Human Biomechanics


Recent Submissions

Teplá, L.
The effect of rehabilitation intervention on the performance of the gait in professional ballet dancers

Pšurný, M. , Janura, M. , Svoboda, Z. , Zelík, M.
Evaluation of muscle activity during Nordic walking in different conditions

Bittner, V. , Šifta, P. , Ravnik, D.
The possibilities of quantitative description of nonlinear loaded characteristics of soft tissue of locomotor apparatus of man in vivo

Svoboda, Z. , Pšurný, M. , Marek, J. , Janura, M.
The effect of velocity and slope of the ground on the lower limbs and pelvis movement during Nordic and regular walking

Hemza, J.
The biomechanic influence on vessel´s physiology and pathophysiology