Morfologie a povrchová textura materiálů / Morphology and surface texture of materials (CT1)


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Mazúr, Petr , Mrlík, J. , Pocedič, Jaromír , Vrána, Jiří , Dundálek, Jan , Kosek, Juraj , Bystroň, Tomáš
Effect of graphite felt properties on the long-term durability of negative electrode in vanadium redox flow battery

In our contribution we study the long-term durability of two different graphite felt materials serving as negative electrode in vanadium redox flow battery. Both electrodes differ in the precursor material and the way of activation which causes significant differences in relevant properties&...

Kočí, Petr , Isoz, Martin , Plachá, Marie , Arvajová, Adéla Buzkova , Václavík, Marek , Svoboda, Miloš , Price, Emily , Novák, Vladimír , Thompsett, David
3D reconstruction and pore-scale modeling of coated catalytic filters for automotive exhaust gas aftertreatment

This paper introduces a newly developed methodology for the pore-scale simulation of flow, diffusion and reaction in the coated catalytic filter. 3D morphology of the porous filter wall including the actual distribution of catalytic material is reconstructed from X-ray tomography (XRT) image...

Belloň, Tomáš , Polezhaev, Petr , Vobecká, Lucie , Svoboda, Miloš , Slouka, Zdeněk
Experimental observation of phenomena developing on ion-exchange systems during current-voltage curve measurement

Ion-exchange systems represented, for example, by ion-exchange membranes or ion-exchange resin particles exhibit nonlinear current-voltage curves on which one finds three distinct regions. These regions are referred to as underlimiting, limiting and overlimiting ones. Each of these regions reflects pr...

Pálek, R. , Liška, V. , Eberlová, L. , Mírka, H. , Svoboda, Miloš , Haviar, Stanislav , Emingr, M. , Brzoň, O. , Mik, P. , Třeška, V.
Experimentální příprava korozivních preparátů orgánů velkého zvířete

Corrosion casts (CCs) are used for the visualization and assessment of hollow structures. CCs with filled capillaries enable (with the help of imaging methods) to obtain data for mathematical organ pefusion modelling. As the processing is more difficult in case of organs with greater&...