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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Analytical and numerical investigation of trolleybus vertical dynamics on an artificial test trackPolach, Pavel; Hajžman, Michal; Soukup, Josef; Volek, Jan
2015Analýza nelineárních vibrací rotujícího kola parní turbíny s lopatkami LSB48Voldřich, Josef; Lazar, Jan; Polach, Pavel
2007Application of stabilization techniques in the dynamic analysis of multibody systemsHajžman, Michal; Polach, Pavel
2020Approaches to Fibre Modelling in the Model of an Experimental Laboratory Mechanical SystemPolach, Pavel; Hajžman, Michal; Bulín, Radek
2010Design of the hydraulic shock absorbers characteristics using relative springs deflections at general excitation of the bus wheelsPolach, Pavel; Hajžman, Michal
2007Design of the hydraulic shock absorbers characteristics using the acceleration of the sprung massPolach, Pavel; Hajžman, Michal
2020Effects of Imperfect Grooves in Full-Floating Ring Bearings on Dynamics of a Turbocharger RotorSmolík, Luboš; Polach, Pavel; Hajžman, Michal
2012Influence of crucial parameters of the system of an inverted pendulum driven by fibres on its dynamic behaviourPolach, Pavel; Hajžman, Michal; Šika, Zbyněk
2014Influence of the mass of the weight on the dynamic response of the asymmetric laboratory fibre-driven mechanical systemPolach, Pavel; Hajžman, Michal; Šika, Zbyněk; Červená, Olga; Svatoš, Petr
2016Kontaktní tuhosti a analýza nelineárních vibrací olopatkovaných disků s třecími kontakty mezi sousedními lopatkamiVoldřich, Josef; Lazar, Jan; Polach, Pavel
2008Multibody simulations of trolleybus vertical dynamics and influences of spring-damper structural elementsPolach, Pavel; Hajžman, Michal
2018Selected problems solved in Pilsen using multibody dynamicsPolach, Pavel; Hajžman, Michal; Bulín, Radek
2017Stanovení tuhostí kontaktních prvků ve výpočetním modelu olopatkovaného disku parní turbínyVoldřich, Josef; Lazar, Jan; Polach, Pavel; Morávka, Štefan
2019Sub-synchronous vibrations of a rotor supported on poorly lubricated journal bearingsSmolík, Luboš; Zolotarev, Igor; Polach, Pavel; Radolf, Vojtěch; Rendl, Jan
2019Threshold stability curves for a nonlinear rotor-bearing systemSmolík, Luboš; Rendl, Jan; Dyk, Štěpán; Polach, Pavel; Hajžman, Michal