Katedra záchranářství, diagnostických oborů a veřejného zdravotnictví / Department of Rescue Services, Diagnostic Fields and Public Health


Recent Submissions

Vojíková, Michaela
Bakteriální střevní infekce

This bachelor thesis deals with occurrence of bacterial intestinal infections mainly in the territory of The Czech Republic, which, due to climatic conditions and maturity, usually does not meet with life threatening bacteria. The theoretical part describes the problems of these infections,&...

Zíková, Hana
Vliv pohybové aktivity na biochemická vyšetření

This thesis is divided into two main parts: theoretical part and case studies. This bachelor thesis deals with the preanalytical phase of the laboratory examination and its influence on biochemical parameters. It also deals with the effect of physical activity on the final measured...

Vlková, Kateřina
Onemocnění přenášená klíšťaty

This bachelor thesis deals with tick-borne diseases with the focus on the diseases that occur in the Czech Republic. The thesis consists of a theoretical part and a practical part. The theoretical part describes a tick and then the tick-borne diseases, especially tick-borne encepha...

Vlková, Vendula
Antibiotika a rezistence některých bakteriálních druhů

Resistance to antibiotics has been a very discussed problem, which is becoming more serious in last years. Antibiotics are rightly ranked among the most important medical discoveries of the 20th century, and their use has led to the disappearance of many diseases, or at least&...

Samková, Dominika
Jak si vybrat správnou reagencii pro screeningové koagulační testy

The bachelor thesis deals with the selection of the correct reagent for the determination of the coagulation screening test by activated parcial tromboplastine time APTT. The first part of the thesis includes the problematic of coagulation in general and the possible influences which&#x...