional fluid phase in a control domain. A decrease of the gas temperature is reached by taking the heat, which is required for evaporatio...