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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Acoustic waves in fluid-saturated periodic scaffoldsRohan, Eduard; Cimrman, Robert
2020Acoustic waves in homogenized fluid-saturated deforming periodic scaffolds under permanent flowRohan, Eduard; Cimrman, Robert; Naili, Salah
2019The Biot-Darcy-Brinkman model of flow in deformable double porous mediaRohan, Eduard; Turjanicová, Jana; Lukeš, Vladimír
2009Computational analysis of acoustic transmission through periodically perforated interfacesLukeš, Vladimír; Rohan, Eduard
2013Cortical bone tissue modelled as double-porous medium: parameter studyTurjanicová, Jana; Rohan, Eduard; Naili, Salah; Cimrman, Robert
2014Electro-osmosis in a cortical bone porous structure: parametric studyTurjanicová, Jana; Rohan, Eduard
2021Geometrical model of lobular structure and its importance for the liver perfusion analysisRohan, Eduard; Camprová Turjanicová, Jana; Liška, Václav
2023Homogenization and numerical algorithms for two-scale modeling of porous media with self-contact in microporesRohan, Eduard; Heczko, Jan
2020Homogenization and numerical modelling of poroelastic materials with self-contact in the microstructureRohan, Eduard; Heczko, Jan
2021Homogenization approach and Floquet-Bloch theory for wave analysis in fluid-saturated porous media with mesoscopic heterogeneitiesRohan, Eduard; Nquyen, Vu-Hieu; Naili, Salah
2019Homogenization based two-scale modelling of ionic transport in fluid saturated deformable porous mediaTurjanicová, Jana; Rohan, Eduard; Lukeš, Vladimír
2022Homogenization of large deforming fluid-saturated porous structuresLukeš, Vladimír; Rohan, Eduard
2024Homogenization of the acoustic transmission on periodically perforated plates interacting with potential mean flowRohan, Eduard; Lukeš, Vladimír
2020Homogenization of the fluid–structure interaction in acoustics of porous media perfused by viscous fluidRohan, Eduard; Naili, Salah
2022Homogenization of the vibro-acoustic transmission on periodically perforated elastic plates with arrays of resonatorsRohan, Eduard; Lukeš, Vladimír
2019Homogenization of the vibro–acoustic transmission on perforated platesRohan, Eduard; Lukeš, Vladimír
2018Identification of multi-compartment darcy flow model material parametersBrašnová, Jaroslava; Lukeš, Vladimír; Rohan, Eduard
2017Identifikace parametrů multikompartmentového modelu jaterní perfúzeBrašnová, Jaroslava; Rohan, Eduard; Lukeš, Vladimír
2018Mixing algorithms for fixed-point iterations in self-consistent electronic structure calculationsNovák, Matyáš; Cimrman, Robert; Lukeš, Vladimír; Rohan, Eduard; Vackář, Jiří
2007Modeling wave dispersion and band gaps in heterogeneous elastic mediaRohan, Eduard; Seifrt, František