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dc.contributor.authorLewandowski, Michał
dc.contributor.authorWalczak, Janusz
dc.identifier.citationISTET 2013: International Symposiumon Theoretical Electrical Engineering: 24th – 26th June 2013: Pilsen, Czech Republic, p. II-5-II-6.en
dc.description.abstractCombinatorial method for optimal sizing and placement of active power filters (APFs) has been presented in the paper. The main idea is to separate the sizing and placement parts of the algorithm to avoid calling the cost function during the APF sizing part of the algorithm, what allows to overcome some problems associated with nonlinearity and discontinuity of the APF cost function. The results confirm a high effectiveness of the method in comparison with the traditional approach. The main disadvantage of the method is a relatively large amount of computation caused by the combinatorial testing of all possible APF connection nodes.en
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dc.publisherUniversity of West Bohemiaen
dc.relation.ispartofseriesISTET: International Symposium on Theoretical Electrical Engineeringen
dc.rights© University of West Bohemiaen
dc.subjectaktivní filtrycs
dc.subjectkvalita elektrické energiecs
dc.subjectkombinatorické metodycs
dc.titleCombinatorial method for optimal sizing and placement of active power filtersen
dc.typekonferenční příspěvekcs
dc.subject.translatedactive power filtersen
dc.subject.translatedpower qualityen
dc.subject.translatedcombinatorial methodsen
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