Volume 8 (2000)


Recent Submissions

Tytkowski, Krzysztof T.
Algorithm for generation of reflections on ´flat´ elements for visualisation purposes (e.g. glass sheets)

In real model inaccuracy connected with surface making must be taken into account It has been assumed that reflections from real surface will not be calculated and thus only 'shifts' of a picture will be determined. The suggested algorithm includes/ takes into consideration...

Azariadis, Philipp N. , Aspragathos, Nikos A.
Surface flattening based on constraint global optimization

In this paper, the problem of generating a planar development of arbitrary three-dimensional surfaces is addressed. A new method based on a global optimization process under constraints is proposed. In this method an initial planar development is derived which is refined in order t...

Pereira, João P. , Jorge, Joaquim A. , Branco, Vasco , Ferreira, F. Nunes
Towards calligraphic interfaces: sketching 3D scenes with gestures and context icons

GIDeS (Gesture-based Intuitive Design System) is a gesture-based modeling system that addresses the known ergonomic shortcomings of present-day CAD systems for conceptual shape design. GIDeS uses a tablet and stylus combination to combine the intuitive appeal of gesture-based interfaces wi...

Salonia, Paolo , Negri, Antonella
ARKIS an information system as a tool for analysing and representing heterogeneus data on an architectural scale

In the case of historical buildings and monumental architecture, the analysis and understanding of processes of decay call for an interpretative overview encompassing data which stem from different areas of study but are globally interrelated and constitute essential elements for the purpose...

Grosjean, Jérôme , Stein, Terii , Coquillart, Sabine
Incremental conversion of 3D wire frame models to polygonal surface models

Though a large variety of methods has been developed to model 3D objects most of them are based on the construction of solid objects or curved surfaces. This work is part of a sketch-based project for modeling arbitrarily polygonal shapes. The method for mod...