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Javůrková, Pavlína
Rezistence mikrobů na antibiotika

This Bachelor thesis is following the topic microbial resistance to antibiotics. The thesis is divided into two parts theoretical and practical. In the theoretical part we are writing about antibiotic medicaments, division of anti-infectives, principles of rational antimicrobial therapy,&...

Kolářová, Magdalena
Problematika školení první pomoci trenérů florbalu

This thesis deals with the issues of first aid training of floorball coaches. The theoretical part involves chapters on general sports training, floorball, first aid and injury prevention. The theoretical part is focused on the assessment of the level of theoretical first&#...

Hrušková, Mirka
Zdravý životní styl studentů ZČU

The topic of the thesis is "Healthy lifestyle of West Bohemia University students". The thesis is divided into a theoretical and a practical part. The theoretical part describes the definition of health, healthy lifestyles, dietary recommendations and affect drinking regime, exerc...

Tomisová, Kateřina
Kvalita mléčných potravin a její vliv na zdraví dětí

The thesis discusses the quality of milk products and its impact on children's health. It is divided into theoretical and practical part. In the theoretical part, we have described the younger school age and its nutritional specifics, milk composition and its processing ...

Hudousková, Barbora
Křečové stavy v přednemocniční neodkladné péči

Bachelor thesis is focused on seizures in prehospital emergency care and general first aid for these situations. In the teoretical part we focused on the anatomy and psysiology of the central nervous system. We are dealing here with the chapter of seizures, which focuses ...