Inženýrství elektrochemických procesů / Engineering of electrochemical processes


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Polezhaev, Petr , Slouka, Zdeněk , Lindner, Jiří , Přibyl, Michal
Characterization of slug flow of two aqueous phases by electrochemical impedance spectroscopy in a fluidic chip

We adopted a method of electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) for the characterization of slug flow of two immiscible aqueous phases in a flow channel. The impedance response (both magnitude and phase shift) of the two-phase system is measured as a function of time at se...

Mazúr, Petr , Charvát, Jiří , Mrlík, Jindřich , Pocedič, Jaromír , Akrman, Jiří , Kubáč, Lubomír , Řeháková, Barbora , Kosek, Juraj
Evaluation of Electrochemical Stability of Sulfonated Anthraquinone-Based Acidic Electrolyte for Redox Flow Battery Application

Despite intense research in the field of aqueous organic redox flow batteries, low molecular stability of electroactive compounds limits further commercialization. Additionally, currently used methods typically cannot differentiate between individual capacity fade mechanisms, such as degradation of electroactiv...

Charvát, Jiří , Mazúr, Petr , Paidar, Martin , Pocedič, Jaromír , Vrána, Jiří , Mrlík, Jindřich , Kosek, Juraj
The role of ion exchange membrane in vanadium oxygen fuel cell

The effect of membrane properties on the vanadium-oxygen fuel cell performance was studied on a series of commercially available ion exchange membranes of different thickness and ion exchange capacity by selected characterization techniques including electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (ohmic and c...

Polezhaev, Petr , Belloň, Tomáš , Vobecká, Lucie , Slouka, Zdeněk
Molecular sieving of alkyl sulfate anions on strong basic gel-type anion-exchange resins

The effort of today’s society towards green, wasteless, and economic production technologies brings new challenges concerning the efficiency of chemical processes. Electromembrane separations are considered as one of the possible candidates in tackling the challenges mentioned above. They offer a ...

Sánchez-Díez, Eduardo , Ventosa, Edgar , Guarnieri, Massimo , Trovó, Andrea , Flox, Cristina , Marcilla, Rebeca , Soavi, Francesca , Mazúr, Petr , Aranzabe, Estibaliz , Ferret, Raquel
Redox flow batteries: Status and perspective towards sustainable stationary energy storage

Redox-flow batteries, based on their particular ability to decouple power and energy, stand as prime candidates for costeffective stationary storage, particularly in the case of long discharges and long storage times. Integration of renewables and subsequent need for energy storage is promot...